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shiny manaphy... legit...


New Member
yaa.... its still not traded

i will accept: lvl 70 and up

shiny rayquaza

and any other good shiny

so kingdra lvl 70 and up + shiny electivire = shiny manaphy for you!

Shadow Mew

Well-Known Member
how abought a set of hacket jirachi shiny and rayquaza shiny
or a legit shiny mewtwo


Dragon Master
i have lv 100 kingdra...


Well-Known Member
I have a Shiny Latias with SoulDew from my Eon Ticket in Sapphire. It's at lvl 50, Careful and untrained. I know a bit lower than what you are asking but a good pokemon anyways.


I'lltrade you a level 100 shiny Rayquaza from the GTS, a level 100 Kindra, and a level 100 Metagross for it.


Cascade Trainer
I have a legit (untouched) Jirachi, with pokerus and holding a lucky egg.

I have shiny (legit) Giraffarig, Seaking, Marill and Dratini. I also have a legit (untouched) mew. I have to go, but if you are interested, make me an offer via PM.


Insert witty title
I have shiny Gastly, untouched legit. I can give you pokerus or just about anything else. I can give you a jolly gible and lots of other stuff too. Shiny Manaphy is one of my faves!