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Shinji/Paul Discussion Thread

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There are seriously way too many threads about Paul. Here, you can discuss everything about him - his personality, the way he treats his pokemon, relationships with other characters (NOT shipping) his team, possible roles he will play in future episodes...anything.

The only rules are too follow the general anime disc. ones, and do not use this as the Next Pokemon thread. Go there if the only reason you're here is to make predictions on future additions to his team and whatnot.

[NOTE: Paul has an entire thread to himself because people won't shut up about him. There are too many threads discussing different aspects of his personality in this forum, so why not have one thread for the character in general? Other characters will not have general threads because they are not talked about as much as Paul.]
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Paul is my favorite rival to date. I think Pokemon needed a darker and more intense rival for Ash, to bring his true emotions to the surface. Paul's Pokemon reflect this also, with big, strong and fierce personalities.


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When Paul and Ash duke it out in the league, what do you think Paul's team will be? I'm thinking:


I bet he's gonna release eiher Ursaring or Weavile. Ursaring did great against Ash, but I think an event in the future will lead to the release of Paul.

I say Weavile, due to its poor performance against Ash. Paul has has Weavile for a looooong time, so maybe it will get a second chance.


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Paul is one of my favourite characters in this show. I like Paul's character, he's awesome rival for Ash, just sometimes too strong(I am glad Ash lost in that Lake Battle, but he shouldn't loose that badly).
I think Ash is going to defeat him at the league and I hope he's going to loose badly. I think Sinnoh region will be his last Ash's rival times and after Ash defeats him, he's going to start to care about his Pokemon and other. Just I hope he's still going to keep his personallity, but still a little bit nicer to others...


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As many people stated before, I think the reason why Paul is in the show, is because of Chimchar. Paul is super awesome and has this personallity that Gary never could reach, but when Monferno leaves, I think that's the depature of Paul. I can't see Ash bringing Monferno into other regions because of Paul.

I do like Paul and don't want him to leave, but when Monferno leave the show, and I know it will, that might be Paul's good bye. I just want Paul to get a reason other then just the Monferno deal, and have a reason to stay. Because almost everytime Paul appears, it's about Monferno.

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A whole thread for Paul? Really? Well, whatever.

As I've stated before, I see Paul with characteristics of Silver from the Pokemon games and manga special. Aside from a similar hairstyle, clothes, and attitude, he also possesses some of the same Pokemon. Ursaring, Murkrow (now Honchy), and Weavile (which constitutes as a Sneasel). You also have the fact that he carries a starter Pokemon with a particularly nasty appearance to it.

The similarities are uncanny and more than likely all coincidental.

As for his methodology, he represents what your typical trainer playing the games would be. He's careful to check the stats and abilities of his Pokemon, making sure to select the best one. He's obviously no stranger to Evolution to improve his strength. If a Pokemon does not do what its supposed to, there isn't an emotional attachment; he replaces what he needs and picks out a more suitable choice. The guy uses smart tactics and strategy, like switching, status moves, taking advantage of in-battle abilities, and sacrificing Pokemon. He also has a variety of Pokemon, but I think that comes with the territory. I think he's quite respectable in a sense.
I just like how engaging the Ash/Paul rivalry is. It's so different than the old Ash/Gary one, and Paul has had some nice moments in important episodes.

I also love how Chimchar/Monferno's storyline is tied to him, Electabuzz befriending Pikachu, Torterra and Grotle, Honchcrow with Staraptor, and such.

Nice to see his older brother Reggie, and I did like Paul battling Cynthia and Brandon.


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Paul has a thread? A PINNED thread? No way!

I like Paul, best rival in the series. He actually challenges Ash's beliefs and doesn't believe in that whole "heart of the cards" blather, he has the mindset that strategy and power are the only keys to success. I also like how he goes into almost every battle and knows exactly what he wants to do, and how he's going to use his and the opponents moves and abilities to his advantage...or disadvantage. His releases early on were good, but notice he doesn't do it anymore. He's found the Pokemon that he needs and using them in a good fashion.

Another thing I like is that even though Ash is changing him, Paul is also changing Ash for the better. I mean how would he have handled Grotle if Torterra didn't teach it how to use its defense to its advantage? Or would Ash still go into every battle like and idiot and wing it with some cheap luck? Slowly but surely, he's using strategy, and hopefully will learn how to use abilities to his advantage. I'm not saying he'll deliberately send Pikachu out to the slaughter for Static, but he may realize when he can't win some battles, its best to use your Pokemon's special ability to your advantage before it goes down.


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Its good that we got one of these.Now tthe section wont be plagued with threads whenever he makes an appearance.As long as people don't go off saying." I think Paul will catch ________" or "I think he may follow Ash to Johto" this should be fun

Paul is a pretty ok trainer.Although I'm more of an Ash fan, I repesct his style.Just makes me think in the end, Ash will ultimately be his downfall.Not because he is the main character, but because he has been trying to show him that maybe there are other ways to train your Pokemon.A little encouragement couldn't hurt your Pokemon.Even though Ash has lost every match to him, I think he finally deserves a shot to prove that Paul may be wrong.Its sure to be an exciting match the next time they battle.But I think Paul may finally knocked down a couple of pegs, but in the end he will still prove that he is a good trainer
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All right, given I wanted to make something to point it out, I might as well state it in the thread about the Pokemon's trainer.

Ursaring. If you take a look at its track record, I think you might be able to notice something: It ALWAYS loses to Chimchar. No questions asked. Just take a look back at it:

DP006: It's capture episode. What Pokemon was the one that weakened it for capture? Chimchar
DP081: Paul faces off against Ash. Ursaring once again goes up against Chimchar. Who wins? Chimchar, due to a Deus-Ex-Machina (i hope that's right) Blaze kicking in.
DP132: The most recent battle, and Ursaring is sweeping until who else comes in but Chimchar for the victory.

Maybe Paul might want to look at that and release/box Ursaring before the next battle. Although his Gliscor should be in for more battles, Ash's Gliscor has started a respectable rivalry against Paul's Torterra, enough of one that Paul's Gliscor isn't really needed anymore.


Paul is the best rival that Ash has had to date. His other rivals like Gary and Ritchie were interesting but they just weren't on the show long enough or didn't appear enough to cause any real conflict. His team is pretty powerful so when he battles Ash in the Sinnoh League then it should be exciting. I hope that Paul gets some great closure whenever he leaves so we can have the first well treated rival yet.


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in my opinion, paul looks up to reggie, and wanted to be just like him. when he saw reggie lose to brandon, he started to get colder, and angered that reggie would just give up after one loss. he respects elders more than peers, and comes up with strategies before battle, using his pokemons abilities to his advantage.

i like that he has a lot of homages to silver, who had a sneasel, and pauls weavile constitutes as one, they both had ursaring, and silver has a murkrow, while paul has a honchkrow.

pauls only hint of respect for ash was in dp 128, when he heard ash defeated brandon, the pyramid king.
he hates weak pokemon, and considers ashes pokemon weak, releasing three starly, a stantler, and chimchar.
overall, i like paul, being one of ashs best rivals out there.


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I think Paul will eventually learn to respect his pokemon. He will probably always be anti-social though.

The soothe bells will probably come into play during the league. Ash will take one and Paul will take one as a symbol that he is going to begin caring for his pokemon. The soothe bells will be AshXPaul's version of the lure that Ash remembers Misty by, the broken pokeball that he remembers Gary by, and the ribbon that he remembers May by.


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I hope I don't come across as a troll, buuuuut....

I hate paul. I hate his attitude, I hate how he acts to other people, I hate how he treats his Pokémon, and I hope Darkrai kills him with the most horrible nightmare he can imagine. A nightmare so terrifying, it would make Cthulu look tame.


i agree about the soothe bells, thunderblade.

i think after the sinnoh league, ash will challenge the johto battle frontier while a "calmer" paul will go on to challenge the kanto battle frontier for a chance to do what his brother couldn't do.


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Paul kicks ashes.

He has some great Pokémon. Torterra for example showed to have a great personality. His Ursaring is the most brutal of its team.


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Well, yeah. Most people would hate a real person who acted that way. But his character adds to the show and makes it interesting.

If any of these characters were real we'd all no doubt hate them other than maybe Brock and May.

Ash would be an annoying hippie who begs everyone to fight for peace and love.
Dawn would be a prissy, spoiled prep.
Team Rocket would be street bums who steal money rather than beg for it.
Misty would be that girl who treats everyone like crap and sits alone at lunch
Max would be an obnoxious nerd
Gary would be an obnoxious nerd
Paul would be an anti-social, emo, douche
Barry would be that kid who needs to take his medicine every day and leave on the short bus at 2 o clock.
Hunter J would be an international criminal and probably convicted of theft and murder
Cyrus would be a high tech version of Hitler.
Harley would be hated by homophobes.
Drew would be a pretty boy douche
Zoey would be that girl who butts into everyones business and spreads rumors
and Kenny would be a fat kid, screw you fat kid.


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You don't know how that made me laugh! Xp

Anyway, does anyone have any thought on what happen after Sinnoh? Will he take the same way as Ash or go somewhere else? As I mentioned before, Paul shows up when Chimchar shows up. Most time that is. So when Monferno leaves the show, do you think Paul will go as well?

Anyway, Paul is not that anti-social and nobody treats him like one. He has respect for many people, did he have respect for Brock?
And the reason for the personallity he has now, I might think that has something to do with Reggie.
A whole thread for Paul? Really? Well, whatever.

Paul is so awesome that he needs a sticky thread about himself. Wonder if Ash will ever get one of them.

I was wondering why is Paul sometimes behind Ash in winning gym badges. That means he trains a lot harder than Ash and win gym battle in one try.


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Ash is Goku, Paul is Vegeta.

I don't mean the obvious, Shonen anime character traits that they share with them, I mean their training styles.

Goku trained hard but understood that it was important to let his body rest every now and then. Vegeta trained his body harshly, without rest, and even ended up nearly killing himself in the gravity machine.
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