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shinies here.


n00b Shiny Hunter
i tried to make a thread listing all of the shinies i have that i no longer want and i got a TON of offers, and then the forums quit. so i will now auction them off a few at a time and here they are. PLEASE OFFER NON-SHINIES.
Shiny Shinx
Shiny Mightyena
Shiny onix
any offers? I HAVE ALL STARTERS!
what in my sig do u want for shinx mightyena and onix


Wi-fi name is Spice
your shiny shinx and your shiny onyx for my shiny lugia or my shiny entei.
ok does your thing say u want non shinies for ur shinys. if so il trade u a legit lvl 70 ho oh for 2 of them if not my pm offers still stands tell me ur name and friend code and i will let u decide
sorry i will trade u a legit ho oh and a lv 100 steelix for them


Wi-fi name is Spice
then how about a manaphy for your shiny onxy and your shiny shinx?
any of the following?all legit
entei, suicune, jirachi, deoxys, mew, ho-oh, lugia?
lvl 50 docile from colloseum
if you want it ill have to pal park it in 15 minutes
shinx please
ill post once i have it pal park (15 mins)
use my diamond code please