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Sheer Cold's EV Guide to Colosseum

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Hello! This is my guide to help you in Colosseum. In this guide, I will tell you all of the EVs the Colosseum Pokémon give you, the Pokémon you can use to defeat them, and a few tips here and there. Good luck, and have fun!
~Section One: Beginnings~
In thia part of the game, there are many cutscenes. After the TV interview, your first battle will come. A Rider, named Willie, will challenge you.


He has two Zigzagoons, which will give you two Speed EVs. Espeon is the only one who will benefit from this. Unless you are willing to have Umbreon be KOed by the Zigzagoons, its EVs are going to be messed up. To defeat the Zigzagoons, A Confusion and Secret Power combo will defeat one easily. They are really not a threat. If you just give that combo to both, the most you'll get is a Tail Whip from one.

After the battle, you will move onto Phenac City, where you will find two guys from before with a bag. One, named Folly, will challenge you.


Just two Whismurs for this guy. Both will give you one HP EV, giving a total of two HP EVs. Espeon will not be helped by this, so if you want to sacrifice it, go ahead. If not, have Espeon give Umbreon a Helping Hand. It will take effect before any of the other attacks. With this boost, Umbreon's Bite will take out a Whismur no problem. You have nothing to fear from this guy, either, unless you have Espeon take fall. In which case, the Whismur might take a chunk off of Umbreon's health while you wait for Espeon to faint.

After this battle, you will get your partner (name her whatever you please, it really doesn't matter). Now, the Pokémon Center is accessible. Go in, and save your mintue progress.

Now that you've saved for the first time, you should go visit the Mayor. he lives up the stairs and to the left. As you approach the house, a cutscene with the villain Nascour will happen. Don't worry about fighting him, that'll come later in the game. So, go into the Mayor's house, and watch your partner tell the Mayor of her kidnapping. When the scene ends, the Mayor will tell you to go to the Phenac Colosseum. It's at the very top of the city. There's a guy and a Jigglypuff at the entrance, in case you can't find it. Go in, and talk to the woman, who will tell you there's no room for other contestants. So, after that disappointing bit of news, exit the Colosseum, to be confronted by three Snagem Members. they'll talk for a bit, and then, one will challenge you.


You don't have much to fear from this guy, except some really bad EVs. He has a Koffing, which will give you Defense, and a Corphish, which hands out some Attack. While Umbreon could use the Defense, Attack will help neither of them. Espeon and Umbreon are ruined, now.
To defeat Koffing, just give it a Confusion from Espeon. It'll faint instantly. If not(mine just might have high IVs), it'll be pretty darn close. And, have Umbreon give Corphish a Bite Atack. The STAB from the Dark Type Bite and Umbreon's Dark Type Element ought to put Corphish's health into the middle of the yellow area. With luck, this will also cause Corphish to flinch. If not, any attack from it shouldn't do too much against you. To finish up, just have Espeon attack it, Return or Confusion, it doesn't matter. If for some reason it's still alive, Umbreon's Bite will take it down.

Team Snagem will now flee from your might. Then, your partner(I will call her Rui, since it is her proper name) will tell you that you need Poké Balls. So, go to the Pokémart, which is to the upper-right of the Pokémon Center. Go in, and find a lady with a dark red dress. She'll tell you that there aren't any Poké Balls here(and oddly, there won't be for the rest of the game), but she knows there are some in the Outskirt Stand(which is the train you came from). After that, leave Phenac City, and go back to the Outskirt Stand. Go in, and talk to the bartender. He'll give you some Poké Balls for free(five, to be precise). After he gives you them, you can purchase Great and Poké Balls there. If you have battled everyone in this Guide(which is kind of hard to avoid), then you should have enough money to buy 12 Great Balls, and 19 Poké Balls. You'll also receive a Premier Ball. However, if you really like Premier Balls, buy 11 Great Balls. Then, buy 10 Poké Balls, and then buy another 10. This way, you'll get two pretty Premier Balls. After your purchases, you can go back to Phenac(unless you want to talk to Willie, who'll tell you that Team Snagem's looking for you). Once you get there, a lady will tell you that scary guys came to Phenac City. Go to the Pokémon Center first, and save! You have to save frequently if you want to beat the game.

After saving, head for the Mayor's house. Once inside, you'll get an introduction to Miror B., the disco-crazed psycho we all know and love. A cutscene will occur, in which you'll see Folly and his friend, and three new men. Miror B. will leave during this scene, as will the new guys. But, Folly and his friend will stay behind, and they're nto happy with you. Folly talks with you about last time, and then challenges you to a rematch!


Umbreon will love you for this. Folly's gotten rid of one of his Whismurs, and replaced it with a Lotad. Now, you've got one HP Point from Whismur, and one Special Defense Point from Loatd, both of which will benefit Umbreon. As for strategy, there's not much of one. One Confusion from Espeon will OHKO Whismur, and a Bite from Umbreon will halve Lotad's health, and probably make it flinch. If not, the worst you'll get from the Lotad is an Astonish, which will barely hurt either of your Pokémon. A Confusion/Bite will beat Lotad, whichever attack you decide to use.

Easy, huh? Well, it turns out, Folly's friend's a lot harder!


Trudly's a lot harder than Folly, 'cause he's got your first Shadow Pokémon! First off, you should know what you'll get from this battle. Trudly's Duskull will give you one Special Defense Point, and one Defense Point also, perfect for Umbreon! Trudly's Spinarak, however, will give you an Attack Point, which is bad for both of them. And, if you decide to defeat Makuhita, or just do accidentally, it gives one HP Point. Strategy: Give Spinarak Espeon's Confusion, and it'll go down instantly. A Bite from Umbreon will put Duskull's health into the red, or OHKO it if a Critical Hit occurs. Duskull may Flinch, but it's somehow not as probable as Lotad. After Spinarak faints, out comes your prize, a Shadow Makuhita! As soon as it appears, Rui's pupils will dilate, and she'll she Makuhita's evil. It will attack you, and she'll tell you you have to capture it. First off, finish off Duskull with another Bite, unless it's already down. In which case, give Makuhita a Taunt, as you do NOT want it using Focus Energy. As for attacking, give Makuhita a good strong Return, Espeon style. That should put it near the yellow. Makuhita knows some strong attacks. It can Cross Chop you, which will really hurt Espeon, and probably OHKO Umbreon. Vital Throw does a good bit of damage too, but neither of your Pokémon should faint from it. Another Return from Espeon should put Makuhita into the early red stage of health. At this point, one of your Pokémon will be close to fainting, and Makuhita will finish the job. A Cross Chop, or a Vital Throw will KO either of them if it attacked the previous turn. Although, two Vital Thows might not beat Espeon entirely. They'll hurt bad, but not quite KO. After two Returns, and possibly a Shadow Rush from Makuhita (recoil), it'll be tired, and ready to catch. I would suggest using the Premier Ball to commemorate this event, but if you want to save it for something better, use a Poké Ball. Makuhita should be captured by either of those Balls, so congrats! You've Snagged your first Pokémon! Unless, of course, you want to KO Makuhita. Though I fail to see why you would, a Confusion from Esepon equals OHKO.

Trudly and Folly will flee, leaving you free to save your progress, and heal your team at the now-familiar Pokémon Center. Don't worry about the guys guarding the exits, I'll teach you how to beat them a little later.

After saving, continue onto the next battle, a Mystery Trooper. I will be going with Bayleef in this, as people seem to like it most. If you don't choose Bayleef, try to modify the attacks given for Bayleef throughout the rest of the Guide. Talk to the green Trooper, who is right next to the Mayor's house. He'll battle you, and he has something worth battling for


This guy will send out a Bayleef and a Grimer/Spoink to battle you. Bayleef will give you Special Defense and Defense EVs, one of each. Spoink gives Special Defense as well, and Grimer gives HP. This battle was made for Umbreon! If you'd like to deposit Espeon and Makuhita in the PC, go ahead, but Espeon's quite useful here. Before you even start, you should know that you can reset for a Female Bayleef, which I highly advise. If you have R/S only, then no Ditto will be there to breed with a Male Bayleef, which is why you'll want a Female. The first thing to do in the battle is to determine the opponent. If he sends out Spoink, give it a Bite from Umbreon. If Grimer's there, give it a Confusion, which should nearly defeat it. Then, give Grimer a Secret Power after the Confusion, whcih will finish it off. Bayleef can be troublesome, as it's stronger than Espeon and Umbreon. It knows Razor Leaf, which will hit both of them. With Secret Power, however, Bayleef's accuracy will be lowered, which could save you later in the battle. The best way to weaken Bayleef is to Secret Power and Confusion it. If you use this combo twice, its health will be in the red, but not so far that a Shadow Rush will beat it. Watch out for Synthesis, Bayleef knows it and is not afraid to use it. Once its health is in the red, you can either capture it, or finish it off. If you want to beat it, for whatever reason, give it a Confusion. If you want to catch it, use a Great Ball. If it escapes, it will either heal itself with Synthesis, or Shadow Rush itself to death. Keep throwing Great Balls/weakening Bayleef is it Synthesizes, and you'll capture it eventually. Once you do, I would suggest keeping it in your party, as it's a valuable asset.

After your triumph, Verde will go away, leaving the way to Pyrite Town wide open. But, we're not done with Phenac yet. Heal and Save first, and get ready to take on the Pre-Gym.

Before the Pre-Gym, there's a prize to be gained in this City. Go to the opposite side of where Verde was, where you could've faced Rosso. Go up in a space between the house and the water. A Roller Boy will be there, and he'll battle you.


He has a Wurmple and a Silcoon, both giving three HP Points. Bayleef and Umbreon will be best for this job(aren't you glad you chose Bayleef now?). He's really easy to defeat though. Have Bayleef execute a Shadow Rush on Wurmple. Two things may happen. Either it will hit and hurt, or Hyper Mode will fire up. If Hyper Mode happens, keep it. If it's regular, oh well. Have Umbreon Secret Power Silcoon, whcih will take slightly less than half off its health. Now that your turn is over, you have to deal with the opponents. Silcoon will Tackle, and Wurmple will probably String Shot(and this guy says he's good at battling >.>). If Bayleef is in Hyper Mode, have it Shadow Rush Wurmple. More than likely, you'll get a Critical Hit, and KO Wurmple. If Bayleef is normal, use another Shadow Rush, which should accomplish the same thing. Umbreon should use Secret Power again on Silcoon. Now, its health will be in the red. Another Tackle coming, but it won't affect you much. Now for Bayleef. If it's in Hyper Mode, Call it, and its Heart Gauge should almost go down a whole bar. If it's not, finish off Silcoon with a Shadow Rush (unless it causes Hyper Mode, in which case, you'll have to Call it later). If you Called Bayleef, use Umbreon's Secret Power to defeat Silcoon. Either way, Silcoon's down, and you've won! But, the best has yet to come. Due to his being impressed with you, Kaib will give you a TM41, which happens to be Torment!

Go Save, and get ready for the Pre-Gym.

Enter the Gym, but don't battle just yet. Go left, onto the 'ledge'. Talk to the woman by the board, and she'll give you the Strategy Memo. It's useful for finding out stuff about your favorite Pokémon. After that, go to the right, and have a talk with Justy. He'll get the Arena ready for you, so to speak. Walk into it, and stand by the left. When Rui walks downward on her own, and talks to you, you'll know you're in the right place. First up, the Grass Trainer.


Derived from 'botany', this guy's got a Sunkern and a Hoppip. That's one Special Attack EV from Sunkern, and one Special Defense EV from Hoppip. Not much to do except absorb the improper EVs with Umbreon and Espeon. Give Sunkern a Confusion, which should be an OHKO. Due to Hoppip's decent Special Defense, Bite is not the way to go with Umbreon. Give it a Secret Power instead, which should take about half off. One more Confusion to Hoppip wil get rid of it, and if it doesn't another Secret Power will certainly end it.

Botan will leave, and you should accept the next battle, as they're also a bad EV mix. A girl will come up this time, and of course, battle time.


Derived from 'liquid', this trainer's got a Surskit and a Marill. That's two HP Points, and a Speed Point from Surskit. Not good. Umbreon and HP go alright, and Espeon and Speed work, but the reverse is a bad thing, which is what inevitably happens. So, just give Marill a Confusion (by now, I shouldn't have to say who), and Surskit a Bite (same as other message in parentheses). It'll take 3/4 off Marill, and 1/2 off Surskit. Therefore, another combo of Confusion and Secret Power will finish the battle.

This time, stop the battles, and go heal Espeon and Umbreon. Save too, probably, and hurry back to finish up this Gym imposter.

In the Gym, you may want to talk to the teacher again, just for good measure (she updates the Memo every time you see a new Pokémon, and you definitely saw some!). After that, switch Esepon with Makuhita. These next battles will be good for it. Talk to Justy, and get ready for the battles. Walk into the yellow ring, and get ready to fight rich people!


Derived from 'dug'(past tense of 'dig'), this boy has a Trapinch and a Swinub. Both will give you Attack EVs, giving you a total of two Attack EVs. Umbreon's EVs are already messed up, so it doesn't matter with it, but Makuhita is a Physical Pokémon, which means Attack is the prominent Stat to boost. Start off with a Bite to Swinub (it knows Dig, which is annoying and painful). It will take a lot off it, and probably make it Flinch. Have Makuhita Shadow Rush it. If it goes into Hyper Mode, Call it next turn. If Makuhita's Hyper, use Umbreon's Secret Power on Swinub and finish it off. If it isn't, use Bite on Trapinch. If Maku isn't Hyper, follow up with a Shadow Rush. This should beat it(unless it goes Hyper, in which case you need to call it next time). If Maku was Called, though, you have one more turn. Use Secret Power, and end the battle.

Dugo will leave now, only to be replaced by a female rich person, and your final opponent.


Derived from some word I am NOT familar with, Gwin uses a Geodude and a Rhyhorn. Both give you Defense EVs, which benefit both Makuhita and Umbreon. If Maku's Hyper, Shadow Rush Rhyhorn. This should really decimate, if not KO, it. If it's not Hyper, Shadow Rush Geodude. This should hurt it pretty good. Have Umbreon Bite Geodude, not matter what Maku's condition. This should put it into the red(non-hyper Maku)/yellow(Hyper Maku). Now, Call Maku if he's Hyper, and have Umbreon Bite Geodude. If Maku's normal, have him Shadow Rush Rhyhorn, and keep the Bite on Geodude. Geodude will be gone by now, so focus on Rhyhorn. Bite and Shadow Rush it, Calling Maku if he goes Hyper on you, and defeat the Pre-Gym! Almost, that is.

Justy will walk up to you, and give you a White Herb for a job well done. In addition, you can go down to the area where the Trainers come from, and see them and their Pokémon(and some awesome landscapes). Justy will tell you to come back when your party is full, which it shouldn't be right now. Go to the Center and Save+Heal, and get ready to voyage to Pyrite Town!

Before you depart, make sure that you battled everyone. If you did, your Pokémon's EVs should look like this:

HP: 6
Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Special Attack: 1
Special Defense: 4
Speed: 3
Total: 18 EVs

HP: 9
Attack: 4
Defense: 4
Special Attack: 1
Special Defense: 4
Speed: 3
Total: 25 EVs

HP: 3
Attack: 0
Defense: 0
Special Attack: 0
Special Defense: 0
Speed: 0
Total: 3

HP: 0
Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Special Attack: 0
Special Defense: 0
Speed: 0
Total: 4​

At the moment, Umbreon's far ahead. But, being an EV Sponge, that's because it's taking away the bad EVs. Makuhita and Bayleef will grow later on. The thing with Double Battles is that they're hard to gain EVs from. It may take a while before new battles come up that are suitable for one of the two. See ya in Section Two!

SC~ out
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wow this is pretty good *goes off to train* hmm its okay but its not veryuseful in the beggining
Thanks, guys. I've added TEAM SNAGEM WAKIN to the Guide, so if you need help with him(which you shouldn't), check it out. Also, I'll be holding a Poll in the Pokémon Polls about which Johto Starter is the best. Whichever Starter gets the most votes by the time I get to that point, I will give a walkthrough for. So, vote there if you'd like, and choose wisely!
EDIT: Alright, I've added the strategy for the rematch with Folly, and your first fight with Trudly. I'll be back later, after checking the poll, to add the Starter fights. See ya!

SC~ out
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The fight with Verde is now here. Check it out. I chose Bayleef because it half won in the Poll. Quilava caught up with it, but Bayleef was ahead before, which is why I chose it. I'll be back in a little to cover the Pre-Gym.
EDIT: A small battle before the Pre-Gym was discovered, so I posted that one. I'll be back momentarily to summarize the first battle of the Pre-Gym.

SC~ out
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Elite Dragon Trainer

Hmmm... this deserves to be stickied. Keep up the good work!
~Section Two: Teambuilding in Pyrite~​

Well, now you can move onto Pyrite Town. Almost. On the map, you'll find that your new area is the Construction Lot. So, go there, and leave immediately. That's it. You don't even have to talk to anyone! Continue onto Pyrite Town, where you'll see a boy named Cail being told off by Mr. Johnson. Nothing interesting, so continue onto the first building to the right. Walk in, and you'll be run over by Mr. Johnson. Not exactly run over, actually, more like collided with. He'll babble on to the Chief, which really doesn't concern you. So, after they finish talking, walk over to the convenient PC, and Save just for the heck of it. After that, walk to the left of the town, until you see a tannish building with a purple C on it. Go in, and you should see a little boy and a muscular man. If you don't, you're in the wrong place. Walk over to the boy, and notice the bookcase behind him. Walk to the right side of the shelf, and press A. You should get a message about a button to press. Choose yes, and the bookcase will slide away. Walk in, and talk to the children. Leave, and you should start a cutscene involving Duking and his friend, Silva. The little boy will talk to you about something or other. After all the conversations cease, leave the building, and go to the one behind it. A man in purple clothes will be there. Talk to him, and answer yes to his question. That will make him challenge you, so get ready.


This Chaser(not sure exactly what 'Chaser' implies. The most logical thing I think of is...stalker o.o) has a Sentret, a Taillow, and a Slakoth. Slakoth gives you an HP Point, Taillow gives you a Speed Point, and Sentret gives you an Attack Point. Start off with a Confusion to Taillow, which will, as usual, OHKO. Have Umbreon Bite in the same spot, because that's where Slakoth will be. DO NOT ATTACK SENTRET. You need it for later. Bite will take around 3/4 off of Slakoth's health. Having just switched in, it won't attack you. Sentret will, however. Just a Scratch, which won't do much. Have Espeon use Confusion on Slakoth, and finish it off. Umbreon should use Bite on Sentret, which will halve its health. Scratch again, but barely any damage done. Switch out Espeon for Makuhita, and make Umbreon use Snatch. If you're lucky, it'll take a Defense Curl from it, which is kind of funny to imagine XD. Have Makuhita use Shadow Rush, and it'll either Hyperize, or it'll KO Sentret. If it KOs, that's it, good job. If not, then there's a bit left to do. Call Makuhita, which will take its bar down a lot, halfway if it's gone Hyper before. Have Umbreon use Bite, which will end the battle. Either way, Makuhita's getting an Attack Point, and that's good!

Calda will ramble on a bit, but when he's done, go Save. No serious damage should be done, so you shouldn't have to heal. But if you do, don't pay for the Hotel. Instead, go to the PC. Deposit your Pokémon you want healed, and withdraw it. It will be healed, and for free(you'd have to pay 100$ if you went to the hotel)! After that, Save your progress, and get ready for the Battle Square.

This is just personal preference, but I would say to get Slugma first. One reason, it's a hard Pokémon to purify, so it needs all the battles it can get, and the Battle Square has plenty of them. And, second, his trainer is a total idiot. He rhymes nonstop, and I feel obligated to save poor Slugma from that freak. The Trainer is a Roller Boy, and he is just a little to the north of the Battle Square. There's a wall which may block him from view (he's small), so wait for a little if you don't see him immediately. When you finally see him, talk to him, and he'll challenge you.


First thing, before the battle even, switch Makuhita to second place in your party, with Espeon in front as well. This is vital to make the battle go well. Lon has a Swablu, an Igglybuff, an Azurill, and a Slugma. That's two HP Points from Igglybuff and Azurill together, one Special Defense Point from Swablu, and if decide to defeat it, a Special Attack Point from Slugma. This is perfect for Bayleef, which may lead you to wonder why I'm having you use Makuhita instead. Don't worry, rest assured, I have a reason. Start off with a Shadow Rush to Slugma, who Rui will identify as a Pokémon with a black aura. It will take a little less than half its health away. Esepon should use Reflect, as you don't want it to attack yet. Slugma and Azurill will go for Makuhita together. With a Flamethrower and a Water Gun combo, more than half its health will be gone. Now, have Esepon use Return on Azurill. This will take slightly more than half its health away. Another Shadow Rush (Makuhita cannot be allowed to enter Hyper Mode in this battle. If it does, RESET) from Makuhita on Slugma will leave it in the early red stage, so if it decides to Shadow Rush, it won't be KOed. Now, Flamethrower (which is probably what it will use) will KO Makuhita, which is what you want. With Makuhita gone, send out Bayleef in its place. The reason I didn't have you send it out in the first place was because Flamethrower would nearly OHKO it, and there's no way to restore its health enough to survive another Flamethrower. Azurill will send a Water Gun at Bayleef, but this will do minimal damage. Now, you have a dying Slugma and a weakened Azurill to deal with. Have Espeon give Azurill a Confusion, and use Bayleef's turn to send a Great Ball (if Slugma breaks free, you're doomed, so Great Ball it is) at Slugma. It should capture it, and if it doesn't, RESET. Confusion will KO Azurill, so now Swablu and Igglybuff come out in their companion's place. Swablu is more threatening than Igglybuff, as it knows Peck (ouch to Bayleef). Esepon should use Confusion on Swablu. It will take only a mite less than half it health, which is rather irritating. Bayleef should use Shadow Rush on Swablu. If it goes Hyper, keep it like that. If it doesn't, Swablu will be in the late yellow stage. It will attack, but it will do small damage, unless it Pecks, which will take a fair amount of damage to Bayleef. Igglybuff's Pound will do little damage to either of them, especially because of Reflect. Now, use Shadow Rush from Bayleef on Swablu. Either way, it should KO it, unless it goes Hyper. If it does, wait for next turn. Use Confusion on Igglybuff, which will take it into the mid-red stage. If Bayleef is Hyper from its first attack attempt on Swablu, Call it, as Swablu should be down. If it went Hyper right before KOing Swablu, have it finish off Swablu with Shadow Rush. Either way, Igglybuff will be the last one, with a little health. If Bayleef is Hyper (the point in time in which it became so doesn't matter), Call it. If it's not Hyper, use Espeon's Confusion upon Igglybuff, and finish it off.

Now that you've finished this complicated battle, heal the PC way (if you don't know what it is, read the section after CHASER CALDA's battle plan). Then, of course, Save, and enjoy your new Slugma!

Next up, just for the sake of the newly captured Slugma, we should find a battle that will help it. So, go back to the Square(which is really a circle), and find a guy in a blue suit and a red bandanna. First, switch Slugma to the front position, along with Umbreon. After that's done, challenge him.


Not too hard of a battle, as this guy's only got two Pokémon. A Psyduck and a Quagsire. Now, you may wonder why I had you switch Slugma to the front when it's weak to both of these Pokémon. First off, the EVs for this battle are 2 HP from Quagsire, although you're not likely to KO it(it's a Shadow Pokémon), and one Special Attack EV from Psyduck. That Special Attack point is something Slugma could use. If it gets KOed by Quagsire, don't worry, as it doesn't have much further use after KOing Psyduck. The first move could be two things. You could either Snatch or Secret Power. Both of the foe's Pokémon will start off with non-attacking moves. If you do use Snatch, hope for Amnesia from Quagsire. Tail Whip from Psyduck isn't very helpful. But, Snatching is a risk, as it gives the opponent one more turn to KO Slugma, so the preferable option is to start off fighting. Give Psyduck Umbreon's Secret Power, and Slugma's Shadow Rush(not much choice...). The thing about this battle is you shouldn't let Slugma get Hyper. If it does, you may want to reset(unless you've beaten Psyduck, in which case, allow it to stay that way). Anyway, with that combo, Psyduck will have a little less than half its HP left. Next up is where it matters. Umbreon should use Secret Power again, which should put Psyduck's health at about 1/5. Now, you need to hope Slugma survives long enough to attack. Psyduck shouldn't do much, but Quagsire will most likely use Shadow Rush. Either way, unless Surf comes into play, Slugma should live. Once it Shadow Rushes Psyduck, it will be down. Now for Quagsire, you should use the same combo: Secret Power and Shadow Rush. After 2-3 turns of it, Quagsire's health will be around the late yellow. With that much left, it shouldn't put up much resistance to the Snag Ball. And, if it breaks free and Shadow Rushes, it won't KO itself. Use Slugma's turn to throw the ball, and just have Umbreon use a Secret Power. If Quagsire breaks free, which it shouldn't, don't let either Pokémon attack. Just use Slugma's turns to through Balls, and Umbreon should just use Snatch, in case Quagsire feels like using Amnesia again. After a while, you'll have your Quagsire!

After catching Quaggy, go back to the Police Station, PC Heal, and Save.

Now comes the challenging part. Return to the Battle Square, and find a girl with red clothes and a purple hat. Before talking to her, switch Slugma with Umbreon so it's in front. Now, talk to the woman, and you'll be challenged.


She has a Dustox, a Shadow Skiploom, and an Oddish. 3 Sp. Def from Dustox, 2 Speed from Skiploom(only if KOed), and 1 Sp. Atk from Oddish. Start off with a Confusion from Espeon at Oddish, and a Shadow Rush from Slugma at Oddish. It should OHKO it easily. Dustox is next. Skiploom will hit before Slugma, and it will use Sleep Powder most likely. If it uses Cotton Spore, then the attack from Slugma will hit Dustox, and won't do much. Now, hit Skiploom twice with Espeon's Return, which should put its HP down in the late yellow/early red. Just use Shadow Rush from Slugma on Dustox, because it won't KO it. If it goes Shadow, Call it, because the only reason you're attacking is because there's not much else to do. When Skiploom is weakened, use Slugma's turn to use a Snag Ball. And use Espeon's to use Confusion on Slugma, because Slugma can't get any more beneficial EVs from this battle. Once Slugma is KOed(2-3 Confusions), get Umbreon out, to absorb the EVs(which will actually help it) from Dustox. Use Umbreon's Taunt the until Skiploom's caught, and Esepon's turn to catch Skiploom. When you do get Skippy, use Confusion and Secret Power on Dustox until it's down.

Once you beat Leba, go back to the Police Station, PC Heal, and Save.

After you finish saving and such, get Quagsire and Bayleef out in front. The next battle will be helpful for them. Get back to the Square again, and find a girl in a frilly pink tutu. She'll challenge you as soon as you talk to her.


The EVs from this battle are one HP EV from Shroomish, and two Sp. Atk EVs from Flaafy if you want to KO it. But, as Flaafy is a Shadow Pokémon, you'll most likely want to capture it, and I'm writing this section from that perspective. If, however, for some obscene reason you don't want to catch Flaafy and KO it, have Espeon out on front, as Bayleef and Espeon will benefit from Sp. Atk, while Quagsire won't. For the real battle, just start out with two Shadow Rushes. It scarcely matters whom you decide to attack Flaafy, as their Attack Stats are near equal at this stage. I, however, would suggest Bayleef, as Shroomish's Effect Spore could cause Bayleef trouble, while Quagsire's resilient enough to shrug off whatever happens to it. This part was tricky for me to plan, as both Quagsire and Bayleef were quite fond of going into Hyper Mode. If Quagsire goes Hyper, keep it that way. But if Bayleef goes Hyper, Call it the next turn. If both are not Hyper, Shroomish should be near halfway through its HP Bar, like Flaafy. Now, if Bayleef's Hyper, Call it. If it's not, Shadow Rush Flaafy, which should put its HP low enough for capture. If Quagsire's Hyper, let it hit Shroomish. It will most likely KO it. If it's not, hit Shroomish anyway. Either way, Shroomish will be gone, and Bayleef and Quagsire will have an HP EV. If Bayleef went Hyper the first turn, and Flaafy was only hit once, make Bayleef use Synthesis(it should know this by now) to heal any damage Flaafy may have dealt. If Bayleef didn't go Hyper at all, use Synthesis anyway. Quagsire's move is what matters. If Bayleef went Hyper once, let Quagsire Shadow Rush Flaafy(if it goes Hyper, Call it. A Hyper Shadow Rush will KO Flaafy). If Bayleef didn't go Hyper, use Quagsire's turn to throw a Snag Ball(Great or Poké, it doesn't matter. Flaafy can be a nuisance, though, so if you want this over quickly, use the Great Ball). If Bayleef hasn't gone Hyper at all, the battle will be over. If Bayleef did go Hyper, Flaafy should now be ready to catch, so throw a Snag Ball. Once you catch it, you've won the battle.

Diogo will tell you some stuff about the move Shadow Rush, which might be considered useful if you don't understand the move. Once she's done, go back to the Police Station again. PC Heal Bayleef and Quagsire, but this time, keep Bayleef in the PC, and withdraw Flaafy. Bayleef's had its fair share of battles(its Heart Gauge should be at least halfway gone at this point), and Flaafy needs some EVs. However, if Bayleef is needed, I will tell you before you face the next opponent. Save at the PC, and prepare for the next battle.

Switch Umbreon with Quagsire, so Espeon and Quagsire are in front. Also, make sure Skiploom is somewhere in your party. Now, go back to the Square again, and talk to the guy with a brown jacket. He's next to Diogo. After his slightly.....suggestive speech, he will battle you.


He has a Ledyba, a Noctowl, and a Wingull. Wingull gives one Speed EV, Ledyba a Sp. Def EV, and Noctowl gives two HP EVs should you KO it. Start out with a Shadow Rush to Noctowl from Quagsire. It will cut its HP to around 2/3. Esepon should use Confusion on Ledyba until it's KOed. However, this task is easier said than done. For a basic Pokémon, Ledyba has an abnormally high Sp. Def(Base of 80, higher than R/S Deoxys :eek:). It will take the Confusion unflinchingly. The Confusion will almost halve Ledyba's HP. Use the same attacks on the same Pokémon again, leaving Ledyba in the red section of its HP Bar and Noctowl with 1/3 HP. That is, if Quagsire did hit Noctowl. If Quagsire went Hyper then, Call it next turn. If it's Hyper, Espeon should use Return on Noctowl. If it hasn't, finish Ledyba with a Confusion. If Quagsire went Hyper, then have it finish Ledyba with Shadow Rush. If it hasn't, then let it use Shadow Rush on Noctowl and get its HP at 1/3. Either way, Noctowl should now be weak enough to capture. However, if Noctowl uses Reflect that turn, let Espeon hit it with Return next turn, as it will lower its HP into the later red zone. If Noctowl doesn't Reflect, use Confusion on Quagsire. Regardless of Noctowl's move that turn, Quagsire's turn should be spent trying to capture Noctowl. I would recommend a Pokéball, as the Great Balls may come in handy later. Always use Quagsire's turn to catch Noctowl. If you do catch it, use Amnesia, as you can't harm Wingull when Quagsire's present. If you catch Noctowl, and Quagsire uses Amnesia, use Return on Quagsire, because Confusion will do little. Also, if you use two Pokéballs and can't catch Noctowl, use a Great Ball. If it breaks free, use two more Pokéballs. Repeat that pattern until Noctowl's captured. Keep using Return/Confusion on Quagsire once Noctowl's yours. Once Quagsire faints, send out Skiploom. You will scarcely have to do anything at this point, as one Confusion from Espeon will KO Wingull.

After you get Noctowl, Nover will tell you some things about Hyper Mode. Once he's done, do the usual routine of PC Healing and Saving, and get ready for the last Battle Square Snagging(at long last).

The next guy looks exactly like Nover, and he's near parallel to him. Before challenging him, switch Umbreon and Espeon for Flaafy and Skiploom. Talk to him. Don't let his carefree attitude and bizarre laughing fool you, this guys' far from easy.


This guy has a Skitty, a Zigzagoon, and a Misdreavus. That's two Speed EVs, one each from Skitty and Zigzagoon, and a Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense EV from Misdreavus. Assuming you're catching Misdreavus, this battle is two straight Speed EVs. But, Misdreavus is here to foil that plan. It's quite strong, and it can take out your Pokémon with relative ease. This ghost rips through Espeon like toilet paper, and it can do the same to Skiploom if you're not quick. First off, note the fact that Vant's choice of his first Pokémon is random. It could be either Skitty or Zigzagoon. It doesn't matter either way, because they both give Speed EVs. Start out with Shadow Rushes from each of your Pokémon on the Normal Type there. It should KO it, but Hyper Mode could complicate things. And, Misdreavus starts off with a Confuse Ray to Skiploom, so watch out for Skiploom hitting itself. If Flaafy goes Hyper, you'll want to keep it that way. If Skiploom goes Hyper, Call it next turn. If Flaafy is Hyper, have it hit Zigzagoon/Skitty and finish it, while Skiploom hits Misdreavus with Shadow Rush. If Skiploom is Hyper, Call it and have Flaafy Shadow Rush the Normal Pokémon. If they're both Hyper, Call Skiploom and Hyper Rush Skitty/Zigzagoon. Whatever happens, you should have one Pokémon down now. If Skiploom went Hyper, have it hit the next Normal Type, and have Flaafy do the same. If Flaafy's Hyper, have it hit the Normal Type as well, and KO it(Skiploom goes first, so it should weaken it enough). If neither went Hyper, Shadow Rush from each to KO the Normal Type. Either way, you will be left with Misdreavus, who will have severely damaged Skiploom with Shadow Ball. Next turn, if you called Flaafy at all this battle, it should now have Thunder Wave. Use that, as it will help. Misdreavus will KO Skiploom(it's faster than both of them), so have Umbreon take its place. Now, Umbreon should use Bite, and use Flaafy's turn to throw a Snag Ball(it should be a Pokéball, as it will likely burst free, and that would waste a Great Ball). If you catch it, battle's over. If you didn't(the probable result), Misdreavus is in the red and Paralyzed, use a Pokéball to catch it. You will probably get it, and if you don't, just Umbreon's Snatch and Flaafy's turn to throw a Snag Ball until you get it.

That's all the Snaggings in the Battle Square. Congratulations! But, there's one more Trainer you can face there. So, go back to the Police Station, Save and Heal, and get ready to finish the Battle Square once and for all.

As I'm sure you've noticed, there's a girl romaing around outside the actual square, with two long ribbons trailing from her hat. Switch whomever's in front with Skiploom and Misdreavus, as they will be useful here. Talk to her, and she'll hit on you a bit before she actually battles.


Emok has a Gulpin and a Zubat. That's one Speed EV from Zubat and one HP EV from Gulpin. Start off with a Shadow Rush from Misdreavus and Skiploom, both aimed at Zubat. This should faint it unless someone goes Hyper. If Misdreavus goes Hyper, use Hyper Rush on Gulpin. If Skiploom goes Hyper, use Shadow Rush from it on Gulpin, and finish Zubat with a Shadow Rush from Misdreavus. If neither go Hyper, Shadow Rush from each on Gulpin. Now, Gulpin will have Yawned Misdreavus(it's usually Misdreavus for some reason), so you need to take it down with Skiploom next turn. Call Misdreavus, and finish Gulpin with a Shadow Rush. Be hasty with it, too, as Gulpin knows Acid Armor, which is horribly annoying to deal with.

After you beat Emok, you will have completely finished the Battle Square. Congrats! Go back to the Station and do the usual routine, and be ready for the Pyrite Colosseum challenge.

Now for the Total of EVs the Pokémon have obtained in this place:

HP: 9 out of 144.
Attack: 2 out of 0**MESSED UP**
Defense: 2 out of 0**MESSED UP**
Special Attack: 2 out of 72.
Special Defense: 8 out of 118.
Speed: 4 out of 176.
Total: 27 EVs

HP: 10 out of 220.
Attack: 5 out of 0**MESSED UP**
Defense: 4 out of 38.
Special Attack: 2 out of 0**MESSED UP**
Special Defense: 7 out of 28.
Speed: 4 out of 224.
Total: 32 EVs

HP: 6 out of 240.
Attack: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Defense: 0 out of 96.
Special Attack: 0 out of 68.
Special Defense: 1 out of 106.
Speed: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Total: 7

HP: 0 out of 158.
Attack: 3 out of 252**COMPLETE**
Defense: 2 out of 0**MESSED UP**
Special Attack: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Special Defense: 0 out of 100.
Speed: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Total: 5

HP: 0 out of 220.
Attack: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Defense: 0 out of 194
Special Attack: 2 out of 96
Special Defense: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Speed: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Total: 2

HP: 1 out of 196.
Attack: 0 out of 252.
Defense: 0 out of 40.
Special Attack: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Special Defense: 1 out of 22.
Speed: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Total: 2

HP: 0 out of 136.
Attack: 0 out of 147.
Defense: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Special Attack: 0 out of 157.
Special Defense: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Speed: 2 out of 70.
Total: 2

HP: 1 out of 220.
Attack: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Defense: 0 out of 38.
Special Attack: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Special Defense: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Speed: 4 out of 252.
Total: 5

HP: 1 out of 186.
Attack: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Defense: 0 out of 163.
Special Attack: 0 out of 96.
Special Defense: 0 out of 0**COMPLETE**
Speed: 1 out of 65.
Total: 2

You'll notice Espeon and Umbreon are far ahead, while Bayleef is getting well trained. Skiploom and Makuhita tie for third. It may not seem like a lot now, but later on, you'll be glad you started out correctly.
Also, you will have noticed Espeon and Umbreon's EVs messed up. That's normal. But Makuhita's are too, and I blame myself for that. I misread Makuhita(Hariyama)'s Moveset and EV Spread, and thought Sp. Defense was Defense. So, when the game is beaten, I will instruct everyone else who made this mistake how to rectify it. Sorry.​

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Yep, I did it! Thanks, on both accounts(about the stickying and the nice job comment).
I put up a strategy on Roller Boy Lon, and it took a very long time to write! Enjoy it, and try to understand it.

SC~ out

Electrode Destroyer

Hah, this is great! Now that my EV training friend has started using UBERS, I'm trying to beat him without using Ubers, and a bunch of super-powerful lvl 100's will really help me. Great guide! Just one question, do pokemon in Mt.Battle give EV points? Cause if they do, you're gonna have a hard time writing all the EVs for all the pokes on Story Mode Mt.Battle.. And it'll probably mess up everyone's EV's if you don't do one, since just about everyone who plays Colosseum goes there.
Mt. Battle does give EVs. If you get Exp. Points, you get EVs.
Sorry for the huge delay, everyone. I got Emerald, and it consumed all my time. But, I will start working on the Guide tonight. Again, I'm really sorry for the delay. It was unexpected, somewhat. I didn't think I'd be so enthralled.

SC~ out

Electrode Destroyer

Uh oh... my Colosseum pokes that I trained at Mt.Battle will have EV's screwed beyond beleif... I'll need this guide, cause I want to properly EV train my pokes after I've gotten my (second) Ho-oh and I restart.
~Section Three: Pyrite's Secret~

Now that you have many Shadow Pokémon by your side, it's onto Pyrite Colosseum. Go past the Battle Square and over the bridge. Enter the dome shaped Colosseum, and talk to a guy in mostly grey clothes. He will tell you that Cail, the green-haired boy at the outskirts of town, won a strange Pokémon here. Rui will point out the obvious for you by advising you to find Cail. Before you reach him, though, go to the Police Station again. Take Bayleef from the PC, and make sure Makuhita, Noctowl, Espeon, Umbreon, and Quagsire are with you. Bayleef and Noctowl should be placed at the front of your party. It wouldn't hurt to Save before reaching Cail either. So, go to the entrance point of Pyrite Town, and you'll see Cail. Talk to him, and he'll challenge you.


This guy has a big party for so early in the game, with a Furret, Ralts, Seedot, and Machop at his side. Furret gives two Speed EVs should you KO it, Ralts gives one Sp. Atk, Machop gives one Attack, and Seedot gives one Defense. With such a multitude of EVs, there's no Pokémon that benefits from all three. So you'll just have to go with the closest ones. Start with Shadow Rushes at Ralts. With any luck, both of them will go Hyper. This, although it wastes a turn, will be of great assistance. If Noctowl or Bayleef goes Hyper, leave them that way. Have one of them finish Ralts while the other attacks the next Pokémon. It should near halve its health. If neither go Hyper, you will still beat Ralts. If both go Hyper, then that's great! Use Hyper Rush on Ralts from each. One will KO Ralts, and then the next Pokémon, Seedot, will be KOed by the following Hyper Rush. If one of them went Hyper the turn before, Call it and have the un-Hyper one and have it finish off Seedot. If both are Un-Hyper and have been, use Shadow Rush from each on Seedot. If both went Hyper, Call them both and endure attacks from Furret and Machop. Whatever the scenario, Machop will be there at full health along with Furret. Now, have Bayleef Body Slam(it if doesn't know that, Shadow Rush, but it could by now, and is less riskier) Furret and Noctowl use Hypnosis(again, if it doesn't know that, Shadow Rush). With any luck, Furret will be asleep and slightly damaged. Use Bayleef's attack again(whichever you're using) and have Noctowl attack Bayleef. If Bayleef faints, then send out Makuhita. If Bayleef doesn't faint, Furret will be ready for capture with low health and possible Sleeping. If Bayleef fainted, use Makuhita's Shadow Rush on Furret and lower it to capture level. If Bayleef didn't faint, have the two attack each other. Bayleef should faint and you should send out Makuhita. Next turn, use Noctowl's turn to capture Furret(with a Great Ball if it's awake, Pokéball if it's Asleep) and Makuhita's to Cross Chop/Vital Throw(it may know Cross Chop if its Heart Gauge is low). You should catch Furret and KO Noctowl. Send out Quagsire. Now, use Cross Chop/Vital Throw and Shadow Rush from Quagsire. If Quag goes Hyper, Call it as Makuhita Vital Throws/Cross Chops Machop away and wins the battle.

Cail will tell you the official name of the dark Pokémon, and you will get a cutscene involving Miror B. and Nascour talking. Watch it, and then go to the Police Station and Save and Heal with the PC.

~TM 46: THIEF~​

Now, head for the Pyrite Colosseum. You will be stopped, though, by a cutscene of a scientist who drags himself out of the power place and moans for help. Go inside, and you'll find the Chief lying on the ground. Talk to him, and he'll tell you Duking's old pal Silva took a Gear from there, trying to shut down the Colosseum(and rightfully so, once you find out what's going on). Sherles and Johnson, the Police in the town, will come rushing to the scene. You will be asked to get the Gear back. Leave the Power Hut and go to the Police Station. Save, just so you don't have to repeat the entire process, but before that, note how something sparkly is sitting on the desk. Press A in front of it, and you'll obtain the Jail Key. Useful for releasing prisoners....Save, and go over to the Chaser's cell. Press A in front of the door, and the Main Items Menu will appear. Select the Jail Key, and the door will lower. There will be a cutscene where the Chaser thanks you and walks out the door. This would be fun enough if it weren't for the fact that a sparkly item is on his bed. Take it, and you'll see you've obtained TM Thief(which, ironically, he most likely stole in the first place). Remember kids, don't try this at home;)...

Anyway, Save again(this is a one-a-game chance, the Key will disappear if you don't get it then), and head for the entrance point. Select the Construction Lot on the Map, and you'll be transported there. Move forward a bit, and you'll find a shiny gear sitting in a corner, quite unlike the gears located around Pyrite. Press A near it, and you'll obtain it. With that done, head back to Pyrite, and to the Power Hut. You'll be asked to put the Gear back, of course. Walk up beside the Chief, and Press A. it will tell you a gear is missing, and open up the Main Items Menu. Select the Gear, and it will be replaced. A cutscene will occur, showing the Chief restarting the System, and the electric-powered fan spinning once more. Duking, impressed by your actions, will ask you to enter the next Colosseum challenge, an invitation you literally can't refuse. Go across the bridge, talk to the guy in the purple shirt standing by the crevasse if you want(you'll learn something interesting). Enter the dome, and Save. Get ready for a fair amount of battles coming your way!

Arrange you party so Skiploom and Misdreavus are in the first position, and make sure Makuhita, Flaafy, Espeon, and Quagsire are in your party as well. It won't work out if you don't have that party with you. Talk to the woman behind the registration counter, and she'll ask you if you want to compete. Obviously, the answer is yes. Go in, and fight your first battle here:


This guy has a Sandshrew and a Barboach. That's one Defense EV from Sandshrew and one HP EV from Barboach. Start with Skiploom's Shadow Rush at Barboach, which should halve its health, and Misdreavus's Shadow Rush at Sandshrew(around 1/4 of the HP Bar will be gone). If Skiploom goes Hyper, have it Hyper Rush Barboach while Misdreavus brings Sandshrew's HP half way down. If Misdreavus goes Hyper, have it Hyper Rush Sandshrew, which will put it at half-health, and Skiploom finish off Barboach. Either way, you'll have either a Sandshrew with half-health or a Barboach with half health and a Sandshrew with 3/4 health. For the first option, have both Pokémon attack Sandshrew, including the Hyper one. That way, if one goes Hyper, then you'll still have a second Hyper Rush to beat it with. For the second option, Shadow Rush from Misdreavus on Sandshrew for half-health, and Skiploom should finish off Barboach with Shadow Rush. Next turn, have them both hit Sandshrew. If one goes Hyper, keep it that way and double-attack next turn as well.


She has a Natu(Sp. Atk) and a Meditite(Speed). Use Shadow Rush from Skiploom and Misdreavus on Meditite, because you can't KO Natu just yet. If someone's Hyper from the previous battle, then Meditite will go down very easily. If no one's Hyper, Meditite will still be KOed by the attacks. If Misdreavus has gone Hyper the battle before, though, then Skiploom will end up hitting Natu. It shouldn't KO it. Now that Meditite's gone, you should begin beating down Skiploom. Have Misdreavus use Confuse Ray on it, and have Skiploom use Cotton Spore(it's probably learned that by now. But if it hasn't, use Sleep Powder, because there's no way it doesn't know that) on Natu. 2-3 Shadow Rushes will KO Skiploom, and once it is KOed, send out Flaafy. Now, use Shadow Rush from each one Natu. If one goes Hyper, Call it next turn and have the other finish Natu. If both go Hyper, Call one, and have the other one beat Natu.

After Tisler, you'll face Bandana Guy Vilch.


Vilch has a Cacnea, an Electrike, and a Vulpix under his control. That's two Speed EVs from Vulpix and Electrike combined, and one Sp. Atk EV from Cacnea. Begin the battle with two Shadow Rushes at Electrike. If one of your Pokémon is Hyper from before, this will help(preferably Misdreavus, because it goes first). Two Shadow Rushes should bring it down. Next comes Vulpix. Cacnea will hit you with Poison Sting, but it will hurt very little. If it Poisons you, however, it could be a problem. Send another volley of Shadow Rushes at Vulpix. If no one goes Hyper, it should KO it. If it doesn't, watch out for Ember. It won't hurt Misdreavus much, but it will take almost half off Skiploom's HP Bar. Next round, if Vulpix is KOed, have Misdreavus Confuse Ray Skiploom(if Misdreavus is Hyper, Call it, because Confuse Ray rarely works in Hyper Mode). If Vulpix is still there, Shadow Rush it down. Endure another Poison Sting, and have Skiploom use Cotton Spore/Sleep Powder on Cacnea. 2 Shadow Rushes should take out Skiploom. Replace the poor little dandelion with Flaafy. Once Flaafy's out, a volley of Shadow/Hyper(if Flaafy's Hyper from before) will KO Cacnea, and give them both the Sp. Atk EVs they need.

Next up, the final challenger. A discolored BodyBuilder and a pain to defeat.


He has four Pokémon, a Bagon, a Goldeen, a Delibird, and a Magnemite. That's two Attack EVs from Bagon and Goldeen combined, a Special Attack EV from Magnemite, and Speed EV from Delibird. Problem is, Misdreavus and Skiploom are out front, and they can't get Attack EVs. So, you'll have to KO them both this time. Use Misdreavus's Shadow Rush on Skiploom, which will take off 1/3 of its HP Bar. Use Skiploom's Sleep Powder on Bagon. Use Shadow Rush again, and Sleep Powder on Goldeen this time. next turn, just use Cotton Spore on Goldeen(it's not gonna hit anyway), and finish off Skippy with Shadow Rush. Sent out Quagsire(more resilient). Use its Shadow Rush on Misdreavus, while Misdreavus uses Confuse Ray on Goldeen(more dangerous than Bagon). One or two more Shadow Rushes will have Misdreavus down, and both the Foes confused and a-snoozed. Get Makuhita out. Use Cross Chop from it on Goldeen, and Shadow Rush from Quagsire on Bagon. It should do about half damage each. Another volley will KO each of them. Two Attack EVs for each of them! Now, Delibird and Magnemite will come out. Again, you must KO the two current Pokémon. Start with Quagsire(Makuhita will be KOed by the foes anyway...). Use Cross Chop on it(it definitely should know that, but if for some strange reason it doesn't, Vital Throw). It will take off around 1/5 of Quagsire's health. Magnemite will Metal Sound both of the two for a while before actually attacking. Delibird will use Present, but for once, you don't want the healing kind of Present. Have Quagsire use Amnesia a lot, as it will hold off Magnemite attacking. A few Cross Chops and presents later, Quagsire will be down. Get Espeon out, and have it Confusion Makuhita to kingdom come. Flaaffy should now be out as well. Start with a Confusion to Delibird, which will either leave it with a sliver of HP or KO it. Flaaffy should Shadow Rush Magnemite, of course. That will halve its health. Espeon should Confusion Delibird(if it's still there) or Magnemite. If it gets Magnemite, Magnemite will survive, only to be KOed by Flaaffy's Shadow Rush. Congratulations, you've beaten Pyrite Colosseum!

You will automatically leave the arena, and reappear with Rui. The woman who entered you will give you a fair amount of money and TM 06: Toxic. Heal your Pokémon with that convenient machine in the opposite corner of the PC. Go to the PC, Save, and prepare to infiltrate the Pyrite Cave.

Now that you've won Pyrite Colosseum, and exit the Colosseum. Keep Skiploom and Misdreavus in front, because, again, they benefit the most from the upcoming battle. Go across the bridge. But, you'll find your path blocked by a guy in a grey suit. He'll congratulate you on winning, and then lead you to a secret area. It's somewhat like a garage. Inside, a similar looking female will prepare to give you a Shadow Pokémon, but realize halfway through that you're that kid Miror B.'s been complaining about. The guy who brought you here will battle you as he hears this news.


This guy is somewhat of a bug lover, as he has a Yanma(2 Speed), a Surskit(1 Speed), a Pineco(1 Defense), and a Nincada(1 Defense). He'll start with Yanma and Pineco. Yanma, however, is a Shadow Pokémon. Before you battle, know that Speed Boost is the preferable Ability for Yanma. If its Speed rises after you all attack, then it has Speed Boost. Compoundeyes is also an acceptable Ability. Start with Skiploom's Shadow Rush at Yanma, and Misdreavus's at Pineco. Both will take almost 1/4 off the foe's health. Yanma is easily the fastest Pokémon on the field, so it will have attempted a Supersonic by now. If it hits, be wary of it. If Pineco used Bide the turn before, then use both Shadow Rushes on Yanma. It will be at a little less than 1/4 health if you do so. If you hit them equally, they'll each be at half health. If Pineco used Bide, use Sleep Powder on Yanma from Skiploom and use Misdreavus's turn to try to Snag it. Yanma can be a nuisance, so feel free to use a Great Ball. If Pineco didn't use Bide, Shadow Rush from both of your Pokémon on each of the opponents. Now, if you caught Yanma, Nincada will be out. If Pineco didn't use Bide, use Shadow Rush on it from Misdreavus and finish it, and use Skiploom's Sleep Powder on Yanma. Use the next turn to use Skiploom's Mega Drain on Nincada, and Misdreavus's on Snagging Yanma. If you caught Yanma, use Mega Drain on Nincada again, and Shadow Rush on Surskit from Misdreavus. If Pineco did use Bide, use two Shadow Rushes on it and beat it. Now, Nincada and Surskit will be there. Use Mega Drain on Nincada and Shadow Rush on Surskit. Next turn, if Surskit is there with half health and Nincada's beaten, use Shadow Rush and Mega Drain on it. It will be defeated. If Nincada and Surskit are still there, use Mega Drain on Nincada, and Shadow Rush on Surskit. Whatever happens, you will have won.

As you win, the two people there will flee, and Duking and his children will come, and tell you that Miror B. stole his Plusle. They will ask you to find it, which you must. They'll leave after that, and you'll notice the shiny binder on the counter. Pick it up, and you'll learn some interesting things about Hyper Mode, such as the negating effect on items. There's a PC nearby, but you'll have to battle a boy to get to it. First, go back to the Police Station and Save. You should also withdraw Furret and the newly captured Yanma. Stick to the left, sliding along the barrels. The female Chaser by the elevator shouldn't notice you. Open the sliding doors, and walk through. A Roller Boy will notice you, and he'll challenge you.


Pike has a Hoothoot and a Taillow, which is 1 HP EV and 1 Speed EV. This battle is very straightforward. Use Furret's and Yanma's Shadow Rushes on Hoothoot which will KO it. If Yanma goes Hyper, use Hyper Rush on Hoothoot and Shadow Rush from Furret on Taillow. If Furret goes Hyper, use Yanma's Shadow Rush on Taillow, and Hyper Rush from Furret on Hoothoot. If they both go Hyper, Call Furret and have Yanma Hyper Rush Hoothoot and Call Furret. If neither went Hyper the first turn, use Shadow Rushes on Taillow and beat it. If anyone goes Shadow, use the non-Shadow one to Shadow Rush Taillow down while you call the Hyper, and if they both go Hyper, Call them both and attack next turn. If Furret went Hyper, Call it and have Yanma beat Taillow. If Yanma went Hyper, Call it and have Furret attack with Shadow Rush. If they both went Hyper, Call the one you didn't in the second turn and have the un-Hyper one attack Taillow. Next turn, have them both defeat Taillow.

Once Pike is beaten, go to the little room beneath him. Heal your Pokémon, and Save at the PC.

Keep Furret and Yanma in front. Once more, the next battle is cut out for them. Go back to the elevator you passed, and move toward the Female Chaser in front of it. She'll come to you, and challenge you.


She has a Phanpy and a Trapinch with her. One HP EV from Phanpy and one Attack EV from Trapinch. Start with Yanma's Shadow Rush at Trapinch and Furret's at Phanpy. Trapinch should have around 2/5 of its HP left, and Phanpy should have about 3/4 left. If Yanma went Hyper, though, use Hyper Rush on Phanpy next turn, which should nearly KO it, and Furret's Shadow Rush on Trapinch which should KO it. If Furret went Hyper, use Hyper Rush on Phanpy which should put it near 2/5 health, and Yanma's Shadow Rush on Trapinch, KOing it. If they both went Hyper, Hyper Rush from both of them, Yanma's on Phanpy and Furret's on Trapinch. If neither went Hyper, Shadow Rush from Furret on Trapinch, which KOs it, and Shadow Rush from Yanma on Phanpy, which will put it at half health. Whatever happens, by the third turn, Phanpy will be the only one left. If neither went Hyper, Shadow Rush from both on it, which ought to KO it. If Furret's Hyper, Call it while Yanma attacks. If Yanma went Hyper, Call it as Furret attacks. If they both went Hyper, Call them both. Next turn, use Shadow Rush from both, which will KO it, and ending the battle.

After Kai's beaten, back to the Healing Machine and the PC to Heal and Save.

Once you're healed, go up to the next floor. The first thing you'll see is another guy with a bandana. Walk by him, and he'll challenge you.


Geats has a Barboach(1 HP), a Carvanha(1 Attack), and a Larvitar(1 Attack). Again, Yanma and Furret are good for this fight. Start with a Shadow Rush from each. Yanma's should go to Larvitar, and Furret's should go to Carvanha/Barboach(random). If Carvanha is there, it'll be KOed. If Barboach is there, it'll be at half health. If Furret goes Hyper, have it attack whatever it originally was ordered to. It will be KOed. If Yanma goes Hyper, also attack the intended target. Geats focuses on Critical Hit Thrashing, which can really hurt, so it's best to beat him quickly. If both go Hyper, have them attack their intended targets. Next turn, if neither went Hyper, you'll have a half health Larvitar, and a Barboach with full health(if Carvanha was first) or with half health(if it was first). Shadow Rush from each. Larvitar should now be down, and Barboach will either be down or with half health. If Furret went Hyper, Call it while Yanma finishes Larvitar. If Yanma went Hyper, Call it while Furret finishes Barboach. If they both went Hyper, Call them both. There should be one foe left by that time. Two Shadow Rushes will KO Barboach/Carvanha. Call them if either of them go Hyper. If Yanma went Hyper, they can both finish with Shadow Rush on Carvanha/Barboach. If Furret went Hyper, have them both attack Carvanha/Barboach. If they've both gone Hyper, Call them and attack with two Shadow Rushes next turn. If neither went Hyper and Carvanha was your first foe, attack with a Shadow Rush to beat Barboach from each to end the battle.

Furret and Yanma have probably sustained injuries from this battle, so go back downstairs and Heal+Save.

Switch Yanma and Furret with Noctowl and Slugma. After you've done that, go back upstairs. Continue along the path, and you'll find a Hunter, who will challenge you.


He has a Remoraid and a Magnemite, which is two Special Attack Points. Start off with a Shadow Rush from Slugma to Remoraid and a Hypnosis from Noctowl on Remoraid. If Remoraid doesn't fall asleep, reset. The point is to make it incapable of hitting Slugma. Remoraid should have around 1/3 of its HP gone, and it should be asleep. Magnemite will Thundershock Noctowl, which will nearly halve its health. Slugma should Shadow Rush Remoraid again, and Noctowl should use Hypnosis on Magnemite. Again, if it doesn't fall asleep, reset. Next turn, Shadow Rush from Noctowl on Remoraid, and Shadow Rush from Slugma on Magnemite. Remoraid will have fainted, and Magnemite will have 3/4 of its health left. Double Shadow Rush from the two, which will put Magnemite at 1/4 of its health. Magnemite might awaken now, and if it does, it will Thundershock Noctowl again. Have Noctowl use Hypnosis(Shadow Rush would be suicide), and Slugma should finish off with Shadow Rush.

Noctowl will be pretty badly hurt, and Slugma might not be at all, but heal anyway. Saving never hurt, either.

After healing, Switch Slugma and Noctowl with Furret and Yanma. Go back upstairs, and make a U-turn at the end of the hall. Don't go in the door just yet, but continue on. Attract the attention of the Bodybuilder, and he'll battle you.


Akmen's got a Voltorb and an Electrike, both giving Speed EVs. And, both have pretty sad Defenses, which means this will be a short battle. Have both of them Shadow Rush Voltorb. It should faint, unless someone goes Hyper. If Furret/Yanma goes Hyper, Call them next turn. However, if they both go Hyper, have Yanma Hyper Rush Voltorb and Call Furret. If neither have gone Hyper, double Shadow Rush Electrike and finish the battle. If one of them went Hyper, Call it and Shadow Rush Voltorb(from the non-Hyper one). If one went Hyper, double Shadow Rush Electrike to win. If both went Hyper, Call Yanma and Shadow Rush from Furret on Electrike. Next turn, have them both Shadow Rush. It should only take one to win.

Chances are, one of them was Paralyzed(both Pokémon have Static), so if they are, go heal them. If neither were, however, you can stay there, and go on through the hidden door.

It's a bit tricky finding the hidden door for some. Just press your character against the wall Akmen was against, and the door will slide open. Go in, and attract the attention of the guy within.


He has a Wooper, which gives one HP Point, and a Wingull, which gives a Speed Point. Another Yanma&Furret battle:rolleyes:. Start out with a Shadow Rush from each on Wingull. This will faint it. One Shadow Rush may even faint it. Next turn, double Shadow Rush on Wooper. It should take off 2/3 of its health. If either of them goes Hyper, Call them while the other attacks. If they both go Hyper, Hyper Rush from Furret on Wooper and Call Yanma. If one went Hyper before, Shadow Rush from both to beat Wooper. If both went Hyper, Call Furret, and have Yanma attack. Easy enough.

Now that you've beaten Loba, go forward and press in front of the 'PokéBlock,' and you'll receive 5 Great Balls. After getting those, go back downstairs and Save(Heal, too, if necessary). The next floor awaits.

That's all for this section. Later on(maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow), I'll post the EV Totals for this section.

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Woah.I can't imagine how much you can type down. Do you have a computer in the same room as your Cube and you just copy all of it down as you go or something? ;199;
Anyway, this guide is great, though I've been put off Colosseum for a while (stupid mum banning GameCube for a month) but after I get that Ho-oh, I'll be sure to try and use your guide to the best.
Actually, I play through a battle once to see what Pokémon are used, turn it off, and go downstairs. I look up the EVs in the battle, and go back up. I move the Pokémon around, battle through with the right Pokémon, and then write it down here, adding some add-ins, like certain Pokémon going Hyper. Not everything goes the way it goes for me, so I write it from an outside perspective as well. And I haven't Updated in a while, but I've been rather busy lately, what with getting Harry Potter Book 6, Krby Canvas Curse, and restarting my Leaf Green. Still, that's not an excuse for laziness, so I'll write out a bunch more tomorrow.


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~*Commander Blizzard*~ said:
what with getting Harry Potter 6
I finished it in 3 days.
Ontopic: Just restarted without caring about Ho-oh, and I'm using your guide. If you decide not to do all of Mt.Battle, I'll probably do it.
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