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Shinies for Trade!


Pokemon Addict!
What I want (don't have to be shiny)
shieldon (or it's fossil or it's evolution)
Giratina (MUST have impish or careful nature)
Cresselia (MUST have calm or bold nature)

Any of those (apart from legends of course) can be in egg form, I don't mind :).

Also the legends must have english names.

I have these shinies for offer:
Lv.100 - not EV trained
sharpedo (named SHARPUR)

Other Shinies:
Machamp lv.33
Linoone lv.37
electrode hardy untouched lv.30
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Pokemon Elite
do glameow and chatot have to be shiny


Pokemon Elite
i will offer glameow and chatot for shiny banette


Pokemon Elite
ok be about 2 mins friend code in sig


<- He want da cookie
Shieldon for your shiny Walrein?


master blaster
ill give you a spiritomb and a shieldon for any shiney you want to get rid of


&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;- He want da cookie