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Shiny Hunters Hall Of Bad Luck

Arena Tycoon Slaking

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This is a thread where you can post your worst times ever trying to soft reset for a shiny or a good natured pokemon. You can post how many hatched pokemon its taken, most shinies that have gotten away from you, longest amount of times or the most soft resets.
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Um contact Alzi about his Rayquaza. I think he went for it for over a year and still hasn't got it.


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Howabout spending the entire length of the extended edition of the fellowship of the ring and half of the extended edition of the two towers trying to catch a damned Corphish with a Quirky nature (its currently still in progress).


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um... how about two boxes of zigagoons (don't ask, it's a stupid thing) and two boxes of zubats... only to find them both wild after I gave up...

what about a catagory for most shinys that got away?


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Roughly 5 1/2 hours...straight. Keep in mind the amount of magikarp and goldeen I'd have to get by...who wants to start a crusade against Magikarps and goldeens?
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I soft reseted 3,967 times for a shiny Rayquaza. Yes I counted up to that much.

Still haven't gotten it.

Status: Gave up
97 eggs for a shiny Torchic.

Still haven't gotten it.

Status: Still trying
15 hunting for a shiny

Still haven't got one

Status: Gave up

I'll post some more later.


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You should add 'How many times you killed a shiny be accident'. because Pochama probably whens the most in both that & the run away category.

As for me, I've been going on...four-five years loooking for a shiny Zubat after the one got away in silver(I had to kill it, it was severly low in level & wouldn't stay in the ball). Haven't seen a shiny sence eitehr.


Deal with it!!!
Well, I have spent like 6 months looking for a shiny magicarp and still haven't found one :eek: Oh well, I have a shiny tentacruel and crobat.


is back.
Tauros got away in G/S/C and Geodude used selfdestruct in LG

The Mighty Wurmple

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I've had 3 shinies escape from me/killed by me.

1) Gloom in the Safari Zone.
2) Noctowl, with a Critical Hit Quick Attack in Crystal.
3) Luvdisc, while thieving for Heart Scales.


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^It can take 1 egg or 10,000 eggs. It all depends on your luck
Well... I do have over 300 hours on my emerald game without seeing a single shiny...


After I accidently deleted the previous game with a shiny ditto...



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Once, a shiny Poochyena got away from me. Well, actually, I made it faint on accident. Stupid critical hit...