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Shiny Pokémon ?! who have you caught?!

Discussion in 'Let's Go, Pikachu & Eevee' started by Ary, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. lvl.50Abra

    lvl.50Abra Not Quite Kadabra

    got a shiny bellsprout going through route 1 at the start of my game.
    so far the only one i've come across
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  2. sage89

    sage89 New Member

    I caught a Seel. It was my first wild shiny EVER! I evolved it!
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  3. Whatzooka

    Whatzooka Member

    So far I have found 2 Vulpix, 2 Chansey, an ekans, Charizard, Machop, 2 koffing, Rattata, graveler, Zubat, Gastly, and a venonat
  4. ChaosPrime

    ChaosPrime Member

    I literally just went to route 17 caught 1 ponyta with a super lure active and a shiny one appeared
  5. WhiteBlair

    WhiteBlair ベストチャンピオン。

    Timid Lapras while I was chaining for Seel at 58-combo. I came across while traveling back to Cinnabar to buy Lures.
    Timid Weedle as the last resort when I got bored of chaining for Staryu and gave up at 54-combo.
  6. ChaosPrime

    ChaosPrime Member

    I also got shint mew mew two meltan charmander from pkm go
  7. sage89

    sage89 New Member

    I found a shiny Seel and wasn’t even looking for it. But I evolved it.
  8. lvl.50Abra

    lvl.50Abra Not Quite Kadabra

    i've been on a lucky streak the passed few games and have run across a shiny super early on, two have been wingull.
    even more so on this bellsprout cause i wanted to use one in my team for lets go.
  9. Mr.Fiend

    Mr.Fiend Flavour town and titty city native

    Saw a shiny rattata once whilst i was on my way down through 5. It vanished before i could get it.
  10. ruxy_100

    ruxy_100 Active Member

    My catches in LGP so far are:

    Venonat x 2 (1 to evolve)
    Ponyta x 2 (1 to evolve)
    Nidoran Female x2 (a second one popped up immediately after the first)
    Chansey (encountered 2 while hunting for Ponyta - caught the first, let the second de-spawn)
    Spearow (caught while hunting for Nidoran)
    Weedle (to evolve into a Beedrill)

    I have also transferred some shines from Go - all of the starters and their evolutions, Eevee and its evolutions, Dratini and its evolutions, Pinsir, and Aracanine. I am still undecided on whether I will transfer the shinies that I don't have doubles of in Go. I will probably just try to get them again in LGP as it is much easier than trying to replace them in Go.
  11. Devars

    Devars Active Member

    Just got a shiny Kangaskhan at chain combo 12, super lucky today
  12. SBaby

    SBaby Dungeon Master

    I caught a shiny Graveler, and I wasn't even trying to shiny hunt. But I did hear that you can catch combo anything and then just search for the shiny you want. That's probably WHY it showed up. Mind you, I really have no interest in shinies and its IVs are kind of garbage. But I didn't have a Graveler, so I figured I might as well.
  13. ruxy_100

    ruxy_100 Active Member

    Since making this post last week I have now also caught Lapras (first one ran from me, but I reclaimed it the following day), Porygon, Kakuna, Caterpie, Geodude and Zubat.

    I am loving how easy shiny hunting is in this game. Got five in one day. It is making me seriously consider working towards a shiny living Kanto dex.
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