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Shiney Suicune offer


King of Bugs
I'm looking for a Shiney Turtwig, male, that has a nature that doesn't hurt its attack or defense.
It can be hacked, but it must have good stats.

My suicune is 100% legit, level 64 Relaxed nature
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King of Bugs
Pls PM me if interested.

I'm also looking for a CLONED Shiney Chocorita, for either a legit Deoxys or legit Giratina.


King of Bugs
One more update, I thought I'd try to post the Suicune's stats...

lvl. 64
Relaxed nature
Atta. 120
Defe. 174
Sp. Atk. 136
Sp. Def. 172
Speed 118
Hp 215

Ice Fang
Aurora Beam
Mirror Coat