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Shiny trade thread lots of them

Shadow Mew

Well-Known Member
4Th Gen
Shinx lvl 3 jolly untrained
Giratina lvl 100 rash ev trained
Empoleon nicked ARCTIC lvl 39 naughty

3Rd Gen
Groundon lvl 54 Gental
Latias lvl 40 carefull untrained
*Deoxys lvl 62 bold
Blazekein lvl 39 modest
Bagon lvl 25 hasty untrained
Roselia lvl 90 rash
Swablu lvl 19 hardy untrianed
Sceptile lvl 50 rash

2Nd Gen
Ho-Oh lvl 70 modest untrained
Lugia lvl 70 docile untrained
Bellosome lvl 31 gental
Larvitar lvl 26 jolly
Furret nicked Cuddles lvl 15 lax
Wobbufet lvl 3 quiet

1St Gen
Mewtwo lvl 75/70 gental/modest untrained
Mew lvl *30/*40/2x100 naive/gental/carefull/adamant
Lapras lvl 100 calm ev trained
Alakazam lvl 46 mild untrained
Eevee lvl 16 modest untrained
*Dragonair lvl 99 mild
Golbat lvl 40 hasty
Ponyta lvl 24 naughty untrained
Meowth lvl 19 lax
Beedrill nicked Sparkles lvl 11 hasty

Rayquaza lvl 100 jolly
*Palkia lvl 100 bold
Jirachi lvl 50 jolly

* names are in katana


Pra metang with refresh adamant nature
lvl 30/70 adamant modest timid deoxys untrained
PBR pikachiu with surf and volttakle-most wanted


Shiny jirachi timid/modest
SHiny mew timid/modest/jolly/adamant
SHiny celebii (not to picky on nature)


Seer of Truth
I got a shiny hacket modest mew if you REALLY must have one, but i wouldn't insult you by offering that alone.

I have a modest, untouched deoxys from birth island (need to import this if you want, and although i should be able to import again soon, i dont know when it will be)


Well-Known Member
would you want a shiny gastly for the eevee?
i'd also be willing to give you a shiny rayquaza for the dragonite


Well-Known Member
he hasn't been on for like 3 hours
on topic: i would be willing to trade a shiny magcargo instead of gastly