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Shinies: When Bad Situations Go Worse

Has a shiny ever escaped your grasp?

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Let me tell you a little story. I've never found a shiny except for an Unown on GOLD. All the shinies I've ever had have been acquired via trades. And I always wanted to catch one myself. Well you know what? I found my first shiny today! A shiny Baltoy on my Sapphire! I sent out Bacon (My Spoink) to fight it, and whittled down its health with low-power moves. I had about 30 Great Balls in my inventory at the time. I lobbed Ball after Ball after Ball and it still wasn't going. So I tossed out my last ball and guess what? IT DIDN'T GO. All I had now was a Single Poke Ball. But I didn't throw it. Know why? Because after I tossed that last Ball, guess what Baltoy did? IT USED SELFDESTRUCT. It robbed me of 30 Great Balls and all the happiness in my day. I finally found a shiny, and it killed itself. What the hell is that about!? I am never going to forgive myself until I find another shiny. So I come here for three things:

1) Rant about my crappy day
2) See if anything like this has happened to anyone else
3) Figure out a way to get another shiny

So if anyone has advice on how to make my hunting easier, tell me NOW.



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There's a 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion Thread as well as a RSE Recent Happenings Thread that you might find suit this better.
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