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Shiny Legit Celebis,Palkias,Dialgas and Spiritombs.


New Member
i have boxes full ov them
i want legendarys such as ho-oh, Legenday beasts,Mew,Mewtwo, three legendary birds from firered+leafgreen
And Starters from kanto,hoenn and jhoto
EDIt ok peaople i dont want just shinys i want legendarys such as above and starters suck as above
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New Member
i'm interested in shiny celebi and spiritomb, do u want any non-shiny legendaries for them?


i herd u liek mudkip
I've got a shiny totodile, what stats+nature are on the spiritomb?

mew maniac

Hunting you.
I'l trade you a shiny Rayquaza for Shiny Celebi

Captain Dynamic

I chews u Peekachoo!
ive gots a mewtwo want a shiny palkia


i herd u liek mudkip
Want to trade a shiny spiritomb for my shiny totodile then?


Pm me events only
Ill trade Articuno for a celebi


New Member
moltres, zapdos, mewtwo for shiny celebi and shiny spiritomb. actually i have all legendaries u want for trade except lugia and ho-oh, so any three for the two.
I have Deoxys and Lugia. What level is Celebi and what nature?


Well-Known Member
I want shiny spiritomb, what nature and level is it? Also, will you take it for a shiny Mesprite?


New Member
I can give you any of the starters, moltres and latias, interested?
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bassface OWNZZ
All three starters from jhoto SHINY. For shiny palkia + dialga


Well-Known Member
I'll give you a Shiny Modest Mewtwo for Shiny Celebi and Shiny Spiritomb