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Shiny Pokemon on PBR


Has anyone else noticed that there are a lot more shiny pokemon on PBR,especially on random Wi-fi?I have.And when I uploaded my pokemon from Pokemon Diamond,my Buizel(which was not shiny beforehand)was shiny!This only happened the first time I uploaded,and when my brother made a save file,it did`nt happen for him(as far as I know).Can anyone give me their thoughts on this?


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I do agree about the wifi thought. I even run into shiny Pokemon in regular Colosseum Battles, too, though.
Maybe your game is/was glitched when uploading.


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Wow, I wouldn't mind having my pokemon turned shiny.

Very lucky.

But yes, I do notice a lot of shiny pokemon on PBR

Cain Nightroad

The ones on Wi-Fi are mainly for show, or are usually hacked. (Get the friend passes, and you'll see that they are usually hacked.) Otherwise, I do see the occasional shiny outside of Wi-Fi, but I've never heard of a non-shiny turning shiny before on the game.


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Non-shiney turning shiney? Thats crazy and I've never heard of anything like it.

Also I have faced a number of teams on Wi-Fi with all shineys.


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That's probably a major glitch, never heard of such a thing happening. I know there are a lot of shinies on PBR because I usually have one or two on my team, myself.


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Vids or it didn't happen.


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Pics or it didn't happen.

Murra Myrrh

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I use my shiny Swellow almost all the time. Not only do I like to show him off, he's STRONG. I see a lot of other shinies though...Some are hacked, but most I see are lagit. Though, I see more Dialga and Palkia than I do Shiny pokemon.


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I guess the large number of shinies in PBR is down to the fact that people like to show off their 'special' pokemon. Granted, a number of them probably are hacked, but don't forget about those genuine shiny hunters out there who simply want to show off their hard won pokemon. It took countless numbers of restarts to get my shiny charizard, for example, so I'm forever showing it off to anyone who'll look. :D

Never heard of pokemon turning shiny when transferred though.
Yeah. Good glitch. Not.

My friend saw a Shiny Seviper on Main Street Colosseum.
The best Colossuem to find a shiny on is Gateway. Becuase then you can trade for it and use it as your (sucky) own.

If I find a Shiny Typhlosion on there though I'm breaking the disc.