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Shiny Pokemon in PMD??

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Sir Devious

Sir Devious
I am just wondering, if there are any shiny pokemon in PMD.


Ready for a vacation
No. No one has reported a shiny Pokemon from this game yet. Considering how many people have it now, someone would have seen at least one by this time.

Bulbasaur trainer James

#1 Bulbasaur Fan!
I highly doubt it.
Why wouldn't anyone have reported it and wouldn't you be a bit PO'd if you saw a shiny Pokemon, beat it, and it wouldn't ask to join your team?
Yeah, thats also a good point. Its not like in the normal games where you just throw a pokeball, and you miss, you try again. It would be alot harder to get a shiny in MD.


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Kecleon is NOT a shiny. If you look in the 3rd generation Pokédex, you'll see it looks nothing like the purple one. It just changed its color

And there are shinys in MD. You can't recruit them though

Yeah, The kecleon isn't shiny. I even asked joe, he just said its color is different because of the region its from. Just like the island in the anime where all of the pokemon are pink (Like pink rhyhorn) because all of the fruit on the island is pink and changed their color because its all they eat.

And what are the shiny pokemon you can't recruit?

Swirling Squirtle

Water Master
^^ HAHAHA i have that episode wfrom the orange islands that'ts one of my favorites lol.... newyas

people you all know some stupid retard is gonna xcome in here saying her has a shuiny something soo... lets close and delete this topic... but we dont have to


New Member
Shiny Pokemon

Actually, shiny Pokemon do exist in PMD, i've seen a shiny sneasel in Blizzard island, and a shiny bagon in ragged mountain (PMD4)
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