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Shiny Latias For Trade


Everybody Dies
I have many cloned, otherwise legit, Shiny Latias (Yellow) for trade.

I'm looking for some Modest or Adamant legends. That's all.

Lvl 99 and under only, since I can't do much with a lvl 100.

While I'm here, I also got all the starters and Adamant Elekids with Ice Punch, Fire Punch and Cross Chop, and Adamant Bagons with Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw and Aerial Ace for trade for any legends.
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Eevee Breeder!
Hum ... I have an Adamant Dialga ... That's about it, ^^;;


C Spriter
I have cloned shiny, modest palkias.

Edit: also untrained lv.47


Everybody Dies
Both? what do you mean?
I'll give you the Latias plus a Mew, Ray, Gigas, or a Moltres for both. Take your pick. If not then just Latias for one.

What level is the shiny, btw?

And no hacks please.


C Spriter
W/e I'm going to be online with ONE shiny palkia.

Proto Entity

Crystal Spike
i have a modest kyogre.....lvl 99...so i'm safe? take? or leave?
i've also got a modest lvl 99 moltres...
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I'd like one, but I don't have much...


Aspiring Trainer
i have modest kyogre. i need more info on shiny latias.