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Shiny Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Trade Forum' started by ellie, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    Post shinies you have up for trade and/or that you want here. Remember to follow all rules, including the ones about not trading hacks or posting too often.
  2. Jamthemaster

    Jamthemaster Pokemon Collector

    I am looking for any shinies I don't have, pm me to make a trade

    I am offering the following:
    10 ANIV Absol/Docile/70= 6/16/8/8/7/20
    10 ANIV Alakazam/Modest/70=11/8/2/17/16/21
    MICHINA Arceus/Hasty/100 13/24/31/14/5/29
    MICHINA Arceus/Jolly/100 13/28/30/21/26/12
    Pokemon Movie 09 Arceus/Lax/100 (Japanese) 31/6/17/24/2/31
    Pokemon Movie 09 Arceus/Modest/100 (Japanese) 27/15/31/19/29/8
    TRU Arceus/Careful/100 (Pokerus) 24/8/9/23/7/14
    TRU Arceus/Hardy/100 21/27/4/22/28/17
    10 ANIV Articuno/Lonely/70 30/17/23/24/16/23
    Pokemon XD Articuno/Adamant/50 20/30/3/11/20/22
    10 ANIV Blastoise/Lonely/70 10/16/15/18/28/9
    10 ANIV Blaziken/Naughty/70= 19/3/3/8/21/0
    10 ANIV Bulbasaur/Adamant/70 31/6/1/21/26/24
    10 ANIV Celebi/Lax/70 0/5/26/16/22/12
    Ageto Celebi/Lax/10 (Japanese & Shiny) 27/7/22/29/23/31
    Pokemon Movie 10 Celebi/Adamant/50 (Japanese) 10/3/25/29/7/27
    Pokemon Movie 10 Celebi/Lax/50 0/4/15/18/25/24
    WIN2011 Celebi/Modest/50 3/6/16/23/6/28
    WIN2011 Celebi/Naive/50 19/15/6/12/16/4
    Wish Chansey/Naughty/5
    10 ANIV Charizard/Sassy/70 24/1/6/30/19/25
    10 ANIV Charizard/Timid/70 24/23/10/30/24/20
    PC Tokyo Charmander/Naive/40 (Japanese) 10/27/16/31/15/23
    Concert Chatot/Jolly/25 (Japanese) 4/3/29/13/10/25
    PC Nagoya Chimchar/Mild/40 (Japanese) 2/27/27/10/1/22
    World10 Crobat/Timid/30 2/20/20/11/9/23
    GCEA Cyndaquil/Timid/10 (Japanese) 20/14/8/18/4/15
    ALAMOS Darkrai/Jolly/50 21/1/20/10/29/31
    Almia Darkrai/Lonely/50 (Pokemon Ranger) 3/29/10/22/2/24
    New Moon Island Darkrai/Sassy/50 (Shiny) 14/27/22/26/29/6
    Pokemon Movie 07 Darkrai/Quirky/50 (Japanese) 11/20/16/29/10/14
    Gamestp Deoxys/Gentle/50 21/23/26/0/20/14
    Gamestp Deoxys/Rash/50 13/7/24/2/4/13
    Kanto Deoxys/Bold/30 26/10/31/18/20/18
    Oblivia Deoxys/Timid/50 7/25/13/28/6/29
    Pokemon Movie 07 10th Deoxys/Gentle/50 (Japanese) 12/7/24/23/12/4
    SPACE C Deoxys/Impish/70 21/9/28/24/2/29
    10 ANIV Dragonite/Lonely/70 22/13/3/11/14/0
    Saikyou Dragonite/Mild/50 (Japanese) 27/24/20/3/0/4
    VCG10 Eevee/Hardy/50 (Shiny) 3/28/23/15/25/12
    PKTOPIA Electrivire/Adamant/50 14/9/8/16/27/29
    Saikyou Electrivire/Serious/50 (Japanese) 4/23/14/12/27/9
    HORDEL Elekid/Bold/20 16/19/15/1/21/4
    10 ANIV Entei/Rash/70 13/31/27/26/7/17
    Crown Entei/Adamant/30 (Japanese) 20/7/28/0/21/5
    HVR2011 Entei/Adamant/30 21/6/14/0/2/30
    GAMESTP Entei/Adamant/30 24/3/7/1/10/25
    WIN2011 Entei/Adamant/30 22/31/0/29/6/19
    10 ANIV Espeon/Hasty/70 1/21/20/10/18/23
    Baba's Daisuki Flygon/Naiva/50 12/10/3/27/27/20
    JEREMY Growlithe/Quiet/32 11/24/28/1/20/2
    Oblivia Heatran/Quiet/50=20/20/30/3/4/1
    MATTLE Ho-Oh/Serious/70 12/26/17/29/26/22
    Channel Jirachi/Relaxed/5 5/2/21/20/30/14
    GAMESTP Jirachi/Hasty/5 13/30/6/6/30/14
    GAMESTP Jirachi/Quirky/100 18/23/2/25/13/10
    NZ Jirachi/Relaxed/5 26/16/17/15/16/13
    PokePark Jirachi/Bashful/30 (Taiwanese) 9/0/18/5/11/31
    PokePark Jirachi/Naughty/30 (Taiwanese) 16/14/26/3/22/17
    SMR2010 Jirachi/Hasty/5 25/15/13/16/15/16
    SMR2010 Jirachi/Rash/5 12/26/5/6/12/8
    SMR2010 Jirachi/Timid/5 26/1/5/29/15/28
    WISHMKR Jirachi/Lax/5 14/22/23/18/6/30
    DUKING Larvitar/Quirky/20 10/6/1/6/9/3
    10 ANIV Latias/Impish/70 19/1/7/22/13/27
    Enigma Stone Latias/Sassy/40 2/14/30/24/14/4
    10 ANIV Latios/Brave/70 17/18/17/26/6/19
    PALCITY Lucario/Modest/50 8/1/8/22/6/18
    World 08 Lucario/Adamant/30 7/26/16/6/13/28
    10JAHRE Lugia/Relaxed/70 21/20/14/17/23/20
    Pokemon XD Lugia/Gentle/50 27/10/17/4/15/27
    PKTOPIA Magmortar/Modest/50 31/4/18/23/30/30
    Saikyou Magmortar/Hardy/50 4/29/6/14/11/1
    E4ALL Manaphy/Lonely/50 8/31/14/3/10/31
    JBHF Manaphy/Relaxed/50 29/22/12/14/10/2
    NWS Manaphy/Quiet/50 26/15/11/9/28/29
    TRU Manaphy/Hardy/50 29/6/9/23/10/7
    WHF Manaphy/Naughty/5 (Japanese) 5/0/27/27/19/22
    GCEA Mareep/Hasty/10 (Japanese) 7/1/25/21/13/12
    PokePark Movie Meowth/Jolly/5 (Japanese) 21/26/25/23/8/25
    Red's Daisuki Metagross/Brave/62 (Japanese) 22/30/2/30/28/1
    ROCKS Metang/Impish/30 25/29/15/8/3/24
    Aura Mew/Quiet/10 8/12/14/13/28/27
    FAL2010 Mew/Impish/5 2/0/10/9/4/19
    FAL2010 Mew/Modest/5 28/13/15/10/29/26
    FAL2010 Mew/Sassy/5 9/24/7/14/2/16
    Hadou Mew/Lax/10 (Japanese & Shiny) 2/11/29/8/27/22
    Hadou Mew/Modest/10 (Japanese) 28/23/20/25/28/29
    HRB2010 Mew/Sassy/5 28/9/13/28/4/2
    MYSTRY Mew/Rash/10 10/28/22/13/24/29
    OTO2010 Mew/Lonely/5 1/0/13/13/30/1
    Pokefesta Mew/Quite/30 (Japanese) 31/14/19/12/13/23
    Saikyou Milotic/Bold/50 (Japanese) 16/21/6/10/3/31
    VCG09 Milotic/Timid/50 (English & Shiny) 17/14/23/1/2/17
    VCG09 Milotic/Timid/50 (French & Shiny) 29/28/16/9/18/7
    10 ANIV Moltres/Naughty/70 2/10/31/6/6/5
    Pokemon XD Moltres/Impish/50 28/10/13/1/21/2
    GCEA Mudkip/Lonely/10 (Japanese) 4/17/12/1/14/20
    Hayley's Phione/Mild/50 13/19/12/11/31/12
    GAMESTP Pichu/Jolly/30 0/15/22/28/29/3
    Pokemon Movie 09 Pichu/Jolly/30 (Japanese) 23/7/6/12/24/12
    SPR2010 Pichu/Jolly/30 (Shiny) 4/6/29/15/12/5
    10 ANIV Pikachu/Quiet/70 12/9/6/5/27/30
    Ash's Pikachu/Naughty/50 10/7/6/20/12/27
    Ash's Pikachu/Naughty/50 23/31/31/12/31/3
    HAYLEY Pikachu/Jolly/20 24/21/14/12/30/26
    Nintendo Zone Pikachu/Bashful/20 (Japanese) 4/8/13/0/4/10
    NZONE Pikachu/Bashful/20 1/23/3/16/18/16
    PC Yokohama Pikachu/Mild/40 (Japanese) 10/29/10/9/14/30
    PKTOPIA Pikachu/Hardy/10 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Pokewalker Pikachu/Relaxed/15 16/10/12/31/3/10
    Satoshi's (Ash's) Pikachu/Naughty/50 (Japanese) 25/10/25/29/8/23
    TCGWC Pikachu/Hardy/50 14/26/15/1/9/4
    DUKING Plusle/Quirky/13 9/2/6/27/17/22
    10 ANIV Raikou/Hardy/70 4/15/25/28/10/24
    Crown Raikou/Rash/30 (Japanese) 15/14/15/20/9/2
    HVR2011 Raikou/Rash/30 10/10/4/14/21/4
    GAMESTP Raikou/Rash/30 3/13/20/27/23/20
    WIN2011 Raikou/Rash/30 18/11/17/24/1/18
    Hadou Regice/Sassy/40 (Japanese)= 10/7/15/4/14/24
    Pokemon Movie 08 Regigigas/Impish/100 (Japanese) 14/15/11/8/14/17
    Pokemon Movie 08 Regigigas/Sassy/100 (Japanese) 24/29/29/0/1/4
    TRU Regigigas/Lax/100 16/1/2/22/20/9
    TRU Regigigas/Quirky/100 14/17/24/13/21/16
    Kyle's Riolu/Serious/30 (Pokemon Ranger) 18/29/21/31/29/7
    Saikyou Salamence/Naughty/50 (Japanese) 15/30/3/6/26/30
    Goon Scizor/Adamant/50 (Japanese) 20/20/2/30/28/18
    Pokemon Colosseum Scizor/Hasty/50 (Japanese) 0/0/0/0/0/0
    GCEA Seviper/Bold/10 (Japanese) 20/17/29/10/10/19
    Movie11 Shaymin/Relaxed/50 3/23/24/3/16/14
    Oblivia Shaymin/Bashful/30 19/8/7/30/23/10
    TRU Shaymin/Modest/50 6/1/16/20/31/12
    DUKING Shuckle/Mild/20 22/21/15/20/9/24
    Pokebox Skitty/Lax/5 9/15/21/15/13/4
    JEREMY Slowpoke/Naive/31 17/11/19/20/5/10
    Pokebox Swablu/Hasty/5 6/17/14/17/20/29
    GCEA Solrock/Careful/10 (Japanese) 29/30/12/30/12/6
    10 ANIV Suicune/Mild/70 19/31/19/19/11/1
    Crown Suicune/Relaxed/30 (Japanese) 29/9/24/13/30/21
    GAMESTP Suicune/Relaxed/30 31/22/30/24/30/31
    WIN2011 Suicune/30 28/10/29/6/29/29
    Pokemon XD Togepi/Timid/25 0/6/27/22/18/15
    Pokemon Sunday Tropius/Jolly/53 (Japanese)=11/30/25/24/3/19
    10 ANIV Typhlosion/Serious/70 17/22/4/19/27/6
    10 ANIV Tyranitar/Hasty/70=20/4/27/1/23/8
    10 ANIV Umbreon/Gentle/70 12/20/10/24/23/14
    World09 Weaville/Jolly/30 29/31/13/13/15/31
    10 ANIV Zapdos/Quiet/70 15/13/14/2/26/23
    Pokemon XD Zapdos/Serious/50 26/5/2/5/18/19
    Pokebox Zigzagoon/Quiet/5 3/22/28/10/16/18
    RUBY Zigzagoon/Hardy/5 (Shiny) 1/3/16/24/7/10
    RUBY Zigzagoon/Careful/5 (Shiny & Japanese) 18/30/18/25/23/14
    SAPHIRE Zigzagoon/Calm/5 (shiny) 9/25/7/6/28/12
    SAPHIRE Zigzagoon/Naughty/4 (Shiny & Japanese) 15/25/21/10/5/22
    Absol/Rash/20 11/27/17/1/11/0
    Azelf/Timid/50 27/23/30/6/22/24
    Beedril/Naughty/10 17/10/15/26/27/28
    Bronzor/Calm/25 8/2/0/17/20/13
    Camerupt/Lonely/55 13/19/23/2/0/6
    Charmander/Adamant/1 28/25/1/12/17/14
    Charmander/Naughty/1 15/2/8/8/2/18 Rock Slide, Dragon Dance, Bite
    Chikorita/Hasty/5 3/21/8/13/13/3
    Crobat/Adamant/59 4/3/28/17/15/12
    Ditto/Naive/75 28/2/6/20/19/4
    Doduo/Adamant/30 15/5/12/25/18/23
    Drifloon/Modest/15 14/15/29/7/24/19
    Dunsparce/Jolly/18 25/15/25/14/11/9
    Eevee/Modest/5 23/14/9/15/11/21
    Eevee/Timid/1 – Yawn, Wish, Curse, Helping Hand 25/31/13/20/23/24
    Eevee/Quirky/16 0/25/31/14/25/3
    Feebas/Modest/20 27/22/12/15/31/4
    Geodude/Timid/12 (Nicknamed “Goldendude”) 8/16/29/11/24/24
    Gible/Jolly/1 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Growlithe/Adamant/1 26/0/17/25/18/17
    Growlithe/Hasty/1 18/30/25/1/4/9
    Hitmonchan/Bold/100 22/12/20/6/18/11
    Hitmontop/Naughty/100 (Japanese) 30/30/30/30/30/30
    Larvitar/Hasty/6 3/8/17/17/24/17
    Magmar/Timid/29 24/25/4/31/20/31
    Magnemite/Gentle/29 25/0/11/5/21/10
    Misdreavus/Serious/18 25/4/23/11/8/12
    Mr. Mime/Careful/22 (Nicknamed Shinymime) 5/19/3/26/26/15
    Mudkip/Lonely/1 7/15/4/17/15/6
    Murkrow/Adamant/17 25/10/3/15/21/26
    Nuzleaf/Calm/47 26/27/14/0/8/1
    Pidgey/Hasty/50 3/21/26/6/8/11
    Ponyta/Relaxed/31 6/6/24/6/26/2
    Porygon-Z/Quirky/5 29/20/1/7/23/20
    Regice/Gentle/40 14/7/7/16/19/1
    Rhyperior/Calm/45 30/27/25/5/20/23
    Rioulu/Adamant/1 20/4/8/18/9/28 Blaze Kick, Crunch, Cross Chop, Bullet Punch
    Scyther/Adamant/1 30/16/20/14/19/2
    Seviper/Sassy/15 10/22/4/25/1/28
    Skorupi/Serious/44 5/27/3/5/0/9
    Snorlax/Relaxed/50 30/2/11/5/11/18
    Spearow/Docile/20 7/13/5/6/25/24
    Spinarak/Relaxed/10 1/1/1/1/1/1
    Squirtle/Jolly/1 16/29/12/17/22/15
    Suicune/Lax/40 4/11/12/6/18/23
    Swinub/Adamant/21 4/29/22/7/27/22
    Teddiursa/Calm/36 31/25/30/6/1/23
    Togepi/Brave/18 18/1/6/30/12/6
    Totodile/Sassy/1 17/31/31/6/31/18
    Trapinch/Jolly/1 22/16/31/5/4/7
    Trapinch/Quirky/1 26/11/25/23/5/16 (Pokerus)
    Treecko/Adamant/1 11/22/12/7/18/13
    Voltorb/Modest/23 23/20/9/10/13/31
    Wartortle/Quiet/16 30/31/10/7/9/15
    Wingull/Serious/23 31/25/1/17/28/15
    Zangoose/Adamant/1 12/7/6/5/6/6 night slash/metal claw/swords dance
    Zubat/Hasty/6 17/1/2/17/12/25
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2011
  3. Awsome Shiny 001

    Awsome Shiny 001 <--Awesome Shiny

    Seeking 5th Gen. shinies

    Hi everyone! I am looking for any 5th Gen. shinies you might have for trade! I own a Japanese pokemon black version, and will be purchasing the English white shortly after it comes out.

    I have a bunch of shinies on my Platinum, and am currently taking RNG shiny requests on my Emerald, and Diamond. (see my sig) I am willing to trade between 2-3 shiny pokemon from previous generations for 5th Gen. shinies.

    I also have 5th Gen. pokerus on my black that I can infect on the fodder pokemon I trade to you.

    If you are interested, or have any questions, please PM me!

    P.S. I havn't beat my Emerald yet, and am currently trying to race through the game to get access to more pokemon. I will not be trading legends form my Emerald, because I would like to keep them for myself.

  4. Ju-da-su

    Ju-da-su Well-Known Member

    I have all of these:
    Non-RNG'd UT shiny 5th Gen pokemons: Calm Snivy (with Glare), Modest Sewaddle, Hasty Blitzle, Adamant Cubchoo, Jolly Maractus, Serious Audino, Serious Woobat, Careful Rufflet, Relaxed Cottonee, Modest Shelmet, Modest Deino, Lax Trubbish, Naughty Ducklett, Hardy Zorua, Brave Venipede, Docile Karrablast, Impish Sandile, Jolly Yamask, Sassy Terrakion, Serious Axew, Serious Purrloin

    RNG'd UT shiny 5th Gen Pokemon
    Timid Oshawott (30/18/30/31/31/30 HP Elect 70)
    Timid Tepig (30/18/30/31/31/30 HP Elect 70)
    Timid Snivy (30/18/30/31/31/30 HP Elect 70)
    Jolly Terrakion (Flawless)

    RNG'd flawless English past gen shinies UT with EM:
    Timid Bulbasaur (Light Screen, Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm, Power Whip)
    Modest Squirtle (Aqua Jet, Flail, Aqua Ring, Yawn)
    Adamant Growlithe (Roar, Crunch, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun)
    Calm Mr.Mime (Confusion, Light Screen, Reflect, Substitute)
    Adamant Scyther (Vaccuum Wave, Quick Attack, Leer, U-Turn)
    Calm Eevee (Tackle, Helping Hand, Wish, Yawn)
    Adamant Dratini (Leer, Extremespeed, Dragon Dance, Thunderwave)
    Bold Chikorita (Tackle, Growl, Reflect)
    Timid Pichu (Thundershock, Charm)
    Jolly Gligar (Poison Sting, Double Edge, Baton Pass)
    Jolly Sneasel (Taunt, Fake Out, Ice Punch, False Swipe)
    Hasty Houndour (Leer, Ember, Pursuit, Beat Up)
    Careful Larvitar (Bite, Leer, Curse)
    Adamant Larvitar (Leer, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Sandstorm)
    Jolly Torchic (Night Slash, Agility, Rock Slide, Crush Claw)
    Careful Mudkip (Tackle, Growl, Yawn)
    Adamant Turtwig (Tackle, Body Slam)
    Naive Chimchar (Leer, Fake Out, Blaze Kick, Taunt)
    Jolly Gible (Tackle, Outrage)

    RNG'd flawless English past gen shinies UT: Adamant Beldum, Timid Charmander, Jolly Pidgey, Adamant Ekans, Jolly Ponyta, Mild Gastly, Adamant Onix, Relaxed Staryu, Timid Eevee, Timid Polygon, Careful/Impish Snorlax, Timid Cyndaquil, Adamant Totodile, Modest Yanma, Impish Shuckle, Jolly Smeargle, Timid Treeko, Modest Wurmple, Adamant/Timid Ralts, Bold Baltoy, Modest Piplup, Adamant Cranidos, Modest Burmy, Timid Drifloon, Jolly Glameow, Adamant Riolu, Timid Rotom

    RNG'd near flawless English UT past gen shinies:
    Relaxed Tangela (31/31/31/31/31/30 HP Ice 70; Move: Ingrain, Constrict, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed)
    Adamant Groundon (31/30/30/x/29/29)
    Naive Rayquaza (26/31/31/31/25/30)

    And my own bred serious shiny Lapras (x/14/15/30/30/31).

    All legit, but mostly obtained via trade, so none of them (except for my Lapras and the modest Sewaddle) are nicknamable, unfortunately.

    Looking for other Gen 5 shinies and any DW event pokemons (except Bulbasaur and Arceus).
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2011
  5. FrederickaRoufsd

    FrederickaRoufsd New Member


    I was searching about this as well. Would like see more thoughts about this issue from you guys.
  6. FrederickaRoufsd

    FrederickaRoufsd New Member


    I was searching about this as well. Would like see more thoughts about this issue from you guys.
  7. LegitBreeder

    LegitBreeder Master Breeder

    Hey! :D I'm looking for shiny legit mewtwo preferably modest and UT, I can offer legit uncloned event pokemon including Ashs pikachu and goons scizor which seem popular wants right now... I also have all event only legendaries, all TRU and all 10 anniversary full sets, PM me for more info, I may make an offer for other shiny pokemon that I want I just can't think of any atm :)
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2011
  8. rayquaza9999

    rayquaza9999 New Member

    i have two shinys to trade a adamant dustox and less intrestingly a bashful lake of rage gyrados im looking for the events in my sig PM me with offers

    AND i can get you chanible shiny aswell
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2011
  9. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    I am looking for any of these shinies.


    Unused Crown Beast Entei

    I just need one of the three for my Entei. I would appreciate it if they were bred and at lvl 1. PM me if interested.
  10. iamtheprimera

    iamtheprimera Pokemon Chevalier

    Looking for either a shiny Tepig or shiny Golett, can trade whats in my sig and I have more too that I dont have in my sig.
  11. ~Nidoking~

    ~Nidoking~ Team Aqua Admin

    Trading UT Shiny Bold Ditto, UT Shiny Sawk, UT Shiny Clefairy and UT Shiny Solrock
    LF: Shiny 5th gen Starters, Shiny Rufflet or Shiny Male Ralts.
  12. thegreattjtoot

    thegreattjtoot Active Member

    offering shiny 4 gen pokemon for any of the following
    male darmation with superpower
    male beartic with superpower
    male stouland with thunder fang and fire fang
    female snivy
    female oshawott
  13. cheetochee

    cheetochee Im back

    hi i am looking for a shiny gothilite or the other evolutions of it i have different shiny pokemon for trade and events and ev trained pokemon i am willing to trade. pm if you would trade it
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2011
  14. Cloudchild75

    Cloudchild75 Magus lover

    I'll trade a shiny from gens 1-4 to anyone who will help me transfer a rattata to my Black! I also have crown raikou and entei for the Lostlorn forest event. My wants -

    Black and White shiny wants must be nicknameable but until I get gen 5 shinys you can only have shinys from 1-4 These MUST be nicknameable or Japanese~!
    Snivy x2 SHINY
    Oshawott SHINY
    Purrloin SHINY
    Zorua SHINY
    Lillipup x2 SHINY
    Blitzle SHINY
    Minccino SHINY
    Deerling one of each season so x4 SHINY
    Emolga SHINY
    Keldeo If it could be shiny legit? SHINY
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2011
  15. Minigoth

    Minigoth Member

    i am looking for a shiny eevee
  16. Cute

    Cute Kawaii for life~ x

    Lvl 1 rnged

    Looking for other shinies or events. Pm me with offers.
  17. Etrigan85

    Etrigan85 UU/NU Trainer

    just got my first shiny from white... a shiny Duosion its now in pc UT
  18. Xman96

    Xman96 Fighting Leader

    I have a shiny tangrowth level 42, I believe it is UT, but cannot say for sure. Looking for nearly any shiny 5th gen pokemon.
  19. Jessie Mulay

    Jessie Mulay Well-Known Member

    Looking for Shiny Solosis. Offering any 2 Pokes Listed below.

    Golem L.40
    Venasaur L. 40 (w/ Power Whip)
    Mewto L 70 Untouched
    Ho-Oh L. 70 Untouched.

    PM me to trade.

    -Also, what is LF?
  20. Dragontamer Andy

    Dragontamer Andy Shiny PLZ

    LF means Looking For

    Anyway i am looking for every 5th gen shiny pokemon , i offer every shiny legendary fo 1-4 gen , also have alot of other shiny pokemon , just say what ya want , i might have it(some are UT , but most aren't :( )
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