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Shiny Mystery Dungeon Pokemon?


Sad if there were shinies and they wouldn't join you maybe they removed the shiny factor since it's already hard to get the normal type of pokemon but imagine recruiting shinies is like recruiting Kecleon and they would probably have a decrease in recruitment chance i mean some Pokemon have it lowered enough but to have a shiny and it being the only pokemon you see in the same species as the one you wanted to recruit sadddd.....


Pika, that's right!
Just imagine if you saw a shiny unrecruitable Pokemon (like lets say Charizard) hehehe


Well-Known Member
I wouldn't call it a shiny glitch, since the Pokemon aren't even using their shiny colorations when it happens.
Shiney pokemon dont exist in MD. Most of the values like evs, natures, genders and shineyness arent in it.

Some pokemon can be a different colour due to glitches and the only different coloured pokemon is the purple kecleon. (and i think he is based on a kecleon from the anime because shiney kecleons arent purple). ;123;


Shiny hunter
I haven't seen any shinys i think they don't exsist


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I read online that there is NO shiney's in MD. It would ROCK if they DID exist !

Umbreon Rider

Tolkien fan 4 eva
I saw a shiny feebas, recruited it (for some odd reason, it stayed shiny.)
Yeah right. How can that be? did you glitch your games? What colour was it? Do you have a picture? Is this annoying? Will you answer all my questions?


ooo, what's cooking?
there r no discollering glitches in PMD. Most of the time that pokemon appear on a floor ur not in contact, or within sight, of any. After a while if u see a pokemon change color it means it'll be replaced by another pokemon.
Ther are no shinys, and there don't have to be...


The new tuxedo look!
What's this code for shinies everyones talking about?

Umbreon Rider

Tolkien fan 4 eva


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Well, some Pokémon in MD are the wrong colour and I think some like Bulbasaur are closer to their shinie colour than their real colour.


. . .
No, there aren't any shinys in MD. If there was it would suck. Imagine going to fight Articuno/Moltres/Zapdos/whatever boss you can't recruit until after the game, before beating the game, and it was shiny. :/ Then after beating the game and going back, it wasn't shiny.


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I think that if this was true, then they would only be shinies after the games completion.

BTW... I think I saw a grey Luvdisc in Silver Trench once, but I'm not exactly sure.