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Shiny Legit Celebis,Palkias,Dialgas and Spiritombs.


Well-Known Member
ill trade deanodance ill give you lvl 100 dialga and magmotar

Well, I don't really want either of those... Are you sure you can't trade me the Shiny Celebi and Shiny Spiritomb?


Well-Known Member
Ok, my Shiny Mewtow for your Shiny Celebi and Shiny Spiritomb, yes?


Well-Known Member
Ok, gimme a few mins to note down your FC and find a junk pokémon from my boxes somewhere.


Pokémon Breeder
i have palkia, blaziken, swampert and a cupple of other legendaries, want any of those? would like spiritomb


Well-Known Member
Legit? LOL. Celebi caught in a Cherish ball? Maxed appeal stats? Same with Spiritomb, and it has wonder guard? LOL.


New Member
celibi isnt legit i guy just told me that but the spiritomb is but the wonder guard is hacked but i woundn't care you people are getting the better end of the deal


Do you want

charizard or ivysaur
Meganuim, cyndaquil., Totodile
groundon, rayaquazza, kyogre, latios, latias
deoxys, lugia? for your celeby? doesn't matter that its hacked

jd kids

I'm Back!!!!!
so its not legit