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Shining EX Pokémon? NO WAI!


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Shining EX Pokémon? NO WAI!

Why did I make this? I have no idea. I guess it was somewhat of a revamp from one of the first cards I made 2.5 Years ago... Either way...
Introducing a new card type: Radioactive (can't decide between Radioactive or Mutated). It basically means the attacks are crazy powerful, and the pokémon can have multipul special-rules (EX, Shining, Shadow, ect.)

Radioactive Rayquaza EX Star

Cipher 2008

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...Well, the fonts are wrong, and the wording is incorrect (slightly) on both the Body and attack. The placements are wrong for the most part as well. Also, if you wanted to use a Light-type blank for Rayquaza you should have made it Delta Species. The art is good but it ain't yours.

Also, Pokémon-ex are supposed to be 3D, Pokémon-* are supposed to be their shiny colour (and that Rayquaza isn't black), and the art doesn't show that Rayquaza to be radioactive or mutated. Finally, there's no code at the bottom of the card, or set symbol/number.

Okay for your first card in two-and-a-half years...but still, 5/10.

Pokemaniac Joe

I don't understand.
Good card, but it could use more HP and less weaknesses.



I like cheerios.
Uhh. this card isn't very good at all. As said before, bad placement and bad text. ths card is bad besides that. The attacks are to good. Radioactive star and ex? Overpowered, much. You should work more and then get back to making them. Find the correct fonts, also.


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9.6 it looked great!


Buizel bui, Buizel!
all i find is that the star pokemon are SOPPOSED to be SHINY!!!


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It is a bad fake, first because of the font. Then, the image doesn't correspond to the specie (he isn't radioactive for an example). And that just the beginning.


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Cool card! The art is fantastic,but the font is wrong and I don't think it should be Ex and Shining!



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Notes to you All:
A) No-one said Fake had to be ABSOLUTALLY perfect
B) I can't photoshop, and even if I could, My sis wont let me use her laptop and her photoshop. Therefore I use Paint.
C) Because I use MSPaint, My cards CAN'T be perfect, therefore, I settle for what I can do. I was once hit with "You Don't Take Pride In Your Work, That's Why You Suck"... It's BECAUSE I took pride that caused me to become what I am
Making fake cards with paint is really hard, so I understand you. I like your creativity, but the whole radioactive idea is something I not really like. Also, why does it have so many weakness and resistance? And maybe you shouldn't have made it shiny AND ex. But I like the attack and the picture alot.


Officially The Worst
The radioactive sign would have been okay as its okayish but when you put it with the image of rayquaza (WHICH KICKED ***!!!!) it pales a little.
Thats my only problem with the card
Love it!