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Shiny Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Trade Forum' started by ellie, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. ladendar

    ladendar Little munchkinz

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone here was whilling to trade me a shiny milotic for the following shiny's I carry:

    -the 2 evolved form of evee (electric, and water)

    And many more. I have a lot of these pokemons, so dont worry, I wont run out! So please, if anyone is able to trade me a milotic for these pokemon, I'll feel grateful :D

    Friend code: 5028-4346-1411

    Regarding these forums being high in traffic, please pm your reply. Thanks.
  2. ladendar

    ladendar Little munchkinz

    Trade request

    I would love to trade you a shiny Shayim for your requaza (sorry if mispelled) =l
  3. Ezro

    Ezro New Member

    Eey.. i've got some legendaries that i would like to trade for some cool shinies:

    zekrom,reshiram,normal or shiny ho-oh,normal or shiny zapdos,normal or shiny lugia,articuno,celebi,regigigas,regice,regirock,groudon,kyo gre, normal or shiny palkia,deoxys,latias,darkrai,kyurem,suicune,mesprit,victini,phione,dialga,heatran,latios and a normal or shiny rayquaza!

    (i've also got an EV'trained shiny gigalith up for trade)
    I can also offer any breedable pokemon!
    and i can offer pokerus
    PM me with some offers, thank you
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2011
  4. EmiiLava

    EmiiLava Joltik Queen <3


    Shiny galade lv.100 timid
    shiny drowse UT lv.10 mild or naughty
    shiny primape lv.32 mild
    shiny pidgey UT lv.8 timid
    shiny pidgeot lv.36 gentle
    shiny nidarina UT lv.23 jolly
    shiny nidoking lv.71 adament
    shiny poliwhirl UT lv.35 modest
    shiny exeggutor lv.14 naughty
    shiny snubbull lv.21 lax
    shiny psyduck UT lv.28 calm
    shiny golbat UT lv.22 adament
    shiny grimer lv.27 lv.d up by 1 lv. gentle
    shiny luxio JP lv.27 adament
    shiny machop
    shiny suicune UT event lv.30
    shiny typhsion
    shiny megainum
    shiny squirtle
    shiny crobat
    shiny altaria
    shiny linoone
    shiny electivire
    shiny torterra
    shiny jynx
    shiny munchlax
    shiny snorlax
    shiny roserade
    shiny bannetee
    shiny milotic
    shiny yanmega
    shiny pelipper
    shiny lugia
    shiny ho-oh
    shiny deoxys speed form
    shiny deoxys normal form
    shiny kyogre
    shiny shaymin
    shiny darkrai
    shiny latios
    shiny wigglytuff
    shiny onix
    shiny noctowl
    shiny amphoahs
    shiny magnimite
    shiny donphan
    shiny pinco
    shiny fortress
    shiny tauros
    shiny girafirig
    shiny ponyta
    shiny rapidash
    shiny raticate
    shiny kangaskan bold nature UT lv.15
    shiny bellsprout
    shiny magmar
    shiny magmortar
    shiny goldeen
    shiny seaking
    shiny flareon
    shiny gyarados
    shiny krabby
    shiny kingler
    shiny graveler
    shiny golem
    shiny slowbro
    shiny tangrowth
    shiny tangala
    shiny dratini w/ dw abilityand egg moves: extreme speed
    shiny cloyster
    shiny tentacool
    shiny tentacruel
    shiny majikarp
    shiny quagsire
    shiny butterfree
    shiny dodou
    shiny dodrio
    shiny chinchou
    shiny lanturn
    shiny spearow
    shiny fearow
    shiny machamp
    shiny garachomp
    shiny cacturne
    shiny roselia
    shiny glaceon
    shiny luxray
    shiny pichu UT second event, lv.31 first event
    shiny aerodactyl
    shiny lapras
    shiny dustox
    shiny miltank
    shiny floatzel
    shiny skarmory
    shiny kabuto
    shiny shuppet
    shiny ursaring
    shiny abamasnow
    shiny mismagius
    shiny suicune ut lv.40 ss encounter
    shiny jp kyogre lv.70 ut
    shiny latias ut lv.35
    shiny rotom lv.15 or lv.1
    shiny rypherior female lv.59 admant flawless
    shiny glalie lv.42 nn icebane lonely
    shiny cacturne jp ut
    shiny solrock ut hasty
    shiny lavatiar lv.24 ut
    shiny tyranitar lv.69 jp
    shiny miltank lv.100 brave
    shiny ursaring brave lv.100
    shiny swellow lv.47 ut
    shiny skorupi lv.22 careful
    shiny hypno lv.100 hasty
    shiny alakazzam lv.57 impish
    shiny yanma lv.26 bold
    shiny marill bashful lv.21 ut
    shiny jp murkrow ut lv.11
    shiny tauros lv/13 timid
    shiny jp herracross lv.1 adament eggmoves: megahorn pursuit toxoic endure
    shiny sneasel lv.41 serious male
    asuma the male shiny absol lv.50
    shiny krabby lv.25 sassy
    shiny pachirisu lv.7 ut brave
    shiny buneary lv.10 ut gentle
    shiny eevee naive male lv.16 trphy garden
    shiny umbreon female lv.10 bashful
    shiny flareon lv.25 jp docile
    shiny piplup naughty lv.1 eggmoves: icebeam hydro pump
    shiny chimchar hardy lv.1 eggmoves: heatwave
    shiny wynaut nn Isso bashful
    shiny seviper lv.49 serious
    shiny pinser lv.100 impish pkrus jp
    shiny unown F lv.5 ut quirky
    shiny poregon-z lv.100 modest
    shiny oddish lv.26 ut quirky
    shiny turtwig lv.10 mild
    shiny treeko lv.1 quirky eggmove: gigadrain
    shiny torchic lv.1 rash
    shiny mudkips lv.1 relaxed eggmoves: icebeam mudbomb and lv.5 lax
    shiny golbat lv.47 ut docile
    shiny huntail lv.42 sassy
    shiny abomasnow lv.43 rash
    shiny drifblim lv.100 lax
    shiny magnizone lv.33 hardy
    shiny krikitune lv.30 ut bold
    shiny dustox lv.45 sassy
    shiny magmar lv.53 brave
    shiny kabuto lv.50 brave
    shiny azumarrill modest
    shiny steelix lv.33 ut rash
    shiny blaziken lv.37 adament
    shiny arcanine lv.51 careful
    shiny rapidash lv.58 brave
    shiny raikou UT event
    shiny entei UT event
    Darkrai UT 10th movie event-special rend and roar of time lv.50
    GameSTP pikachu colored pichu UT lv.30 or lv.31
    10ANV Celebi UT lv.70
    Toys R Us Dragonite lv.50
    Toys R Us Shaymin UT lv.50
    shiny oaks letter shaymin lv.100
    fullmoon island shiny darkrai lv.100
    Jirachi event draco metor lv.5 UT
    GameSTP UT deoxys lv.50
    Pokemon Ranger Guardian signs oblivia heatran with eruption lv.50 UT
    Pokemon ranch Hayleys Phoine lv.56
    Toys R us arceus event lv.100 judgment, roar of time, special rend, shadow force
    VGC10 eevee UT lv.50
    Poketopia sufing pikachu lv.10 UT
    MYSTRY Mew lv.10 UT or lv.100
    FAL2010 Mew lv.5 UT or lv.34
    XD gale of darkness lugia UT(only a little exp. no lv. up)Pychco boost, feather dance, earthquake, and hydro pump
    JP Arceus movie 13 event lv.100 judgment, roar of time, special rend, shadow force
    ashes pikachu
    ashes pidove
    ashes pansage
    pokesmash! zoroark
    jirachi w/ dracometor event
    10ANV celebii
    WIN2011 celebii
    shiny duddrigon docile, and bashful
    shiny litwick ut relaxed male
    shiny darmanitian lv.50 zen mode careful
    shiny deerling mild ut lv.26
    shiny tranquil lv.30 female hardy super luck
    and i have more!
  5. ZottenDim

    ZottenDim Breeding Rookie

    Looking for a shiny Tirtouga Offeringshiny's/ legendary's pm me for a list :)
  6. Equious

    Equious Well-Known Member

    NOTE: all these are from trades so not 100% sure if they are legit

    shiny Cryogonal x1
    Shiny Articuno x3
    Shiny Entei x1
    Shiny Palkia x1
    Shiny Gardivour x2
    Shiny Axew x2
    Shiny Smeargle x2
    Shiny Moltres x1
    Shiny Staryu x1
    Shiny Raikou x1

    shiny sigilyph
    Shiny ferroseed
    Shiny klink
    Shiny venipede
    Shiny purrloin
    Other 5th gen shinies
    Other shinies

  7. FILIP22

    FILIP22 Original Member since 2007

    Looking for UT non-nicknamed shiny AZURILL.

    Will trade up to any 3 shinies from my trade thread :)
  8. Vargas_Nano

    Vargas_Nano New Member


    Kyurem - Lv 75 - Timid
    Rayquaza - Lv 50 - Lonely
    Heatran - Lv 70 - Sassy
    Cresselia - Lv 50 - Hardy
    Giratina(x2) - Lv 47 - Mild/Rlaxed
    Tornadus - Lv 42 - Docile(J)
    Lugia - Lv 45 - Timid

    Dratini - Lv 1 - Adamant - Extreme Speed
    Charmander - Lv 1 - Quirky
    Gible - Lv 1 - Bashful
    Timburr - Lv 14 - Hardy
    Rufflett - Lv 34 - Hasty
    Ferroseed - Lv 25/Lv 26 - Quirky/Relaxed
    Petilil - Lv 19 - Gentle
    Joltik - Lv 25 - Sassy
    Totodile - Lv 1 - Bold
    Trapinch - Lv 1 - Sassy and Brave
    Mareep - Lv 1 - Lonely
    Axew - Lv 31 - Relaxed(J)
    Axew - Lv 1 - Adamant( Rivalry)
    Boldore - Lv39 - Mild
    Electrike - Lv 1 - Rash
    Skarmory - Lv 1 - Hardy
    Tepig - Lv 1- Lonely/Docile
    Zorua - Lv 10 - Mild
    Piplup - Lv 1 - Serious
    Turtwig - Lv 1 - Brave(J)
    Bulbasaur - Lv 1 - Timid
    Treecko - Lv 1 - Brave
    Mudkip - Lv 1 - Quiet
    Eevee - Lv 1 and 5 - Lonely/Hardy (Both J)
    Stunky - Lv 34 - Adamant
    Bagon - Lv 1 - Hardy
    Flareon - Lv 1 - Lonely
    Beldum - Lv 1 - Careful/Impish
    Snivy - Lv 5 - Timid
    Oshawott - Lv 5 - Modest
    Ponyta - Lv 1 and 34 - Modest/Naughty
    Roselia - Lv 19 - Sassy
    Meganium - Lv 32 - Naughty
    Growlithe - Lv 2 - Jolly (T)
    Shinx - Lv 4/Lv 8 - Adamant/Impish
    Gallade - Lv 36 - Adamant (NN'd Blade)
    Riolu - Lv 1 - Calm (NN'd RAWR)
    Charizard - Lv 38 - Mild (T)
    Pawniard - Lv 1 - Adamant
    Scizor - Lv 65 - Quiet(T)
    Horsea - Lv 1 - Mild
    (M)Frillish - Lv 17 - Calm
    Tentacruel - Lv 25 - Mild
    Heracross - Lv 28 - Bold
    Accelgor - Lv 1 - Calm
    Larvesta - Lv 1 - Quirky
    Starly - Lv 3 - Calm
    Staryu - Lv 32/Lv 40 - Hasty/Timid
    Shroomish - Lv 1 - Adamant
    Yamask - Lv 20 - Sassy
    Squirtle - Lv 5 - Mild
    Druddigon - Lv 31 - Brave
    Anorith - Lv 1 - Adamant
    Litwick - Lv 26 - Timid - 31/2/30/30/30/30
    Riolu - Lv 1 - Adamant - Blaze Kick, Crunch, Cross Chop, Bullet Punch
    Rufflet - Lv 1 - Adamant - 29/31/31/30/30/31
    Umbreon - Lv 50 - Careful
    Scizor - Lv 50 - Adamant
    Roggenrola - Lv 11 - Brave
    Sigilyph - Lv 20 - Adamant
    Sewaddle - Lv 14 - Rash
    Turtwig - Lv 1 - Rash
    Bagon - Lv 1 - Quiet
    Basculin - Lv 47 - Lonely
    Scraggy - Lv 1 - Adamant - Drain Punch, Payback, Bulk Up, Rock Slide
    Klink - Lv 26 - Hardy
    Panpour - Lv 15 - Serious


    Near Flawless Deerling - Lv 32 - Jolly - 31/24/31/31/30/31
    Near Flawless Venipede - Lv 15 - Timid - 11/30/30/31/27/31
    Near Flawless Virizion - Lv 42 - Jolly - 31/31/30/15/30/31
    Near Flawless Volcarona - Lv 100 - Timid - 31/30/30/31/31/31 - HP:Ice - 252SpAtk/252Spe/4x
    Near Flawless Deino - Lv 1 - Timid - 31/31/31/30/30/31 - Dark Pulse
    Near Flawless Timburr - Lv 1 - Brave - 31/31/31/31/31/0 - Mach Punch, Drain Punch, Counter, Endure
    Near Flawless Dark Pulse Zorua - Lv 1 - Timid - 31/31/31/30/31/31
    Near Flawless Pansage - Lv 5 - Hasty - 31/31/31/31/30/31
    Near Flawless Rotom - Lv 1 - Timid - 31/30/31/31/31/31
    Near Flawless Tirtouga - Lv 25 - Adamant - 31/31/31/13/31/31
    Near Flawless Shelmet - Lv 1 - Timid - HP: Ice - 31/30/30/31/31/31
    Near Flawless Yamask - Lv 20 - Sassy - 31/0/31/31/31/31
    Near Flawless Totodile - Lv 1 - Adamant - 31/31/31/31/31/29
    Flawless Minccino - Lv 20 - Jolly
    Flawless Scraggy - Lv 1 - Adamant - DD, Drain Punch, Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch
    Flawless Deino - Lv 1 - Modest - Dark Pulse
    Flawless Mienfoo - Lv 1 - Hasty - Stone Edge
    Flawless Solosis - Lv 1 - Bold
    Flawless Bagon - Lv 1 - Naive - Rage, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump
    Flawless Togepi - Lv 1 - Modest
    Flawless Croagunk - Lv 1 - Adamant
    Flawless Elekid - Lv 1 - Adamant - Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Cross Chop
    Flawless Archen - Lv 25 - Jolly
    Flawless Darumaka - Lv 1 - Jolly
    Flawless Gible - Lv 1 - Jolly
    Flawless Drilbur - Lv 1 - Adamant
    Flawless Excadrill - Lv 59 - Jolly - 252 Atk/252Spe/6HP
    Flawless Charmander - Lv 1 - Jolly
    Flawless Sandile - Lv 1 - Jolly - (Fire Fang and Thunder Fang)
    Flawless Bold Torchic - Lv 1 - Counter, Night Slash, Crush Claw, Baton Pass(NN'd Flemmli)
    Flawless Azelf - Lv 50 - Timid
    Flawless Latios - Lv 40 - Sassy
    Flawless Bulbasaur - Lv 5 - Hardy
    Flawless Jolly Garchomp - Lv 100 - 252 Atk/252 Spe/6 HP
    Flawless Modest Hydreigon - Lv 100 - 252 Sp.Atk/252 Spe/6HP
    Flawless Timid Alakazam - Lv 100 - 252 Sp.Atk/252Spe/6HP
    Flawless Adamant Staraptor - Lv 100 - 252Atk/252/Spe/6x
    Flawless Adamant Tyranitar - Lv 100 - 252Atk/252Spe/6x
    Flawless Shellder - Lv 1 - Jolly - Skill Link w/Rock Blast

    Shiny Ranger Manaphy
    VGC09 Shiny Milotic
    VGC10 Shiny Eevee
    TRU Regigigas
    Win2011 Celebi(J) Still unused for the Zorua
    TRU Arceus
    Shiny Enigma Stone Latios and Non-shiny Enigma Stone Latios
    TRU Egg Cilan's Pansage x2
    TRU Egg Ash's Pidove
    Ash's Pikachu
    Satoshi's Pikachu(J)
    Ash's Scraggy - Adamant
    Movie 14 Victini - Jolly
    Flawless Movie 14 Victini - Adamant
    Gamestop Deoxys
    Alamos Darkrai
    Almia Darkrai
    TRU Shaymin
    Gamestop Jirachi(x3)
    WISHMKR Jirachi
    Channel Jirachi
    MYSTRY Mew
    FAL2010 Mew
    PokePark Mew Shiny
    WISHMKR Jirachi Shiny
    WISHMKR Jirachi Shiny - Hasty

    DW Pokemon:

    Shiny Marvel Scale Dratini - Lv 1 - Jolly - FLAWLESS - Extremespeed
    Shiny Drought Vulpix - Lv 1 - Timid - FLAWLESS - Hypnosis
    Shiny Immunity Gligar - Lv 1 - Impish - Near Flawless(1 Sp.Atk)
    Shiny Drought Vulpix - Lv 1 - Calm
    DW Overcoat Burmy - Lv 1 - Hardy
    DW Moody Smeargle - Lv 1 - Docile
    DW Anticipation Eevee - Lv 1 - Modest (Wish)
    DW Super Luck Togekiss - Lv 10 - Modest - FLAWLESS
    DW Ice Body Glaceon - Lv 10 - Mild
    DW Guts Flareon - Lv 10 - Jolly
    DW Magic Bounce Espeon - Lv 10 - Naive
    DW Quick Feet Jolteon - Lv 10 - Modest
    DW Inner Focus Umbreon - Lv 10 - Calm
    DW Damp Mudkip - Lv 10 - Adamant - FLAWLESS
    DW Speed Boost Tochic - Lv 10 - Adamant - Near Flawless
    DW Iron Fist - Lv 10 - Adamant
    DW Chlorophyll Bulbasaur - Lv 10 - Modest
    DW Shell Armor Turtwig - Lv 10 - Adamant
    DW Defiant Piplup - Lv 10 - Modest
    DW Rain Dish Squirtle - Lv 10 - Bold
    DW Unburden Treecko - Lv 10 - Timid

    All subway items including:
    Life Orb
    Burn Orb
    Choice Scarf and other choice items
    All power items
    Rare candies
    Heart scales
    Evolution items like razor fang
    Evolution stones

    I do CLONE my pokemon before I trade and can also provide this service with no problem. I've cloned for a couple of people and they can back my word on it.

    Mainly looking for a shiny DW Poliwag with Modest nature and a non-shiny Adamant DW Anorith with Swift Swim(Will offer shinies for this)
    I'm looking for flawless shinies, shinies, shiny legendaries, events or DW events and DW pokemon I dont have. PM me and we'll work something out.

    If you want further information on the pokemon I listed just shoot me a PM and i'll be more then happy to give you all the info.
  9. AzureCharizard

    AzureCharizard Really? Come on now.

    looking for a shiny modest dieno (nicknamed nightmare) perferably flawless/near flawless with dark pulse. will offer 5 shinys. i can offer pokemon in sig, and more.
  10. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    I'm looking for (MUST be English, un-NN'd, and comply with specifications (such as "UT"):
    -5th gen. shinies: Pansage UT/Simisage UT, Panpour UT/Simipour UT, shiny Scolipede UT/BT/T, shiny Yamask UT/Cofagrigus UT
    -shiny legends: Kyurem UT, Articuno UT, Cresselia UT (English), Virizion
    -shiny Gulpin UT (English)
    -shiny Venonat UT
    -shiny Whismur UT
    -shiny Cherrim UT/BT/T (sunshine form preferred)
    -shiny Chinchou UT
    -shiny Baltoy UT
    -shiny Electivire, EV accepted, must be UT if not EV'd
    -shiny Umbreon UT/BT/T
    -shiny Lunatone UT
    -shiny DW Pokes, must be UT. I already have: Gligar, Vulpix, Growlithe, Dratini
    -shiny Sinjoh Ruins Dialga UT/Palkia UT/Giratina UT
    Check my trade shop to see what I'm offering. PM/VM me or post in my shop if you're interested :D.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2011
  11. EliteMaster

    EliteMaster Well-Known Member

    Ok, my request is very specific. I want a shiny Adamant Axew with Mold Breaker. I want it at lvl 1 and UT. No nicknames please! I'm in desperate search for one with these conditions. I really don't care about the gender or the language as long as it fits the other requirements, and is legit.
  12. Palkiacatcher

    Palkiacatcher TSS Member

    Shiny Arbok (Ev'd if possible)
    Shiny Ekans
    Shiny Venonat
    Shiny Paras
    Shiny Mankey
    Shiny Grimer/Muk
    Shiny Exeggcute
    Shiny Chikorita - REALLY WANT
    Shiny Hoothoot
    Shiny Ledyba
    Shiny Spinarak
    Shiny Hoppip
    Shiny Yanma
    Shiny Misdreavus
    Shiny Snubbul
    Shiny Stantler
    Shiny Wurmple
    Shiny Seedot
    Shiny Masquerain
    Shiny Gulpin
    Shiny Spoink
    Shiny Trapinch
    Shiny Cacnea
    Shiny Burmy
    Shiny Combee
    Shiny Drifloon
    Shiny Finneon
    Shiny Spiritomb

    My 5G offers are in my thread so CMT if you have any of these on 5th Gen!

    I have a crapload of 4th Gen Shinies as well if you can trade on 4th Gen!

    Get back at me in a PM or post on my Shop!
  13. Bobjim987

    Bobjim987 Trader/Battler

    -Shiny UT modest tepig
    -Shiny UT marowak
    -Shiny impish gyarados
    -Timid Shiny Flawless Bagon UT
    -Shiny bold dialga
    Aswell as other flawless/flawless shinies, check my shop for details
  14. Emerald 2006

    Emerald 2006 Well-Known Member

    As I posted in the Tirtouga/Carracosta trading thread, I'm searching for a shiny Tirtouga, pref Male, will take Female as well, low lv 1 /15 max, not much higher. I'm thinking about Nicknaming it, if I Manage to work out a trade for one. I have some shinys I can offer, lv 100 Drapion, I could trade for a Tirtouga. I'm a fan of carracstas, and would like a shiny Tirtouga to train up.

    PM me if you want to work out a deal.
  15. melhouse_06

    melhouse_06 New Member

    I have:
    1-4gen shinies

    ut shiny lvl 1 abra timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 absol adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 aerodactyl jolly
    ut shiny lvl 20 anorith adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 aipon jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 aron adamant
    ut shiny lvl 80 arceus timid
    ut shiny lvl 50 articuno modest
    ut shiny lvl 50 azelf timid
    t shiny lvl 2 azurill adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 bagon jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 baltoy bold
    ut shiny lvl 1 beldum adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 bidoof adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 bonsly jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 bronzor relaxed
    ut shiny lvl 1 budew timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 buizel jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 bulbasuar mild
    ut shiny lvl 1 buneary jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 cacnea adamant
    ut shiny lvl 5 carnivine modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 carvanha timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 castform modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 caterpie jolly
    ut shiny lvl 10 celebi (japanese) ageto lax
    ut shiny lvl 1 charmander jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 chatot timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 cherubi modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 chikorita jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 chimchar jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 chimecho bold
    ut shiny lvl 40 chinchou calm
    ut shiny lvl 1 chingling timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 cleffa bold
    ut shiny lvl 20 cranidos adamant
    ut shiny lvl 50 cresselia timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 croagunk adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 cubone jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 cyndaquil modest
    ut shiny lvl 50 darkrai timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 dialga modest
    ut shiny lvl 33 ditto modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 dratini jolly
    ut shiny lvl 15 dratini adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 drifloon timid
    ut shiny lvl 12 drowzee bold
    ut shiny lvl 1 duskull relaxed
    ut shiny lvl 1 eevee impish/calm/lonely
    ut shiny lvl 1 ekans adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 electrike timid
    ut shiny lvl 7 electrike hardy
    ut shiny lvl 1 elekid adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 feebas timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 gastly mild
    ut shiny lvl 21 gastly timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 giratina adamant
    ut shiny lvl 70 giratina brave
    ut shiny lvl 1 glameow jolly
    ut shiny lvl 50 groudon adamant/impish
    ut shiny lvl 1 growlithe jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 happiny bold
    ut shiny lvl 50 heatran naive
    ut shiny lvl 1 heracross jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 hippopotas adamant
    ut shiny lvl 70 ho-oh modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 horsea modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 houndour hasty
    ut shiny lvl 1 igglybuff bold
    ut shiny lvl 5 jirachi WISHMKR timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 kabuto adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 kangaskhan adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 koffing bold
    ut shiny lvl 50 kyogre timid
    t shiny lvl 40 latias bold
    ut shiny lvl 35 latios modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 lapras modest
    ut shiny lvl 36 lickitung timid
    ut shiny lvl 20 lileep adamant
    ut shiny lvl 45 lugia modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 lunatone modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 machop adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 magby timid/brave
    ut shiny lvl 16 magmar timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 magnemite modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 manaphy modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 mantyke bold
    ut shiny lvl 1 mareep modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 marill adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 mawile adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 meowth jolly
    ut shiny lvl 50 mesprit timid
    ut shiny lvl 70 mewtwo modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 misdreavus timid
    ut shiny lvl 50 moltres modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 mr. mime calm
    ut shiny lvl 1 mudkip naughty
    ut shiny lvl 1 murkrow naughty
    ut shiny lvl 18 natu modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 nidoran(female) impish
    ut shiny lvl 1 nincada adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 numel adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 oddish calm
    ut shiny lvl 1 palkia timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 phione timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 pinsir adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 poliwag adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 ponyta jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 poochyena adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 porygon timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 porygon2 timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 ralts timid/adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 rattata jolly
    ut shiny lvl 50 rayquaza adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 regigigas adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 relicanth adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 riolu adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 roselia timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 rotom
    ut shiny lvl 1 sableye modest
    ut shiny lvl 15 sandshrew adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 seviper adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 scyther adamant
    ut shiny lvl 30 shaymin timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 shellder impish
    ut shiny lvl 20 shieldon adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 shinx adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 shuckle impish
    ut shiny lvl 1 shuppet adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 skarmory impish
    ut shiny lvl 1 skorupi hardy
    ut shiny lvl 1 slakoth adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 slugma modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 smeargle jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 sneasel jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 snorlax impish
    ut shiny lvl 50 snorlax adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 snover mild
    ut shiny lvl 1 spiritomb adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 squirtle bold
    ut shiny lvl 1 starly adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 staryu timid
    ut shiny lvl 20 sudowoodo adamant
    ut shiny lvl 40 suicune timid
    ut shiny lvl 40 suicune modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 surskit careful
    ut shiny lvl 1 swablu adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 tentacool timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 togepi modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 torchic lax
    ut shiny lvl 1 totodile adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 trapinch jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 treecko jolly
    ut shiny lvl 1 tropius adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 tyrogue adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 turtwig adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 volbeat jolly
    ut shiny lvl 17 voltorb timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 vulpix timid/naive
    ut shiny lvl 1 wooper adamant
    ut shiny lvl 1 wobbuffet relaxed
    ut shiny lvl 1 wurmple (female) modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 wynaut impish
    ut shiny lvl 1 yanma modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 zangoose adamant
    ut shiny lvl 50 zapdos modest
    ut shiny lvl 1 zubat jolly

    5 gen shinies

    shiny lvl 100 archeops jolly ev'd attack/speed
    ut shiny lvl 35 bouffalant adamant 31/31/31/13/31/31
    shiny lvl 100 braviary ev'd adamant attack/speed
    ut shiny lvl 42 cobalion timid 31/2/30/31/31/31
    ut shiny lvl 1 cottonee bold
    ut shiny lvl 1 cryogonal hasty
    ut shiny lvl 25 ducklett calm
    shiny lvl 100 ferrothorn careful
    ut shiny lvl 30 golett timid ability iron fist 31/31/31/8/31/31
    shiny lvl 100 golurk (english) adamant ability iron fist ev'd hp/attack
    shiny lvl 100 haxorus (english) ev'd jolly attack/speed
    t shiny lvl 28 joltik gentle
    ut shiny lvl 22 karrablast adamant
    ut shiny lvl 75 kyurem timid
    ut shiny lvl 70 landorus (japanese) jolly flawless
    ut shiny lvl 26 litwick timid 31/2/30/30/30/30
    ut shiny lvl 50 musharna modest
    ut shiny lvl 5 oshawott modest 31/22/31/30/31/30
    ut shiny lvl 1 panpour quirky
    ut shiny lvl 7 purrloin serious
    shiny lvl 100 reuniclus bold
    ut shiny lvl 40 rufflet adamant 31/31/31/7/31/31
    ut shiny lvl 19 sandile quiet
    ut shiny lvl 1 scraggy brave egg moves:drain punch,ice punch,thunder punch
    ut shiny lvl 1 shelmet calm
    shiny lvl 100 sigilyph timid
    ut shiny lvl 1 solosis bold flawless
    ut shiny lvl 1 stunfisk with earth power careful flawless
    ut shiny lvl 5 tepig jolly 31/31/31/7/31/31
    ut shiny lvl 42 terrakion adamant 31/31/31/8/31/31
    ut shiny lvl 48 throh rash
    ut shiny lvl 25 tirtouga adamant
    t shiny lvl 2 tynamo naughty
    ut shiny lvl 35 vanillish sassy
    ut shiny lvl 1 venipede jolly 31/31/31/17/31/31
    ut shiny lvl 42 virizion timid 31/2/30/31/31/31
    ut shiny lvl 11 woobat naive
    ut shiny lvl 20 yamask sassy
    t shiny lvl 10 zorua jolly 14/4/4/28/24/14
    ut shiny lvl 1 zorua calm 25/26/25/15/9/15

    for trades

    looking for shinies/ no nicknames
    pm me if interested
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2011
  16. Luis_Sera

    Luis_Sera New Member

    Shiny Audino for trade, I am seeking shiny legendaries and am willing to put a subway item on it to even the deal. Pm me with offers, Latias, Kyogre and Mewtwo (in the right natures UT) that I'm after
  17. gokarter

    gokarter Member

    Have for trade 2 UT SHINY Scythers.

    They both are caught at lvl 21 in Nest Balls (they are chained by me, NOT rng'ed).

    Can nickname if you wish.

    The're natures and abilities are listed as follows:

    Gentle, Technician
    Relaxed, Swarm

    Looking for:

    UT Roggenrola
    UT Ferroseed
    UT Yamask
    UT Golett

    -Most Event pokemon.

    Will also consider:

    -ANY decent 5th gen shiny pokemon (rng'ed or caught)
    -ANY 4th gen shiny pokemon that has been caught and not rng breed.

    I can also RNG breed ANY 4th gen pokemon so if you have something I want and need a rng'ed 4th gen shiny make a request but please don't ask for flawless iv's!

    Please no hacks.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2011
  18. MotherRussia


    Lookng for the shinies in my shop! The link is in my sig! Post there, DO NOTVM/PM ME. Also looking for ANY Egg move/Beneficial natured/DW shinies!
  19. The Dog15

    The Dog15 New Member

    I am Looking for all ut Gen.5 Shinys, no cheats please, the shinys must be not in Masterball, no LV100 and no RNG
    my offer is Mystery Egg Event, Trade for Evolution Event komplette, Movie Victini, ANA Darkrai, DW Arceus Event, Michina Arceus, Jeremy Events, Daisuke Club Events,Alamos Darkrai, Birthday Events, complete 10 Aniv from US,France, German,Italy,Spain and complete Bryant Park a many PCNY Events, Aura Mew, Alamos darkrai
    and i have legit Shiny WSHMKR Jirachi only for good offers
    please pn me for offer
  20. Ezro

    Ezro New Member

    Eey.. i've got some pokemon that i would like to trade for some cool shinies (with good natures):

    normal or shiny ho-oh (shiny is japanese)
    normal or shiny zapdos
    normal or shiny lugia (shiny is japanese and i called the english one 'Aero'')
    regice (japanese)
    regirock (japanese)
    normal or shiny palkia
    mesprit (japanese)
    normal or shiny rayquaza (normal is japanese)

    (i've also got an EV'trained shiny gigalith up for trade and a shiny Chandelure,Totodile,Cyndaquil,Torchic,Buizel,Swablu)

    I can also offer any breedable pokemon!
    and i can offer pokerus
    PM me with some offers, thank you
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2011
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