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Shell Shock! (091)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Shell Shock!

After following some boats to an Island, Ash & Co. discover an excavation...the whole Island is made of fossilised Kabuto, however according to legend, The Kabuto are said to awaken and unleash destruction on the Island. Will Ash & Co. Stop them?

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Team Awesome
This episode has one of the biggest "What the heck happened?" moments I've ever seen on the show. We all know Team Rocket survives everything, but how on earth did James get back out of the canyon after being knocked down by a boulder, and come out looking none the worse? I wish they'd shown some extra Team Rocket footage so we could have seen what happened.

Blaziken master

I just love this quote

Reporter:Drama unfolds on the expedition as an old,strange man appears
Old man grabs camera
Old man:Hey!I'm not that old and I'm not strange either

I just love the way he says it!

Dark Magic

Marowak XD said:
10/10 great episode and very entertaining to watch!

No way it's even a 7. This is by many accounts, a terrible episode. James gets crushed by the boulder and nothing happens, making the fear showed by others pointless. The whole episode makes a big deal out of Kabuto being so rare and not once does anyone mention how Ash/Misty have already seen Kabuto before. Not to mention the fact that somehow NOBODY has found a large cave on a large island before...this episode defies logic on so many levels (I know logic and Pokemon aren't bedfellows to begin with but after the accepted quirks of the show). A weak episode to be sure.


Born This Way
Yep i agree- sort of a well episode. Plot was ok, humour ok, overall it was just alright. 5.6/10


Born This Way
hmm u think so.... it was just alright.


Well-Known Member
meh. I didnt like this epi at all. Didnt like the plot or the CHaracters or anything.4/10


The Olive Kitsune
I always wondered if TR got away with some of those Kabuto that were swarming all over them.


Well-Known Member
An interesting episode, it raises so many questions that are unanswered, like why the Kabuto were all together on that island and were in a hibernation type state, and why that old man was on the island? With the way this episode was going at the beginning I thought it was going to be a parody on the Scooby Doo cartoons, with the old man trying to scare the gang away but it didn't turnout like that. Another thing the never mentioned was if these Kabuto "Walk the path of Heaven!", if you get that reference then you get a gold star.
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Shiny Rokon

Well-Known Member
Gotta love James in this episode:
*sounds of James struggling*
Jessie: "James, your lagging behind!"
Meowth: "Yeah, walk a little faster, will ya?"
*james falls to his knees with an enormous backpack*
James: "Oh, that's easy for you to say."
Jessie: "Well, nobody told you to bring that heavy backpack"
James: "And, nobody told you to bring that nasty attitude either, but i'm stuck with both!"

Good episode, as always.


kiss my greens
I just love this quote

Reporter:Drama unfolds on the expedition as an old,strange man appears
Old man grabs camera
Old man:Hey!I'm not that old and I'm not strange either

I just love the way he says it!

Hahaha, that was awesome XD

But the point of the episode was to... what? Find some Kabuto? And they were crawling all over the places... just like roaches >_<; It was just so creepy, man. I didn't like this episode at all.


Let's go to the beach, each.
This one was good. Creepy with the red moon but it was still good.

I wish this had been in Kanto instead. We met the Fossil Pokemon for one episode only but it would've been better had they given us more info.