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Shiny spinda?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by Some0ne, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Some0ne

    Some0ne Faithful legacy

    Spinda is a interesting pokemon with various patterns at route 113
    If you battle two spindas most of the time the patterns of their dots are NOT the same their dots are placed in many various positions
    I have mistaked two spindas from being shiny because of placement of dots
    then battled a few while sp.atk EV training and realized spinda has quite a few forms!
    Has this happened to anyone or anyone know why this is?
    Hah, thanks
  2. _Aerodactyl_

    _Aerodactyl_ Skilled Trainer

    thats pretty neat :D
  3. Wynaut?

    Wynaut? Well-Known Member

    Apparently Spinda has 256 different combinations of spots... I think that's right anyway.

    I'm not sure what combination a shiny Spinda has though, or indeed if there's many different ones like the regular Spinda.
  4. mrrrrrrr KENNEDY

    mrrrrrrr KENNEDY Latest (SR)

    shiny spinda is just the same as a normal one so it is even more unique than a regular shiny
  5. Taylor Ray

    Taylor Ray Newest shiny

    That's because it's near impossible to catch a shiny Spinda that looks the same as someone elses.
  6. Anjoola

    Anjoola Pokemon Collector

  7. chimecho_guy

    chimecho_guy I enjoy taquitos.

    wow.... you didn't know that?!
  8. crudent

    crudent Well-Known Member

    ^ Oh, behave.

    I've never encountered a shiny Spinda though. And I've EV trained 2 Starmie, a Walrein and a Latios there. Nothing. Oh well, tough luck for me.
  9. cxoa

    cxoa Heat Trainer

    I,ve caught two shiny spindas while ev training. Both are different, and I now train for sp. att evs in new mauville, or on fr/lg, as i dont want a third.
  10. Absoltastic

    Absoltastic Pokemon Video Maker

    I've run into a shiny Spinda. It is indeed regular, but with greenish spots. I couldn't catch it, though. :(
  11. chimecho_guy

    chimecho_guy I enjoy taquitos.

    that same thing happened to me!
  12. I never found a shiny Spinda, despite me EV training over 20 pokemon in Sp.Atk <_<;
  13. BioMasterZap

    BioMasterZap Master of Elements

    my friend clained he got a shiny spinda before. i don't think he ever showed me. his brother deleated his emerald data and he lost it thou. lucky i still have his shiny sharpedo =)
  14. XDbonsly

    XDbonsly Bonsly lover 4 life!

    I have a shiney spindia :p *clones it* now i have 2 shiney spindias with the same dots, now this thread phails
  15. Sion9

    Sion9 Well-Known Member

    I always keep a False Swiper in my party...used it to catch my shiny Spinda.

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