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Shiny Charm Affection (Fossile and Gift Pokémon)

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Hey, I wanted to ask if the Shiny Charm also affects fossil Pokémon. I'm pretty sure it doesn't but you don't find an exact statement on bulbapedia/serebii/... The only clue I get is that "it affects Pokémon in the wild and if they are bred", so that means Gift Pokémon and fossile Pokémon are excluded? I'm softresetting for one in BW2 where I got the Shiny Charm in one game, that's why I'm curious. (Actually I got a Shiny after 8440 SRs, but that means nothing of course.)

There seems to be really no answer to this question in the internet. No official site mentions Gift or Fossile Pokémon. While it seems to be consent that it doesn't affect them from Gen 6 onwards (I would like to know why) no one really knows about Gen 5. I even asked Shiny Hunter on Twitch which where my only real hope besides pages like bulba or serebiim and they were unsure.
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