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shinies for trade - want other shinies

Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*
I have 2 shiny Spoink and 3 shiny Electrike. They were caught in Diamond using the Pokeradar..

Shiny Pokemon I want:

shiny Glameow
shiny Snorunt - female
shiny Bulbasaur
shiny Squirtle
shiny Chikorita
shiny Totodile
shiny Vulpix
shiny Scyther
shiny Lickitung
shiny Trapinch
good shiny 4th gen Pokemon..excluding Shinx, Shellos, Kricketot/tune and Snover

The shiny Pokemon in my wants list have high priority..I would also prefer them to be untouched and legit, seeing as my Pokemon are the same..

I am not looking for other shiny Pokemon other than those in my wants list..I will only accept if it is a good deal..
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Jazz Trainer =P
shiny squirtle for spoink ?