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Shiny Milotic


Akatsuki Ruler
That's right, My friend and I finally gotten hold of a few shiny Milotics. This took him weeks of hatching. Now we are offering them up for trade. My friend doesn't have Wi-Fi, so it will be a while before the trades will actually take place. Fot that, I need you to post all offers here. We'll see how many Milotics we have and will pick the best offers. To be fair, Limited 1 per customer.


PokeTrainer Miki
what natures do they have and r u cloning them?


New Member
Ho-oh lv100
Kyogre lv 100
Lugia lv 100
Articuno lv 74 (nicknamed Artic)
Dialga lv 100
Mew lv 32
Phione lv 1
Latias lv 43
Manaphy lv 1
SHINY Zubat lv 36
Deoxys lv 100

I have those to offer


Akatsuki Ruler
As far as I know they are not cloned. And they are definitely not hacked. It is possible they are cloned, which I'm beginning to think of. I have no idea what the natures are.


articuno rocks!
i'll trade you a shiny rayquaza (cloned).


articuno rocks!
what do you mean by it will take a while to get in? and is my offer the deal?


I have shiny Zubat, Tentacruel, Spinda, Machop. Nonshiny, I have legit Mew, Deoxys, Moltres, Latios, Entei, Dialga, Palkia, all third-gen legends, Mewtwo and a few more maybe. You can pick and choose what you'd like from that list for one. ^^


Akatsuki Ruler
meaning my friend lives far away, and HE is in posession of the Milotics. he doesn't have Wi-Fi at all. Yes, I accepted your offer.

Please, don't post saying you want to trade unless you are willing to wait for a week or two.

And Yeti, Deoxys is good as long as it wasn't hacked.
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legendaries rule!
its fake matt has a program to alter the pokemon in his box it is from mystery zone and was probly found on jan.0,2000 and was met at lv0
i know i got some shinies from him not to bust his buble or yours apfel
because he said that it on http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=228278