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Shiku Region


The Pokémon Trainer
You can't use my sprites. If you use them I'm very mad.


*removed the fakedex cause some people couldn't handle a certain sprite, you immature guys*
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Poke gal

They are all good but chatots evaloution bothers me, a chello for a body?
cool fakemon they rock
Okay maybe its just my perverted mind but Draceux and Dracun look like a ceratin part of the male body. Plus, they don't look much like Dragons to be a dragon pokemon. The others are good though.


The Pokémon Trainer
Ok, so this thread is almost a year old....

Anyway, I just wanted you to show off my newest sprite:

But I'm still thinking of a name. Could you help me? I will pick the best name and use it for this little mushroom guy.

A little bit information:
There are many kinds of ???. They all have another body and hat. Researchers even found a ??? with six heads! The researchers don't have a clue why there are so many kinds of ???.


Well-Known Member
What about Mureem? or Mushreem? Anyway these fakemon are really good.I think Moonisc and The mushroom look the best.I think the Chatot Pre-evo looks kind of wierd with the big thing on its head.Though your sprites are awesome.


no promises
They are good but some of the sprites could be better in the way of shading and the shapes of the bodies.
Also a tip, post the most rescent image on the first post so people don't have to look for the other sprites.
The Chatot pre-evo is kind of top heavy in the meaning that the top music note is too big and the Chatot evo is kind of wierd aswell with a Gitar as a body.


XD im so ignoring the male do dad in the left bottom corner. Otherwise your spriting improved. Im impressed.