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~ Shining Raichu's Artistic Sprite Shop ~

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Shining Raichu, Mar 19, 2013.


What do you think of the sprites here?

  1. Excellent!

  2. Good!

  3. Okay

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  4. Pretty Bad

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  1. Cloneydew2000

    Cloneydew2000 WildScraggyAppeared!

    Shining Raichu, I would like a Frozen Pokemon
    Frozen Pokemon: Mr Mime
    Background: Transparent
  2. JeffCharizardFlame

    JeffCharizardFlame The Fire Dragon Pkmn


    Shining Raichu, I would like a Splice/Fusion
    Pokemon: Charizard
    Pokemon Body: Swellow
    Colour Pallete: Squirtle
  3. xXYobi TakiXx

    xXYobi TakiXx Get ready to fly

    Shining Raichu, I would like a Userbar/Banner
    Height ( type 1 2 or 3) 1
    Sprites: shaymin ( sky form) and meloetta Sprites pop out: yes please
    Text: Sailor Sun Positioning: middle
    Text colour:yellow Text outline: can it be like the third one on type 1? Thank you.
    Start color: pink End color: blue
    color starts from:right left
    Lines on backround: fadded on left/right
    Flashing: none
    animation: all sprites
    Last edited: May 12, 2013
  4. Flygon_Frank_66

    Flygon_Frank_66 The Mystical Master

    Shining Raichu, I would like a Userbar/Banner

    Height -- Type 2
    Sprites -- Shelgon / Electrode / Shiny Miltank / Chikorita -- Pop out: YES
    Text: Positioning: --Left side
    Text Colour: Text Outline: --Gold
    Start Colour: End Colour: --Black / White
    Colour starts from: --Left to right
    Lines on background: --Gridlines
    Border: Border Color: --NO
    Flashing: --None
    Animation: --All Sprites

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