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Shiny Kingdom


Shiny Trader
interested in a shiny miltank?


Active Member
Hi, I'm interested in your flawless shiny Latios. I can offer you a shiny flawless male Adamant Sand Rush Drilbur. Man that was a mouth full.


Teh Graphics-Guy
I am interested in your Flawless Shiny EV'd Mamoswine.

Pick something from my shop you might want :3

Cosmic Fury

Evil Overlord
I am interested in your Shiny, Flawless, UT Latios.

Offering: anything in my sig

Jr Breshears

PKMN Breeder
flash would u happen to have a dw zapdos?

EDIT: and no keep excadrill on there :D
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Shiny Master
unfortunately no i do not have a dw zapdos. i will definitely keep my eyes open though


Shiny Master
no thats ok cause i think im about to get one from aroma but i have been really looking for a bold shiny flawless zapdos or a bold flawless shiny cresselia if you ever come across one

Jr Breshears

PKMN Breeder
yeah i got a bold flawless shiny cress and for the zapdos if u want i can use the pokemon modifier code to catch one?

Jr Breshears

PKMN Breeder
so i can use a code for zapdos just make sure to let people know and yeah i think i can find two pokes i want in this shop :D