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Shiny Pokémon & PokéRadar Thread

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Digital King
I tried Masuda Methoding a shroomish... not sure why.. but I gave up after about 30.
Just so boring...


You get the radar from the scientist at the bank of computers on the 2nd floor of the pokemon lab after you complete the game. Been trying to chain a shiny Swirlix all afternoon and I've had about 3 chains break over 20 and one on about 26. Kind of annoying.

I'm going for a "just choose the furthest matching patch" rule and it seems to be working really well. Except when it breaks because I decided to wing it and go to the closest matching patch.
I'm bad at finding shinies.

Pokemon keep breaking my chains. :/


Event Collector
I know that in the past games the chains would sometimes randomly break for no reason, if that's the case in this generation then I guess it was just bad luck. Keep trying though, I used Pokeradar alot in D/P/P.

Just a quick question how much information is actually out on this for this generation? I know that around 40 was the max last time but did they change this at all or is it pretty much the same.

As far as I know it's still 40. Have tested it and twice now 40 has been the magic number still :) Obviously there is still the chance that it randomly appears before then, for example I had a shiny patch appear at 8 the other day but I got so surprised I lost track of where it was.


Braixen is MINE ;)
Glad the PokeRadar is back this Gen, I tried using it in Platinum but I could never get to 40...

Maybe this Gen will be my lucky one and allow me to catch a shiny that isn't set to be one...


Big Tub Of Goo-my
Caught a shiny Bunnelby (it looks like an albino rabbit it's so cute!) on my 2nd pokemon of the chain.
Not sure what the max/minimum for a shiny to appear is then.
Now i've got two 6th gen shinies, one in the friend safari (Dedenne) and now this!


Big Tub Of Goo-my
There's no minimum because you can have shinies appear in any random regular battle.

You're most likely right, I was just referring to the pokeradar as they seemed to usually show up at higher number chains.


Snowy Poochyena
Got to 20 litleo's and a bidoof broke my chain >.>
Restarting it now.


New Member
Well yeah. That's because they're more likely to show up at higher number chains. No minimum though.

What's RE?

I think RE is random encounter. I have also caught a shiny in the friend safari. It could be possible that different friends have a different likelihood of shinies showing up.


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i know this may not be in the correct topic but i just found my second shiny pokemon in the pokemon safari is it possible that the safari has better shiny chanses than the wild?


Pokemon Master
not found one shiny yet


Shadow Hunter
To both of you, I doubt friend safari has any sort of increased chances.

But my friend and I think we may have figured out the perfect way to breed shinies. Of course we can't test it yet because of how difficult it is to get the main piece to this.
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