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Sheer Force!!!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by rwhite84, Jul 11, 2011.


Who should our clan mascot be?

Poll closed Sep 6, 2011.
  1. Nidoking

    11 vote(s)
  2. Haxorus

    9 vote(s)
  3. Garchomp

    5 vote(s)
  4. Salamence

    8 vote(s)
  5. Tyranitar

    6 vote(s)
  6. Dragonite

    4 vote(s)
  7. Metagross

    5 vote(s)
  8. Gallade

    3 vote(s)
  9. Electivire

    2 vote(s)
  10. Mewtwo

    6 vote(s)
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  1. rwhite84

    rwhite84 Banned

    Sheer force resurgent


    Welcome to Sheer Force! In this clan you can try to become your best at battling, to have fun and to compete in lots of others exciting things! The main thing about this clan is help each other, meet new friends and to show Each other our SHEER FORCE!!! of Friendship!!!


    Main Rule: "All SPPF rules apply"

    1.) Respect your Leaders
    2.) Respect your clan mates.
    3.) No trolling.
    4.) Dont Spam or Double post in Clan thread.
    6.) Everyone is an equal quality so don't laugh at them or pick on them.
    7.) Post at least 3 times a month so we know your active.
    9.) All members will listen to the chat mod.
    10.) Try your best so that we all achieve our goals.

    (If you break these rules, punishment will be made!)


    If you wanna join you need a serebii account, if you dont have one there will be a register button at the top left of the forums. One you have your account just post this form below into the white box at the bottom of the thread with the information needed.

    [B]Battling Style: (wi-fi or PO)[/B]
    [B]What Gen do you play?[/B]
    [B]PO Name:[/B] 
    [B]Who reffered you to this clan?[/B]
    Ranks and Members:

    Beside each rank userbar will be a number in brackets, that is the amount of won battles you need, only counts if battled a clan member. Each member will start in Chimchar Rank!

    ana berry/95 Points/Battles won: 4
    multi scale/5 Points/Battles won: 0
    ditto4409/5 Points/Battles won: 0
    dnightmared/5 Points/Battles won: 0
    lukey011/25 Points/Battles won: 0
    Hyrule Swordsman 94/25 Points/Battles won: 0
    DrummerScaper97/15 Points/Battles won: 0
    liverpoolfan!/15 Points/Battles won: 1
    ChampionZ/30 Points/Battles won: 1
    Swamptorizard/50 Points/Battles won: 1
    StoneCold Destroyer/35 Points/Battles won: 2
    Smokay/15 Points/Battles won: 1
    Coppy/15 Points/Battles won: 1
    crimson101 15[/b] points/battles won:1

    noahdaboa/180 Points/Battles won: 9
    firemaster13/137 Points/Battles won: 10
    Pokemon Master1234/115 Points/Battles won: 5
    nani andre/165 Points/Battles won: 5
    Hokoku/132 Points/Battles won: 7
    ShinyFloris200 Points/Battles won: 8

    jmora8888/234 Points/Battles won: 17
    Worryseed/180 Points/Battles won: 26


    Sietse23/510 Points/Battles won: 53
    rwhite84/516 Points/Battles won: 95

    If i think you have been a great clan member or have helped out in a lot of things for people or for the clan i'll give you an instant rank up!


    Point system!

    You earn points by doing things for the clan or winning tournaments or other things like that. Here are ways of earning points by battling:

    Vs. Higher Rank

    Win: 15 Points
    Draw: 10 Points
    Loss: 5 Points

    Vs. Same Rank

    Win: 10 Points
    Draw: 5 Points
    Loss: 5 Points

    Vs. Lower Rank

    Win: 5 Points
    Draw: 5 Points
    Loss: 2 Points

    Post a score of a battle like this:

    Other ways of earning points:

    Joining: By joining the clan, you automatically receive 5 Points.
    Jobs: certain jobs will earn you Points. The following are:

    Artists:Champion Z
    Gives 10 points per piece of art made!

    Breeders: jmora8888, nani andre, noahdaboa
    Gives 10 points for 1 breeded pokemon.

    EV trainers: rwhite, Garch0mp0utrage, nani andre, UltimateVictini
    Gives 10 points for 1 ev trained pokemon!

    Recruiting: For each member you recruit, you will receive 10 Points. That’s what the ‘Referrer’ field of the application is for.

    The Shop

    Under each pokemon will be a number, that is the amount of points needed to buy that pokemon. When the pokemon has been bought please PM me saying who bought it off you.

    Pokemon name: arceus
    Shiny: no
    Iv's: unknown
    Ev's: none
    level: 80
    Egg moves: ×
    Event pokemon?: M.C
    Owner: Sietse
    Costs: 30 Points

    Pokemon: Haxorus (un-nicknamed)
    Shiny: yes
    IV's: unkown for now at least
    EV's: EV trained
    Level: 51
    Event?: no
    Owner: Garch0mp0utrage
    Costs: 30 Points

    Donations for the shop

    To donate a pokemon post this form:

    Pokemon name:
    Egg moves:
    Event pokemon?:
    War Barracks:

    5TH Gen Team:


    The team is currently full - dont ask to join at the moment.

    War Record!

    Sheer Force vs Eternal Diversity: 2-3 loss

    Sheer Force vs Regions of sin: 1-2 loss

    HAVE FUN!!!

    Credits to Garch0mp0utrage for the banner and to Mew_ and Sarah- for the fabulous userbars!!! And to LyreBirdGirl for the amazing ev trainer userbar!
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2011
  2. rwhite84

    rwhite84 Banned

    Trivia quizes!
  3. rwhite84

    rwhite84 Banned

    Last edited: Oct 15, 2011
  4. Farfan


    Battling Style: (wi-fi or PO) Both!
    What Gen do you play? 5th gen, but I can train in 4th gen
    FC: in my signature!
    PO Name: Farfan
    Who reffered you to this clan?: Nobody, I saw this clan and this looks good! I think I'll have a nice team here
  5. millarc3005

    millarc3005 Born a legend!

    Thanks for joining farfan, i hope you have a great time, and if you dont mind; could you please recruit some people, it will also earn you points!!! You may also put the chimchar userbar in your sig.
  6. Farfan


    thanks, I could also donate a lot of pokemons with rare egg moves.
  7. millarc3005

    millarc3005 Born a legend!

    Well post the forms with the info needed and ill put them in the page! Its always good to advertise your clan in your sig so if you could do that that would be fantabydozy!
  8. Farfan


    Well, I have female DW vulpix and poliwags with good natures! Also the following pokemon:

    Pokemon name: Elekid (male)
    Shiny: no
    Iv's: attack 31
    Ev's: n/a
    level: 1
    Egg moves: Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Cross Chop, Thunder Punch
    Event pokemon?: no

    Pokemon name: Timburr (Male)
    Iv's: 31 HP, and other good IVs
    Ev's: n/a
    level: 1
    Egg moves: Payback, Bulk Up, Drain Punch, Mach Punch
    Event pokemon?: n/a
    comments: I have a lot of these Timburrs with Brave nature.
  9. Farfan


    Nobody wanna join? :/
  10. millarc3005

    millarc3005 Born a legend!

    *bump* Just too make it on the front page!
  11. millarr3006

    millarr3006 New Member

    Battling Style: (wi-fi or PO) Wi-Fi
    What Gen do you play? 4th
    FC: Ill get back to you on this one.
    PO Name: N/A
    Who reffered you to this clan? Millarc3005, Im his bro.

    By the way everyone i am the other leader for this clan.
  12. millarc3005

    millarc3005 Born a legend!

    Thanks for Joining bro!
  13. TheGreatMooka

    TheGreatMooka New Member

    I want to join!!
  14. TheGreatMooka

    TheGreatMooka New Member

    Battling Style: (wi-fi or PO) Wifi
    What Gen do you play? 5th gen
    FC:4298 2976 6410
    PO Name:N/A
    Who reffered you to this clan?: Millarc3005
  15. millarc3005

    millarc3005 Born a legend!

    Thanks for joining Mooka. Also where did i see you from?
  16. TheGreatMooka

    TheGreatMooka New Member

    I was Orange from Xat :)
  17. rwhite84

    rwhite84 Banned

    What does this clan do?
  18. rwhite84

    rwhite84 Banned

    Battling Style: (wi-fi or PO)wi-fi
    What Gen do you play?5th
    FC:3954 8413 9692
    PO Name:
    Who reffered you to this clan?noone
  19. millarc3005

    millarc3005 Born a legend!

    Thanks for Joining rwhite!!! You will be added to the member list and you may put the chimchar rank in your userbar!
  20. sonic507

    sonic507 Come at me Flower!

    Battling Style: wi-fi
    What Gen do you play? 5
    FC: will soon update
    PO Name: I no has PO
    Who reffered you to this clan? none
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2011
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