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Shiny Face-Off V.2!!!

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Hugging 'til the end
I wish i could vote here since the beginning, but i'll remember this excellent face-off.
Thanks for the thanks :D. I'll be waiting for the Shiny Face-off D/P but only YOU can make that face-off.

So, congrats Corsola, an excellent champion!

Congrats Kawaiiest! This was, is and will be one of the best face-offs ever!

Page 225! Cool!

Shadow Suicune

Indigo Champion
Thank You, Kawaiiest. Combasken, for a brilliant leading of this Face-Off! Since now, there is another big reason for an impatient waiting for Diamond/Pearl! :)
I look forward to D/P shiny Face-Off!


Marsh Trainer
Arrr, thanks K.C! I always used to wonder whether I was noticed or not!^_^
To me, this face-off (and Kinopio's, we can't forget your brother face-off now!) has always been the biggest and best face-off ever since I first joined here, but I guess that's just because it was so popular!;)
Now there is another reason to wait for D/P!:D Good luck in the future and I guess I'll be seeing you around the face-off area in the future for now on!


Binky-boo! <3
Wow, I was mentioned. ^^; I feel so recognized.

Oh my gawd, I can't believe it. Corsola actually won. 8D I was so afraid she wouldn't make it in the end. Well, now I can honestly tell people that she is the best Shiny after all. XD

So sad to see this go, K.C. =) It was an amazing Face-Off, and I feel glad to have participated in it. This has truly been a grand competition, and I'm sure few will ever live up to its accomplishments.

Cheers, K.C. Thanks for giving us what I believe to be one of the best Face-Offs in SPPf history, ever. (^.~)

Sweet, I was mentioned.

Anyways, Meganium put up a good fight, but Corsola won in the end. Yay, Corsola!

And it's sad to see that the face-off has ended...It was fun, and I bet the next one with the D/P shinies will be as awesome!
W00t, I was t3h mentioned. :p Thanks K.C. Even though I've only been here since about the middle of the Face-Off 0_0

And w00t for Corsola. No more Meganium W00tw00t =D

The 8th Champion
Too bad Meganium lost... oh well. I like Corsola, and Blue is my favorite color, so it's excellent either way. :)

I'll just say: EXCELLENT Face-Off, KC! I really liked it, though I just joined in the very last season. It was the only one with well-thought opinions and an overall intense competition. Not better proof of that than the final face-off. I LOVED it wasn't overriden by annoying fanbase, and everyone had a good reason to choose.

And thanks for mentioning me, though I was just in the last moments. :) You're awesome too! :D

Now that just leaves the Attack Face-Off, but I hope D/P brings a few interesting Pokémon to have a new competition.

So... until next time! ^^


Crap, I missed the final face-off. *slaps self* I would've voted for Corsola anyway.

Well K.C, this has been one excellent face-off and it's finally over....*sniff* Also, congrats Corsola for winning. Can't wait for the D/P shiny face-off!

Oh...and...thanks for puttin' me on the list. I feel recognized.
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< It's Passion Pink!
Dang. I wish I wasn't so tied up with uni classes and stuff; I seriously wish I could've voted for the true best shiny ever. RIP. Shiny Face-Off V2. You will be dearly missed, especially after facing such a tragic demise. *sniff*

Selena's Quest

Wow. Well, this is the end, I suppose, innit? Well, CONGRATULATIONS CORSOLA for winning, it deserves to be the winner. It's another happy ending face-off, even for the Meganium-lurvers.

K.C, I'd like to thank you for thanking me for being a voter. I was in a post! W00T! This may be the start of a new online Serebii life! *triumphant music*

Congrats, Corsola, and goodbye Shiny Face-Off 2.0... it was fun. When D/P comes out, I'll scan the Face-Off Forum every now and then... who knows? xP [/sappyreplytotheend]
Congrats to Corsola, and congrats KC, it was fun.

Pokemaníaco Desesperado

Normal Coordinator
No, Corsola won ;o; Well, it could be worse, in fact, I like shiny corsola :).
Yay, I was mentioned ^.^
And... will this 386 pokémon be included in the d/p shiny face-off? (if there's one, of course).


Cant beleive its over... *plays Graduation* <-- by Vitamin C for those with bad memories :F And congratulations to the beautiful hunk of pixels, Corsola! :) But man, this face of has really funny, it would go so off topic... in a good way :p and I hope you get your licence soon, KC! :O Anyway, its been awesome! -Cain

too mushy ._.


Darn, I was gone too long and missed most of the vots. Ah well, Corsola is a good shiny to winn. ^^


Oh, I'm so sad that I couldn't be here on time to vote and support my beloved Meganium in the Final Round :(... Really, really sad... It would have been 17-16 :p... Well, my most sincere congratulations to you, K.C., and to your totally awesome Face-Off!!! :D I'm gonna miss it, man... It was nice the time it lasted... Maybe you could start a new thread?? I look forward to it... Well, if you keep coming here, don't forget you'll be always welcome to vote in my Face-Off as a V.I.P. voter!!! (Well, it's not like you're gonna get any benefit from it :p, but anyways...) :D...

...Thanks for giving me a reason to come here frequently ;)...
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