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Shinies fall from the sky?!

Tak Aburame

~Water's Revolution~
No, they don't but you can get some here, just check out my sig.


Also, offer to me before asking for stats, nature, ect.

Also haves:
Dragon Dance Totodiles
Curse Snorlaxes
Belly Drum Charmanders
Dragon Dancing Charmanders
Curse Laprases
Wish Eevees
Curse Eevees
Substitute Eevees

Got MSN? Add:
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What nature is riolu?


pokemon masta
ponyta untouched (LVL 13 lax nature)
bellosom (LVL 31 Gentle nature)
Furret (named Cuddles) (LVL 15 Lax nature)
Beedrill (Named Sparkles) (LVL 11 Hasty Nature)
Treeko untouched (LVL 5 Impish)
and Luxray (Jpn) (lvl 100 Careful nature)

im interested in your houndour alteria and eevee

legendary pkm master

Water Pokemon Master
i got shiny caterpie and metagross with a 215 attack at level 61 for shiny slakoff or shiny totidile
all legit
i cloned tho if u care

Tak Aburame

~Water's Revolution~
@Lazy-Read post 1
@Squal-I want Bee,Bell and Furr
@Legend-I want caterpie, will trade slakoth. That ok?
@TWN-I will check


Where m joor bonez?
I have a level 50 shiny graveler... Are any of those shinies below level 20? If so can you tell which ones are.

Tak Aburame

~Water's Revolution~
@Squal-Lemme get Master first then ill trade u ect.
@Uki-Not rlly into S. Graveler since it goes to golem...and i dont like either.

Tak Aburame

~Water's Revolution~
Guys, my cloner(yes i get clones) is busy, all trade are post-poned a few minutes, our trading flights will be slightly delayed.
@golk-I dont want what i have.


Well-Known Member
what do you want for a shiny lucario?

Master Ballz

Well-Known Member

Can you give me an estimate of how long it would be untill we can trade the torchic for quagsire.


As well as an estimate for the Groudon trade.

Also, I find that its not entirely fair that I wait on you to clone the shiny Groudon, since I'm not getting anything in return for trading it to you, so I suggest you be quick about it.
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Well-Known Member
yeah it is, i only have one left though, if you dont mind ill clone it later... but i have a shiny macargo and umbreon either one of those for lucario?