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Shiny collection needs to be completed.


Don Ledianni
Hey all.

I am looking to complete my shiny pokemon collection with a shiny pokemon that's one of my favs. Thing is, it's gotta be a Kanto Pokemon. So. Shiny Butterfree, Sandshrew or any shiny bugs would be good. Will someone help?

I have to offer:

Non shinies:

Phione eggs
Legendary birds
several beldum
Other rares.

That's about it, really. So, can someone help me finish my shiny collection? Yes, I want a shiny ledin but I dunno if peiple HAVE those.



+ L i g h t m a r e
I have a shiny Pidgey. :D Natures on Cresselia or Cranidos please.


Don Ledianni
I have shiny Butterfree and shiny Cubone too. I need a Timid Cresselia... Do you happen to know her IVs? And do you clone? ^^;

I'll take those! I can give you timid. Dunno her IVs, though

0172 7780 9578

I don't clone. I got these off of GTS. She was unused. I can tell.

Edit And t-struck, what ya want for that bug?


+ L i g h t m a r e
List her stats then please and I could go check her IVs... I really need a good Cresselia for battling since I lose with mine... XD Do you accept clones? D: Because I clone via the GTS. If you'd like, I could just clone her for you.


Don Ledianni
Clones are fine. I have no trouble. Here are her stats:

HP: 187
Attack: 74
Defense: 129
Sp Atk: 85
Sp def: 150
Speed: 100
Level: 50

I added you btw. My name is Chris and my code is 0172 7780 9578

What will you take for cubone?



+ L i g h t m a r e
Ouch, IVs sorta suck except for flawless Sp. Def. O.O Ok, give me like ten minutes or so to clone the Butterfree. Cubone, umm have any good pokemon with egg moves? If not, I'll just trade both for Cresselia.


Don Ledianni
Yeah. I bred like crazy when I migrated. My bayleef's got some good egg moves. Leech seed and poison power. You can really hurt someone with that. I have others, though. Like pichu with volt tackle.

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