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Shield With A Twist! (570)

With Ash utilizing his new Counter Shield, he practically breezed through his first opponents, but once Drifblim gets into the picture, that's when things get tough lol. Pikachu should've used either Iron Tail or Volt Tackle instead of spamming Thunderbolt.


I'm lost on why James and Meowth thought they'd be "wallowing in dough" just because Jess won a ribbon. Since when do you get money for winning a contest? It just doesn't make sense. Especially since this is never mentioned again and they seem happy she won her second ribbon.

Mrs. Oreo

I wish we could have seen Jessie's whole Contest performance.

Well I would've liked seeing Jessie's full Contest as well, but I can see how the pacing of this episode made that impossible since Ash's battle against Fantina took so much time, so the Contest didn't get much screentime.


Ash using Counter Shield was smart, but the fact that Fantina's Pokemon knew rhythm movements and still fell for Counter Shield was a letdown and seemed like a nerf.


So after months of stalling, Satoshi's Gym match with Melissa was finally underway. I loved seeing Jun cheering with Takeshi and Hikari in the sidelines since he added extra energy, and Satoshi's strategy against Melissa's Hypnosis tactic was ingenious. I liked seeing the clash between Hikozaru and Fuwaride in particular.


I call you honey
Chimchar was really great in this Gym. He really deserved this after the Veilstone Gym. It's pretty cool how Jessie even won another ribbon. If she doesn't make it to the Grand Festival, I'll be disappointed.


Musashi's Contest victory was great on paper, yet I now wish that we had seen a whole episode devoted to her win rather than just a few brief scenes here.
I thought that this was a really good episode. I liked how I wasn't annoyed at Barry even when he seemed unneeded. I was surprised that Fantina's Gengar went out first and another surprise was Jessie entering another Contest. I also was glad that Mismagius was more of a challenge for Chimchar since it proved to be more of an interesting match. It was cool seeing the fire Counter Shield too.


Alola Shill
Really awesome battle. Counter Shield is such a legendary technique and all the twists and turns in the usage of it, with both Fantina and Ash one-upping each other by evolving the shield further, was just crazy. Truly the best strategy in the show with how effective and full of creative variety it is. Like Drifblim using Psychic to keep the Will-O-Wisp in place? Chimchar using the fire Counter Shield to back up Flame Wheel? Come on now….it’s just so cool

Barry secretly gaining a bit of respect for Ash and them going to together to Canalave sounds like a fun time.