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Shiny Nidoqueen moveset idea


Beginning Trainer
Hey guys,

After a lot of breeding, I managed to hatch a shiny Nidoran female with 5 perfect IV's (X/31/31/31/31/31)

Nature: Adamant
Ability: Poison point

I want to train her to become a Nidoqueen and I want to give her the following moveset

- Poison Fang
- Earthquake
- Ice Punch (To deal with Grass, Ground and Dragon types)
- Crunch (To deal with Psychic types)

Is this a good moveset or should I change it? If I need to change, which moves should I change?


Well-Known Member
It's a slight shame you have Poison Point, because Nidoqueen hits like a truck with Sheer Force. Given this, it might be better to focus on her defensive qualities, with a few physical moves to take advantage of Adamant. How about:

- Stealth Rock
- Toxic Spikes
- Dragon Tail/Roar
- Earthquake

I don't play the actual games that much, so I'm not sure if those moves are easy to get a hold of or not.


Nido's benefit from the Sheer Force ability much more than their original one. If you use a Special Attack set, you'd be more satisfied. There was someone who used Nidoqueen in World Championships as well, which might give you a couple of ideas.

As for the moves: Ice Beam, Earth Power and Sludge Bomb/Wave would be essential to increase its' utility.