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Shiny Latias <3

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gee that's swell
The shading looks good but the eyes need help.Make the outline of the eye the same color as the outlines.

Valkyrie X

Well-Known Member
She's cute. ^.^ The shading's great, and she's in pretty good proportion. But the face and eyes look a little weird.



Oceanic Legend
The body is very well done, and I love the shading, but the head shape and eyes seem a bit-off.


bored out of my wits
very interesting, like the shades of gold-ish yellow.

Fool's Hope

In God We Trust
Very cute, Blue! ^___^ Great coloring!
The eyes kinda stand out. Maybe you should outline them in a different color. =\

Lamington Luffy

I'm gone, bye.
the color? It's a shiny latias, it has green eyes. Or did you mean the style?


bored out of my wits
nice, really like the change, and suggestions.

Lamington Luffy

I'm gone, bye.
What do you mean by serious? T_T;;

Evanji Axu

The style, probably. But it's nice to see people apply their own style to fanart~
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