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[SHINY HUNTING] New technique and theory, 30 min on average


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The technique requires you to do the following::

Reach a Catch Combo of at least 11 (Attention the rate will not be 1/273 before a combo of 31).

Wait until the maximum number of Pokemon that can appear for that area is reached (this varies based on the zone; often 3/4/5 at a time depending on the combo number (11/21/31).

Encounter any rare Pokemon for the route and flee from it to make it despawn (e.g. Chansey, Squirtle, etc).

It makes him(it) disappear 4/5 seconds sometimes more, if it is not the case (if he respawns immediatly) restart that. You didn't do well the manipulation.

Avoid other Pokemon one by one if the spawn number for the area is above 5, i.e. let them despawn by themselves otherwise flee them all (if you did not finish your chain, capture the pokemon you are chaining and avoid all other Pokemon).

Wait for the respawn of of the Pokemon - the shiny may appear only after this.

If no shiny appears, do it again.

I realize this technique in these videos:

Double shiny : Venonat and Pidgey

Double shiny : Voltorb and Magneton

Double shiny : Porygon after Jigglypuff

Double shiny: Gastly and Haunter

30 minutes for 1 Shiny on average

If some people can test the technique and tell me their results to know if the technique is viable or not even if I believe in it strongly.

HYPOTHETICALLY: Chansey is everywhere in Pokemon let's go. Why ? Maybe it is an indication for shiny because chansey = lucky in Jap
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Holly **** it worked! Thanks a lot good man, another shiny to my collection (Hitmonchan)