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Shiny pokemon failures

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by CupcakeSkittyKat, May 8, 2012.

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  1. CupcakeSkittyKat

    CupcakeSkittyKat Sweet Feline Trainer

    We always hear about people who have success finding and capturing their shiny Pokemon... but what about those of us who have not been so lucky...? Well, here is my FIRST shiny experience....

    Ok, so here’s what happened.

    I was walking through Victory road, not using any repels so that I can encounter every pokemon in the hopes of eventually seeing a shiny pokemon. And… as Kitty’s hopes were dwindling… A SHINY HARIYAMA APPEARS!!!!
    Anyways, Kitty throws an Ultraball at it and it fails to catch it, no biggy I’ll just keep lobbing the balls at it, right? Of course this silly person forgets that this particular pokemon knows Whirlwind. WHIRLWIND! So guess what… IT FLEES!… Kitty is not happy… not happy at all…. :(

    It was my first EVER random encounter with a shiny pokemon…

    Have you ever had an aweful experience with shinies?
    Last edited: May 8, 2012
  2. RealRaymon

    RealRaymon Good series at last!

    Funny story)
    My first shiny was a shiny weedle in Fire Red in 2005 or 2006
    Than it was a strong Beedrill with Sludge Bomb Aerial Ace Brick Break and Twineedle

    Later my brothers encounter shiny oddish in emerald safari zone and hunter in fire red

    And...time for failure
    I encountered a shiny Roselia in Emerald...In the battle pyramid
  3. CupcakeSkittyKat

    CupcakeSkittyKat Sweet Feline Trainer

    Congrats on the shiny Beedrill, Oddish and Haunter captures :3

    :( but finding that roselia in the battle Pyramid .... that must have been... kdbhglsghbvsgbvh uhhh i hate it when that happens >< that happened to me a few times on my old save...

    Still we search for more! xP
  4. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → soul sick.

    I've never even seen a shiny in any gen 3 game. That's a fail in itself since I've been playing pokemon for years.
  5. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    While I haven't run into a wild shiny in Ruby (that I can recall), I have seen trainers in the Battle Tower with shiny Pokémon.
  6. CupcakeSkittyKat

    CupcakeSkittyKat Sweet Feline Trainer

    Apparently, those trainers with shinies always have them... ones a shiny Espeon I thinks. Im not sure though I just remember reading something about it :)
  7. CupcakeSkittyKat

    CupcakeSkittyKat Sweet Feline Trainer

    Ohh or i might be thinking of Leaf Green/ Fire Red I'm pretty sure its one of those :)
  8. zean44

    zean44 r.o.c.k. on!

    my first shiny encounter is on sapphire.i was walking in route 115 to find a jigglypuff.then *gasp* shiny jigglypuff appeared!good thing i catch it.

    for my failure...
    i found a shiny zubat in mt.moon but...i ran out of pokeballs:(
  9. swiftswimmers24

    swiftswimmers24 Karp Apprentice

    Never failed since my only shinies are three Gyarados.
    My first red Gyarados was in LG, forgot about the 'Karp salesman, it was only after I finished the entire game that I bought the karp. GUESS WHAT? IT WAS SHINY ON MY FIRST TRY. It's now a level 71 gyara.
    Second was from ShinyGold (i'm into rom hacks), lake of rage.
    Third is from SS. You can guess how I got it.
    Other than that, I never remember encountering a shiny.
  10. Sietse23

    Sietse23 *Brainfarts*

    I found a shiny Graveler :D it used Selfdestruct :(
  11. Seth pkmn

    Seth pkmn Well-Known Member

    Shiny abra.
    Nuff' said.
  12. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    I find it highly amusing that over the course of I think four Emeral playthroughs on I think four different games, Mine and a number of my friends, I always find a shiny Larion about where WAlly is at the end of Victory road....and Then I dont' have any pokeballs....you think I would learn.

    Or worse I found a shiny Zigzagoon ,I think, and right afterwords the batteries died.
  13. Takashi47W

    Takashi47W Event Lover

    I have soft set on my Japanese Emerald for more than 12 hours... Then I find out that the Emerald RNG is broken and must be used a specific way.

    I have soft setted for 6 hours on Ruby for Groudon, no luck, gave it to a friend who tried for what he says 8~ hours, no luck, and someone else tried for 3 hours. Which I need that Ruby back... >.>

    My friend is playing through my Fire Red because he wanted to. At the battle tower, there is a shiny Espeon. We were both like "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!one!!!!!"

    Anyways, going to just play through one of my Rubies and my Japanese Emerald like crazy. My mind hurts from trying to figure this method out: http://m.gamefaqs.com/boards/921905-pokemon-emerald-version/48296893

    If anyone else figures it, I'd give them a shiny to do it for me. XD Four hours of trying to find the right link does stuff to you.
  14. monkeyman192

    monkeyman192 simply bored

    The first wild pokemon I encountered after leaving the starting town was a shiny poocheyna. Obviously I hadn't been given pokeballs so I had no way of catching it :(
    as a consolation, the first magikarp I encountered was shiny, so now I have a gold magikarp which I sure as hell aint going to evolve as a red gyarados isn't rare...
  15. GoldenMagikarp

    GoldenMagikarp I AM ERROR

    I have encountered 2 random shinies. One was a shiny Drowzee in the pokemon rumble demo, where you can't save (I don't know if that counts, but still). The second one was a shiny Wormadam in the Neon colosseum in pokemon battle revolution. It was a rental pokemon, so I couldn't keep it. ...My games hate me :(

    EDIT: I didn't realize that this thread was in the R/S/E forum. That's why I posted those shinies here. I guess that I clicked on the latest thread without thinking or something Dx
    Last edited: May 18, 2012
  16. ☭Secret_Shocker☭

    ☭Secret_Shocker☭ Well-Known Member

    I encountered a shiny Kyogre in Emerald, so I was overjoyed. Then it attacked first and used Sheer Cold. I only had 1 pokemon at that time, so fail. And my Pokemon was level 60.
  17. Gloryus

    Gloryus Where's Wally?

    I remember I found a shiny Sandshrew in Sapphire one day but only had two pokeballs on me at the time and both failed to catch it. That really ruined my day.
  18. dragon user

    dragon user Well-Known Member

    I once saw a shiny ralts unfortunatly it was the ralts wally was going to catch so it was never shiny again -.-
  19. A Mew

    A Mew Not a glitch

    I found a shiny in the Battle Tower once (Platinum). Oh, I was so disappointed.

    I did also find a shiny Bibarel in the Great Marsh (Diamond), but luckily it didn't flee and I caught it on the second or third ball. I remember vidding it, but I don't think I put it up on YT.
  20. Serebii!

    Serebii! Well-Known Member

    I have never been able to RNG for a shiny, I have tried on a few games but I always get a problem
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