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Shiny Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Trade Forum' started by ellie, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Phury

    Phury Active Member

    Wanted - Shinies
    UT Timburr - Unnamed or well named or if possible nicknamed Zarbi

    Wanted - Either

    Lvl 100 Shiny Lucario - Japanese name
    Lvl 100 Reshiram - Japanese name
    Lvl 100 Shiny Glaceon - Japanese name
    UT Lvl 13 Shiny Timburr - Nicknamed Shiny Tim
    UT Lvl 42 Virizion
    UT Lvl 42 Terrakion
    Any lvl 1 Starter except Chikorita
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2011
  2. camster12345

    camster12345 New Member

    offering lv53 shiny raquaza lv 16 shiny pichu and lv1 shiny bulbaaur pm me all offers
  3. Froman

    Froman New Member

    Looking for a shiny scyther please PM if you have one
  4. chilisex91

    chilisex91 Dragon Master

    Looking for:
    Janta's Golurk and Carlita's Hydreigon

    any 2 from my trade shop. so im willing to trade 2 for 1 of the ones im looking for!
  5. K1LL3RxP0P7aRt

    K1LL3RxP0P7aRt Stargasm

    offering shinies in my sig :) looking for shinys and events or something interesting pm me with offers :D
  6. heiiumzz

    heiiumzz Pokemon Master

    offering the follwing shinies &flawless:
    -Haxorus (Jolly)
    -Skarmory (Impish) Roost, Whirlwind, Brave bird, Spikes
    -Sceptile (Timid)
    -Garchomp (Jolly)
    -Salamence (Adamant)
    -Wobbofet (Sassy)
    -Dusclop w/ Eviolite (Calm)

    Looking for
    -Speed bosst Blaziken(Adamant) ev'd (Shiniy/ non- shiny)
    -Jolly Flawless Garchomp with Outrage (Shiny) (Offering alot for this)
  7. jaisey89

    jaisey89 Shiny Hunter

    Desperately looking for two shiny Eevees with a modest nature. Will accept clones, and I'm willing to trade two shinies for each. PM me if you're interested!
  8. Zuffy

    Zuffy New Member

    I'm looking shiny omanyte with good nature. I can offer shiny charizard 36lvl and shiny snorlax 50lvl. PM if you want to trade.
  9. monkeypkmaster

    monkeypkmaster mpk r crazy

    Looking for any 5th generation shiny
    Offering almost any pokemon, item, tm, or berry
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2011
  10. Flash2010

    Flash2010 Shiny Master

    really looking for a shiny low level larvesta and gastly or any evolutions. they just need to be shiny, and low leveled. male is preferred.

    i have a few events and tons of shinies to trade. ut shinies, evd shinies, legend shinies.
  11. LoeLock

    LoeLock New Member

    [OFFER] Shiny Legit Ponyta

    i am offering a LEGIT Shiny Ponyta UT

    what i am looking for:
    1. Shiny Trapinch
    2. Shiny Solosis
    3. Shiny Shelment

    but if you dont have one of those i am accepting any other shiny pokemon
  12. Yang_Wolf

    Yang_Wolf A Foongus Amoongus!

    Looking for Shiny Foongus, shiny Woobat, shiny Drilbur, shiny Virizion. Offering: Shiny UT Gligar, Shiny UT Blitzle, Shiny Munna, ALAMOS Darkrai, and UT Liberty Garden Victini.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2011
  13. Darkmightyena

    Darkmightyena Shiny Trader

    i just got a shiny chansey. i dont think its UT but i have UT shinys in sig. PM me if you want the shiny chansey or any shiny UT pokemon i have. i might have the shiny pokemon you'll offer because not all my shiny pokemon are on my list. please offer anything SHINY only.
  14. mick_1232001

    mick_1232001 New Member

    Looking for a shiny cloyster(or shelder), shiny lapras and shiny squirtle. I have the shinies in my sig and more to offer and a lugia and ho-oh(not shiny). PM me if you have any of them and maybe we can make a deal ;D
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2011
  15. arcadia51

    arcadia51 Robot Master

    rofl .
  16. lownote72

    lownote72 Competitive Battler

    looking for
    UT DW Timid Charmander With good Ivs in a dream ball (in the middle of tradeing )
    Adamant UT DW Torchic with good IVs and in Dream ball
    UT Timid Thundurus and Tornadus with good speed Ivs ( enough to have over 346 at lvl 100) and not bad Sp.atk Ivs.
    Or any Good natured UT Shiny ( I wont except any shiny only ones I want just PM me the Poke)

    Offering ( all UT unless stated otherwise)
    Timid or Jolly FAL Mew (only for charmander)
    Timid Snarl Zorua with 31 ivs in speed
    UT Shiny Jolly Sandile ( good offers only, no DW pokemon )

    Female DW
    Eevee 31 speed IVs ( will soon have wish )
    Vulpix ( Hypnosis )

    Egg moves
    Timburr ( Mach Punch, Drain Punch )
    Scraggy ( Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Drain Punch Zen Headbut )
    Pawniard ( Psycho cut )
    Heart scales.
  17. Kalkeon

    Kalkeon On Hiatus.

    LF: Shiny: Timid, flawless: Male Zorua, Larvesta, Reshiram, Shaymin w/ Earth Power, Male Ghastly.
    LF: Timid Reshiram, Jolly Zekrom *Flawless would be preferred*
    LF: Shiny, flawless pokemon, legendaries.
    LF: Event Pokemon.

    Pokemon i am offering:

    ~Pokemon i want cloned will have (**)

    ~Shiny Pokemon~
    EVENT Shiny Golurk- Brave. **
    EVENT Shiny Hydreigon- Modest. **
    Thundurus- lv.40- timid- flawless UT **
    Darkrai- lv.50- timid- flawless UT **
    Rayquaza- lv.50- timid- flawless UT **
    Latios- lv.35- Modest- flawless- BT/0 evs. **
    Registeel- lv.30 - Sassy- Flawless UT **
    Torchic- lv.1 male- Adamant- Flawless UT **
    Duskull- lv.1 male- Sassy- UT w/ Pain Split **
    Porygon- lv.1- Timid- UT **
    Altaria- lv.49 female- Serious- UT **
    Kyogre- lv.45- Modest. UT
    Articuno- lv.50- Timid. UT
    Zorua- lv.1 female- Modest UT.
    Ponyta- lv.32 female- Quiet UT
    Teddiursa- lv.35 female- Modest UT.
    Gligar- lv.24 male- Jolly UT.

    Roserade- lv.35 female- Sassy.
    Abra- lv.20 male- Mild.
    Electabuzz- lv.39- female- Adamant UT
    Dragonair- lv.30 male- Rash.
    Beedrill- lv.10 male- Bashful.
    Piplup- named- lv.5 male- Quirky.
    Delcatty- lv.40 Female- Timid. UT
    Lickylicky- lv.21 Female- Timid.
    Staraptor- lv.35 Female- Hasty.
    Charizard- lv.42 male- Modest.
    Weaville x3- lv.42 x2 male 1x female- Jolly[m], Careful[f], Naughty[m].
    Frosslass- lv.42- Gentle.
    Glalie- lv.42 male- Careful.
    Abomasnow- lv.43 female- Jolly.
    Pikachu- lv.24 female- Brave. UT
    Magnemite- lv.29- Hardy. UT
    Gallade- lv.23- Quiet.
    Sableye- lv.33 female- Quiet. UT
    Raichu- lv.56 Male- Modest.
    Glaceon- lv.39 Male- Modest.
    Leafeon- lv.8 Male- Adamant.
    Vaporeon- lv.12 Male- Modest.
    Jolteon- lv.11 Male- Relaxed.

    TRU- Arceus- Sassy UT
    WIN2011-Celebi- Lonely, Sassy, and Lax all UT.
    PKTOPIA- Magmortar UT and Electivire UT.
    GAMESTP- Jirachi- Modest- lv.6 *because of stupid pokewalker :C*
    Victinix2- In game event- Lonely & Serious both UT.
    Old Sea Chart- Mew- lv.30- Quirky UT. *Japanese*
    WIN2011- Suicune BT, UT. *2 Suicunes*
    WIN2011- Raikou UT.
    Pal City Mew *Jap*- lv.50 UT- Naughty UT.
    Movie09 *Jap* Pichu- *Shiny*- lv.30 male UT- Jolly.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2011
  18. K1LL3RxP0P7aRt

    K1LL3RxP0P7aRt Stargasm

    Hi have a couple things i want so if you have them pm please thx :)
    oh the things in bold im offering more for

    Looking for: (All shiny and UT please)

    Frillish(Calm, Male)
    Roggnerola(Brave or Adamanant)
    Deino(modest, EM: Dark pulse)
    Elekid*Adamant, EM: magnet rise, Ice punch, cross shop
    Munchlax/Snorlax(Careful/Adamant. EM: Curse)

  19. dar

    dar Event Hunter

    i am looking for these i am willing to trade?
    - #623 Wi-Fi Movie 11 Golurk
    - #635 Wi-Fi Movie 11 Hydreigon
    i will trade anyone shinys for them two each or a birthday audino and a shiny zapdos,
  20. durza613

    durza613 Active Member


    I have a shiny Golduck that I don't want (I hate shinies) but maybe you do.
    I caught it in the outskirts of Black City. It's level 57, female and has quirky nature.

    I dont want anything special (no shinies, no events, no legendaries), just a good pokemon at a good level will do.

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2011
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