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Shinies for trade!

The Shadow Trainer

Well-Known Member
i trade some legendaries and shinies:
dodrio lv 100
kingler lv 28
geodude lv 28
crobat lv 100
politoed lv 30
sandslash lv 50
exploud lv 53
magneton lv 56
Wurmple lv 2 (UNTOUCHED!)
Golem lv 63

Celebi lv 100
Jirachi lv 5
Deoxys lv 70
uxie(only one) lv 50

Celebi lv 10(jap.)
Mew lv 30 (Not MYSTERY)
All Shinies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 ANIV!!!
Event PKMN!!!

I only want UNTOUCHED Pkmn!
There are Legit and cloned on emerald.
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i want them all except crobat my offer is in sig

Rod Master

The Fishing Guru
Shiny Beautifly (Calm Male Level 10), Shiny Marowak (Adamant Female Untouched Level 52), Or Shiny Wingull (Modest Male Untouched Level 22) interest you?

Interested in all of your shinies, save the Shiny Crobat.


Completing The Trio
shiny poochyena for shiny kingler, poochyena can hold PPmax or master ball
do u want a shiny darkrai, if not i will trade metagross for exploud, regirock for sandslash. and my shiny arceus for politoad kingler and dodrio


Completing The Trio
Shiny Kingler is tomorrow avaible, it isn't cloned yet. All of them arn't cloned yet. POlitoed and Kingler can you get tomorrow. All the others can you trade now but i only have one at the moment tomorrow i can get many more.

ok cool, could you PM me tomorrow when its ready