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Shine On, Starship Celesteela! (1012)


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I think he was just referring to how in the past, at least 4Kids had a tendency to edit out anything traditionally Japanese (Like that infamous moment where they painted over a rice ball with a sandwich, or that other infamous moment where Brock referred to what was clearly rice balls as "jelly-filled donuts"), and how this overt reference to possibly the most well-known story in Japan totally falls under that. Though, TPCi has not really done that as far as I know. Of course, the anime itself hasn't really had anything as overtly Japanese as this in a very long time.

...But yeah, like I said, something was inevitably going to fall through here. Either they'd change the name in the story, or they'd keep the reference and thus make the connection between the story and the actual Ultra Beast less obvious.

I believe they've changed some food names. I think during the Sinnoh League, Cynthia was looking at a food stall, and the items on sale were different from the original version.

Also, to be fair, while this is a reference to a famous Japanese fairytale, this story Sophocles told had no Japanese elements that would need to be edited. It's entirely Hawaiian, er, Alolan.

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This isn't censorship. The name of the Pokémon is Celesteela so keeping it as Kaguya wouldn't have made sense. It wasn't censoring the Kaguya name it was localizing it.
I didn’t mean it to be censorship though. I don’t think anything’s changed too far in this episode so I don’t really think it’s censorship and more like localisation.


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I didn’t mean it to be censorship though. I don’t think anything’s changed too far in this episode so I don’t really think it’s censorship and more like localisation.
Totally agreed. Misunderstood your post and we're on the same page :)
Charjabug is too OP. It can call Grubbin to do its bidding.

It's been in there for 200 years? By anime logic, it's been over 4,000 years (and change)!

Oh no, the gas accumulated in Celesteela will burn the forest! It's not like anyone like children will die standing that close! Oh no, the forest! Think of the forest!

...Wait, wouldn't the contained gas leak into the surface around Celeestela through the dirt anyway? It would had blown up the moment Kiawe's Charizard got in range, or intoxicated the forest, or even the whole island before then.

Lillie, sweetie, that is such a complicated plan you made up on the spot. Are you sure you don't want to do the Grand Trials? You would rekt stuff up if you had a good team.

Lusamine, I know you're praising the children too much, but a dangerous beast that has no sense of burning entire landscapes upon take off is so not something that should be left alone, especially considering you yourself said it came from an Ultra Wormhole. What if this Celesteela is attracted to the moon because there is something very similar to it in its world? What if it comes back and burns freaking everything?


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It's a fine episode. Nice to see the teamwork between Ultra Gaurdians and the Pokémon to help out digging for Celesteela to easily rocket launch back to the moon, but it is disappointing that is all Celesteela did in this episode. So it's been there since 1818, huh? There's so many mysteries about Pokémon, and they have been around far before their 1996/1998 debut.

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I sort of assumed the ultra power rangers set up was going to be a one time thing but it wasn't. This is what the show is about now. Still a pretty large departure from going around to collect badges but they do still catch and capture wild pokemons or beasts so the mission fits. I think it is fine.

(Poor Team Rocket, they missed their chance to get a Rocket pokemon)
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The only good Ultra Guardian episode because it treated an Ultra Beast with the proper care it deserved instead of just shoving it into a ball after twenty minutes of doing nothing

Rockets are dangerous affairs, unlike a certain trio of them still lurking around being useless...