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Shiny Kingdom

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Flash2010, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Flash2010

    Flash2010 Shiny Master

    Welcome to my trade shop. I hope you all find what you are looking for here. I offer only shinies and many of them are flawless. I am very busy so I may not respond to you if I am interested in your trade offer. I hope you see something you like!

    First and foremost...My wants.
    I am only interested in SHINY FLAWLESS pokemon. If you have some, go ahead and offer. I am also VERY interested in RNGers. I will trade big for a few pokemon.

    Now on to my pokemon..

    Flawless Ev’d Shinies:

    Arcanine Adamant lvl 100 252 att/252 speed/4 hp OT Raghu ID 23389 ExtremeSpeed Close Combat Flare Blitz Wild Charge Intimidate

    Archeops Jolly lvl 100 Evd 252 att/252/speed/4hp OT Infi ID 32080 Fly Cut U Turn Earthquake Defeatist

    Blastoise Hardy lvl 100 Evd in 252spatt/252spdef/4hp OT Dawn ID 50336 Hydro Pump Iron Defense Ice Beam Surf Torrent

    Braviary Adamant lvl 100 252att/252speed/4hp OT Infi ID 48660 Crush Claw Rock Slide U Turn Brave Bird Sheer Force

    Charizard Adamant lvl 100 Evd in 252att/252speed/4hp OT Mat ID 48159 Outrage Flare Blitz Dragon Dance Brick Break Blaze

    Cloyster Jolly lvl 100 Evd in 252att/252speed/4hp OT Riley ID 07485 Shell Smash Icicle Spear Rock Blast Hydro Pump Skill Link

    Crobat Jolly lvl 100 Evd in 252att/252speed/4hp OT Serra ID 32017 Rain Dance Taunt Brave Bird Roost Inner Focus

    Darmanitan lvl 100 Jolly 252 att/ 252 speed/4 hp OT Johnny D ID 10693 Flare Blitz Superpower Stone Edge U turn Sheer Force

    Dusclops Calm lvl 100 252 sp def/ 252 def/4hp OT Dawn ID 50336 Night Shade Confuse Ray Rest Will O Wisp Pressure

    Emboar Jolly lvl 100 252 att/ 252 speed/4hp OT Infi ID 00217 Take Down Heat Crash Assurance Flame Charge Blaze

    Excadrill Jolly lvl 100 252 att/252 speed/4 hp OT Jr ID 22740 X Scissor Earthquake Rock SLide Swords Dance Sand Rush

    Feraligatr Adamant lvl 100 Evd 252att/252speed/4hp OT Lucas ID 63450 Dragon Dance Waterfall Earthquake Ice Punch Torrent

    Ferrothorn Careful lvl 100 252 sp def/252 hp/4 att OT Alex 61657 Gyro Ball Curse Leech Seed Power Whip Iron Bsrbs

    Flareon Calm 252 att/252 spdef /4 hp OT Johnny ID 18339 Wish Toxic Lava Plume Protect

    Glaceon Timid lvl 100 Evd in 252def/252spatt/4hp Ot Vixana ID 46463 Blizzard WIsh Fake Tears Stored Power Ice Body

    Gligar Impish lvl 100 Evd in 252def/252att/4hp OT Infi ID 48660 Earthquake Acrobatics Baton Pass Swords Dance Immunity

    Golurk Adamant lvl 100 252 att/ 252hp/4def OT Nebilim ID 51308 Curse Mega Punch Hammer Arm Earthquake Iron Fist

    Gyarados Adamant lvl 100 252att/252speed/4hp OT Ian ID 20254 Dragon Dance Waterfall Earthquake Stone Edge Intimidate

    Heatran Naive lvl 100 252sp att/ 252 speed/4hp OT Shadow ID 41153 HP Earthpower Explosion Flamethrower Flash Fire

    Houndoom Modest lvl 100 252 sp att/252 speed/4hp OT Shadow J ID 23625 Nasty Plot Flamethrower Dark Pulse Hidden Power Flash Fire

    Jolteon Timid lvl 100 252spatt/252sped/4hp OT Vixana 46463 Thunder HP Ice Thunder Wave Shadow Ball Quick Feet

    Kingdra Modest lvl 100 252 Sp Att/252 speed/4 hp OT Daniel ID 38799 Hydro Pump Rain Dance Ice Beam Dragon Pulse Swift Swim

    Ludicolo Modest lvl 100 Evd 252spatt/252speed/4hp OT Serra ID 13059 Ice Beam Energy Ball Rain Dance Swift Swim

    Machamp Adamant (No guard) lvl 100 (Nicknamed Rock) 252 att/ 252hp/ 4def OT Jante ID 11805 Dynamic Punch Ice Punch Payback Bullet Punch No Guard

    Magmortar Modest lvl 100 252 sp att/ 252speed/ 4hp OT Vincent ID 42321 Psychic Solarbeam Thunderbolt HP Flame Body

    Mamoswine Adamant lvl 100 252 att/ 252 speed/4hp OT David ID 42592 Ice SHard Stealth Rock Earthquake Endeavor Snow Cloak

    MIenshao Jolly lvl 100 252 att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp OT Omega ID 05404 U Turn High Jum Kick Fake Out Stone Edge Regenerator

    Nidoking Modest lvl 100 Evd 252 sp att/252speed/4 hp OT Andy ID 07322 Ice Beam Sucker Punch Thunder Bolt Earth Power Ability Sheer Force

    NInetales Modest lvl 100 Evd 252 sp att/252 speed/4 hp OT JIn ID 47052 Solar Beam Flamethrower Hynosis Nasty Plot Drought

    Politoed Bold lvl 100 252 hp/252 spdef/4 sp att OT Alex ID 62873 Protect Toxic Scald Encore Drizzle

    Regice Calm lvl 100 252 sp def/ 252 def/ 4 hp OT Johnny ID 50908 Moves Ice Beam Thunderbolt Curse Ancient Power Clear Body

    Registeel Sassy lvl 100 Evd 252spdef/252def/4 hp OT Johnny ID 50908 Hammer Arm ANcient Power Curse Superpower Clear Body

    Rotom W (SHINY) Timid lvl 100 252sp att/252 speed/4hp

    Samurott Modest lvl 100 252hp/ 252 sp att/ 4 speed OT Infi ID 08527 Aqua Jet Water Pulse Hydro Pump Razor Shell Torrent

    Sigilyph Timid lvl 100 252 hp....thats all i know OT Jim ID 42521 Cosmic Power Stored Power Roost Psyshock Magic Guard

    Skarmory Impish lvl 100 252 hp/252 sp def/ 4 def OT Weston ID 15771 Spikes Whirlwind Brave Bird Roost Sturdy

    Staraptor Adamant lvl 100 252 att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp OT Jake ID 35049 Close Combat Brave Bird Pursuit Return Intimidate

    Thundurus Timid lvl 100 Evd 252 sp att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp OT Kurt ID 00007 Moves Dark Pulse HP Ice Focus Blast and Thunderbolt Prankster

    Togekiss Modest lvl 100 Evd 252 sp att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp OT Mat ID 48509 Thunder Wave Air Slash Aura Sphere WIsh Serene Grace

    Tyranitar Adamant lvl 100 Evd 252 att/252 speed/4 hp

    Vaporeon Timid lvl 100 Evd 252att/ 252 speed/4 hp OT Vixana ID 46463 Hydro Pump Ice Beam Fake Tears Shadow Ball Hydration

    Vaporeon Bold lvl 100 Evd 252 def/hp 252/ 4 sp att OT Johnny ID 42383 Wish Protect Surf HP Water Absorb

    Volcarona Timid lvl 100 Evd 252sp att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp(Nicknamed Mothra) OT Jim ID 42521 Quiver Dance Bug Buzz Flamethrower HP Ground Flame Body

    Zapdos Timid lvl 100 Evd 252 sp att/ 252 speed/ 4hp OT Mat ID 65156 Ancient Power Thunder Roost Charge Pressure

    Flawless Ut Shinies:
    Aerodactyl Adamant
    Articuno Timid
    Azelf Timid
    Bagon Adamant (Hydro Pump)
    Beldum Adamant
    Bouffalant Adamant
    Bulbasaur Timid
    Chatot Modest
    Cobalion Timid
    Croagunk Adamant (Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Gunk Shot)
    Darumaka Jolly
    Dialga Modest (Sinjoh ruins lvl 1)
    Eevee (Timid) [DW, HP Dragon, Wish, Yawn, Fake Tears, Stored Power]
    Gligar (Impish) [DW, Baton Pass, Poison Tail, Double Edge, Agility]
    Golett Adamant
    Grimer Careful
    Growlithe Adamant
    Horsea Modest
    Houndor Brave/Hasty
    Hippopotas Adamant
    Kangaskhan Adamant
    Karrablast Adamant*******
    Landorus Jolly (japanese)
    Lapras Jolly (Nicknamed)
    Larvitar Adamant (DD)
    Latios Timid (Enigma stone event)
    Metapod Jolly
    Nidoran-M (Modest) [DW, Head Smash, Sucker Punch, Poison Tail, Iron Tail]
    Oshawott Modest
    Palkia Modest lvl 72
    Pansage Timid
    Pansear Timid
    Poliwag Bold [DW, HP Electric] *Japanese
    Regice Calm
    Registeel Sassy
    Relicanth Adamant
    Rotom Timid
    Sandile Jolly
    Scraggy Adamant (Japanese)
    Shellder Jolly/Impish
    Shuppet Adamant
    Snover Mild
    Solosis Bold
    Spiritomb Adamant (Shadow Sneak)
    Squirtle Hardy
    Tepig Jolly
    Terrakion Adamant
    Thundurus Timid
    Timburr Brave
    Tirtouga Adamant
    Totodile Adamant (DD and Ice Punch)
    Togepi Modest
    Tornadus Mild
    Tyrogue Adamant
    Vulpix Modest
    Zapdos Timid
    Zubat Jolly

    Evd Shinies:
    Aggron Adamant 252att/ 252 def/ 4hp OT Isiah ID 47408 Brick Break Avalanche Double Edge Iron Head Rock Head
    Alakazam Timid 252 sp att/252 speed/ 4hp OT Tanner ID 23580 Shadow Ball FOcus Blast Energy Ball PSychic Synchronize
    Blaziken Jolly 252 att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp OT Hunter ID 12986 Brave Bird Sky Uppercut Flare BLitz Blaze Kick Blaze
    Breloom Jolly 252 att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp OT Meluvia ID 60452 Seed Bomb Sky Uppercut Stun Spore Leech Seed Poison Heal
    Dragonite Adamant (Nicknamed Doomsday) 252 att/252 speed/4hp
    Electivire Adamant 252 att/252 speed/ 4hp OT Sue ID 50892 Thunder Punch Ice Punch Cross Chop Fire Punch Motor Drive
    Empoleon Modest 252 sp att/252 speed/ 4hp OT Mist ID 20955 Stealth Rock Hydro Pump Aqua Jet Ice Beam Torrent
    Garchomp Jolly 252 att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp
    Gengar Timid 252 sp att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp OT Hanky ID 55535 Destiny Bond Thunderbolt Sludge Bomb Shadow Ball Levitate
    Haxorus Jolly 252 att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp
    Heracross Jolly 252 att/ 252 speed/4 hp OT Chen ID 25954 Megahorn Earthquake Close COmbat Ariel Ace Guts
    Hydreigon Modest 252 spatt/ 252 speed/ 4 hp
    Infernape Jolly 252 att/ 252 speed/4 hp OT Meluvia ID 60452 Mach Punch Close Combat Swords Dance Flare Blitz Blaze
    Latios Modest 252 sp att/ 252 speed/4 hp Ot Ethan. ID 13522 Moves Dragon pulse, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Ice Beam
    Lucario Adamant 252 att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp OT Meluvia ID 60452 Crunch Blaze Kick Cross Chop Bullet Punch Inner Focus
    Metagross Adamant 252 att/252 speed/4hp OT Rausham ID 42183 Earthquake Meteor Mash Zen Headbutt Hammer Arm Clear Body
    Ninjask Jolly 252 att/ 252 speed/ 4hp OT Hikari ID 31045 Baton Pass Swords Dance Protect X Scissor Speed Boost
    Rampardos Hardy 252 att/ 252 speed/4hp OT Arlyana ID 32472 Head Smash Zen Headbutt Assurance Earthquake Mold Breaker
    Rhyperior Adamant 252 att252def/4hp OT Andy ID 57637 Stone Edge Earthquake Megahorn Ice Beam Solid Rock
    Salamence Adamant 252 att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp
    Sceptile Naive 252 sp att/ 252 speed/4hp OT Ash ID 56487 Mega Drain Solar Beam Leaf Blade HP Overgrow
    Scizor Adamant 252 att/252 def/ 4 hp
    Shuckle Careful 252 def/252 spdef/4hp OT Loucas ID 50744 Rest Power Split Double Team Toxic Gluttony
    Snorlax Impish 252 hp/252 def/ 4 spdef OT Paul ID 23819 Bullet Punch X Scissor Roost Swords Dance Technician
    Starmie Timid 252 sp att/ 252 speed/ 4hp OT Itzel ID 40649 Thunderbolt Ice Beam Psychic Brine Natural Cure
    Steelix Careful 252 att/ 252 sp def/ 4 hp OT Ace ID 23024 Earthquake Stone Edge Curse Iron Tail Rock Head
    Typhlosion Adamant 252 sp att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp OT May ID 02364 Flame Wheel Eruption Rock SLide DOuble Edge Blaze
    Umbreon Impish 252 sp def/ 252 def/4 hp
    Weavile Adamant 252/ speed/ 252 att/ 4 hp

    Anorith Hasty
    Archen Jolly
    Axew brave
    Carvanha Careful
    Chickorita Sassy
    Chimchar Jolly
    Cubone Rash
    Deino Timid
    Duskull Sassy
    Eevee Calm
    Latios Modest
    Magby Quirky
    Miltank Docile
    Omanyte Relaxed
    Pansage Bold
    Ponyta Hasty
    Poochyena Hasty
    Raikou Hardy
    Ralts Jolly (F)
    Reggigas Serious (japanese)
    Riolu Adamant
    Shieldon Bold
    Shuckle Careful
    Slugma Lonely
    Snivy timid (japanese)
    Spheal Docile
    Steelix Careful
    Sucuine Bold
    Torchic Jolly
    Treecko Naïve
    Zangoose Timid
    Zorua modest
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2011
  2. ShadowKyogre443

    ShadowKyogre443 오션 마스터

    Sweet first post! :) Want to trade my shiny flawless zapdos for shiny near-flawless tepig and shiny Kyurem?
  3. Shiny Porygon-Z

    Shiny Porygon-Z Hate makes me Famous

    Interested in your shiny Latios lvl 40 modest UT, and your UT shiny Squirtle. Check my trade shop for something you would like! Btw congrats on the shop! :)
  4. Valth001

    Valth001 New Member

    I'll trade you a shiny flawless Bagon for your shiny Porygon2.
  5. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    Wanted: your Shiny Articuno and/or shiny Charizard
    Offering: Flawless Shiny Darumaka, Shiny Flawless Totodile, Shiny Zorua, Shiny Phanpy (NN'd) :(
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2011
  6. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    i'll give you a shiny panpour jolly fot your shiny ev'ed latios modest
  7. K1LL3RxP0P7aRt

    K1LL3RxP0P7aRt Stargasm

    im interested in your shiny timiid thundurus

    I have: Three shiny event beast slowpoke, ralts, digglet, and rayquaza
  8. MonkeyMuffinsRBLX

    MonkeyMuffinsRBLX Pokemon is stupid.

    I'm interested in

    And rayquaza and Girantina (lvl71) Read my sig for offer.
  9. mick_1232001

    mick_1232001 New Member

    I'm interested in your shiny nidoking. I have a shiny zubat to offer ^.^
  10. Confusious

    Confusious Kimetsu no Yaiba. <3

    Aerodactyl (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS) adamant
    Shuppet (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS) adamant
    Relicanth (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS) adamant

    Interested in these.
  11. Flash2010

    Flash2010 Shiny Master

    that will work for me. i can trade almost any time tonight
  12. Flash2010

    Flash2010 Shiny Master

    sweet, im definitely interested in a shiny zubat. is it male, what lvl is it and what nature?
  13. Flash2010

    Flash2010 Shiny Master

    thanks for looking but sorry im not really interested in any of those. :(
  14. Flash2010

    Flash2010 Shiny Master

    that sounds pretty good to me. give me some info on those guys and we can talk more
  15. Flash2010

    Flash2010 Shiny Master

    I can do that :D
  16. Flash2010

    Flash2010 Shiny Master

    that sucks that shiny phanphy is nn'd. but i am interested in shiny totodile flawless. how about that for articuno and charizard?
  17. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    Deal :)
  18. Flash2010

    Flash2010 Shiny Master

    sweet. and thank you. i like your shiny adamant groudon and shiny ut axew. would that work?
  19. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Lol @ 6 posts in a row ._.
    CMT for your shiny Nidoking Rash lvl 16 please c:
  20. Flash2010

    Flash2010 Shiny Master

    sweet. lets trade now if you can

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