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Shiny Ghost

I just hatched a female snorunt and it was shiny! My fist of the 4th gen!
its has a hardy nature i need a ev's and a move set. Help me please.
Hardy has no effect. Sadly, Froslass needs Timid.

With her great speed, she is able to hit Pokemon with her Ice and Ghost with STAB.

Froslass@Life Orb
252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 6 HP
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball
-Destiny Bond

If you dont know what EV's are. Then let me give you a brief outline. If you battle a Roselia, you get 2 Special Attack EV's. So, you have to battle 126 Roselia's to max Special Attack EV's. And for Speed, let it battle Starly, Staravia and Buizel. PLEASE BE CAREFUL DONT BATTLE ANY OTHER POKEMON IF YOU WANT FROSLASS TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN BATTLE.
my frosslass moves:
i gave it focus band

Bad item. And Psychic isn't needed as Fighting types have no effects and Poison moves are basically dead all to but a veryselect few. Sadly, the nature isn't beneficial.
thanks misty lover but i know ev's. How bout this set if i baton pass some defense on her with a wishing umbreon

froslass@ice rock
252Spd/152sp. att/100def
shadow ball
destiny bond