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Shiny Trading Thread

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Shiny Hunter
Does anybody have any flawless shinies if you do press on the link my trade shop to trade if you like any of my pokemon post in the trade shop only otherwise I won't reply

Ps looking for satoshis zekrom and reshiram and ash zekrom and reshiram


I have a shiny Zorua, Untrained at level 1.. or like 3 i think, If your interested send me a list of your shinys.

I'm also willing to trade any legendary for shinys apart from Mew as i traded that one a few days ago. Get in touch :)


Shiny Hunter
Does anybody have any flawless shinies if you do press on the link my trade shop to trade if you like any of my pokemon post in the trade shop only otherwise I won't reply

Ps looking for satoshis zekrom and reshiram and ash zekrom and reshiram


Shiny Master
Looking for flawless shinies! Also, looking for people to RNG pokemon. I will trade Huge for someone to Rng for me!!!!!!!! everything i have for trade is in my shop


offering the following shinies: UT zorua, UT charmander, UT torchic, UT poliwag, UT trapinch, UT tepig, UT ferroseed, and timid Deino
looking for a Shiny Bold UT squirtle, Shiny Adamant UT Totodile, and Shiny Bold UT Chikorita


New Member
Looking for shiny vulpix with naive or jolly nature or a japanese vulpix with these natures would like it to be female with drought but if not its cool, can offer up an event jirachi.

Cosmic Fury

Evil Overlord
I am offering for trade an EV-trained, Modest Shiny Mewtwo, at level 91. Please VM me with offers.

Looking for Flawless Shiny pokemon I don't have.


Fires of Hell
OMG I really need a shiny Crawdaunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have shinies, events, legends, anything, just please I need a Shiny Crawdaunt!!!!!!!!!
Shinies- shuppet, piloswine, solrock, volcarona, zoroark, golbat, salamence, cobalion, terrakion, latias, zangoose, deino, axew, horsea, dratini, oshawott, zorua, chinchou, pichu.

Events- (the following are DW ability) eevee, mudkip, bulbasaur, espeon, charmander, turtwig, staryu, and umbreon.

Shiny Ageto Celebi, Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi. 10ANIV- Blaziken, charizard, alakazam, articuno, moltres, pikachu, latias, latios, blastoise, celebi, Goon Scizor, ANA Darkrai, Alamos Darkrai
Janta’s Golurk and Caritas Hydreigon

I have just about any item available and can infect Pokerus


I'm looking for:
Shiny Koffing
Shiny Skitty

For the Normal Shinies I'm offering 3-6 of these (negotiable):
Dreamworld Female:
Aerodactyl, Bellsprout , Buizel , Buneary, Carvanha, Castform (same ability as normal and no dreamball), Caterpie, Chatot, Corsola ,Delibird, Dratini, Drifloon, Eevee, Electrike, Elekid, Exeggcute, Farfetch'd, Feebas , Finneon, Growlithe, Hoothoot, Horsea, Igglybuff, Kangaskhan, Lapras, Ledyba, Lickitung,
Lotad, Marill, Magikarp, Murkrow, Munna, Nidoran, Pachirisu, Pidgey, Poliwag, Ponyta, Qwilfish, Scarmory, Scyther, Shinx,Skitty, Slowpoke, Smeargle, Stantler, Staravia (Not UT), Sunkern , Surskit, Swablu, 
Taillow, Tangela, Tropius, Vulpix, Wailmer, Zubat

PM me thanks =)
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Devil's Apprentice

~Orian Adventures~
I'm looking for any shiny starters as long as they are legit. Any nature - any level - any stage, I just want them starter families!

Willing to trade:


10 aniv Celebi
10 aniv Entei
10 aniv Raikou
10 aniv Suicune
Channel Jirachi
XD Ho-oh
XD Lugia

All legends from Gen I-III (except mew)

I will trade up to one shiny and one other thing per pokemon.

PM me! Thanks!


Well-Known Member
i'm tradin a ut shiny ursaring in a masterball but its legit i'm lookin for statoshi's pikachu


On Hiatus.
LF: Shiny, Timid, flawless: Male Zorua, Larvesta, Shaymin w/ Earth Power, Male Ghastly.
LF: Timid Reshiram, Jolly Zekrom *Flawless would be preferred*
LF: Shiny, flawless pokemon, legendaries.
LF: Event Pokemon.
LF: DW: Eevee, drifloon, starters *All must be female and in dream ball*

Pokemon i am offering:

~Pokemon i want cloned will have (**)

~Shiny Flawless pokemon~ **
Dialga- Lv.1 Shinjoh Ruins, Modest UT
Registeel- Lv.30- Sassy UT
Rayquaza- Lv.50- Timid UT
Latios- Lv.35- Modest UT
Thunderus- Lv.40- Timid UT
Darkrai- Lv.50- Timid UT
Virizion- Lv.42- Jolly UT.
Terrakion- Lv.42- Jolly UT *Nearly Flawless*
Darumaka- Lv.1 M- Jolly UT w/4 EMs
Poliwag- Lv.1 F- Rash UT w/Hypnosis
Magikarp- Lv.15 M- Adamant T
Duskull- Lv.1 M- Sassy UT w/Pain Split
Porygon- Lv.1- Timid UT
Mudkip- Lv.1 M- Impish UT w/Yawn
Glaceon- Lv.39 M- Modest T
Ralts- Lv.1 F- Timid UT.
DW Vulpix- Lv.1 M- Modest UT- w/Hypnosis
DW Poliwag- Lv.1 F- Bold UT- w/ Egg moves. *Jap*
Torchic- Lv.1 M- Adamant UT.
DW Torchic- Lv.10 M- Adamant UT-*Nearly Flawless* *Jap* *Not shiny*
Deino- Lv.1 M- Timid UT- w/4 egg moves
Absol- Lv.1 M- Adamant UT w/3 EMs
Trapinch- Lv.1 M- Jolly UT
DW Gligar- Lv.1 F- Impish UT- w/4 EMs
Shellder- Lv.1 M- Jolly UT- w/Rock Blast
Rotom- Lv.1- Timid UT
DW Eevee- Lv.1 F- Timid UT- w/4 EMs
Azelf- Lv.50- Timid UT.
Bagon- Lv.1 M- Adamant UT w/2 EMs
Scizor- Lv.1 M- Adamant UT w/ 4 EMs
Karrablast- Lv.1 F- Adamant UT w/EMs
Yanmask- Lv.20 F- Sassy UT.
Solosis- Lv.1 F- Bold UT w/4 EMs
DW Dratini- Lv.1 F- Jolly UT- w/Extremespeed
Movie Victini- Lv.50- Adamant UT- *Not shiny*
DW Arceus- lv.100- Adamant UT *Not shiny*

~Shiny Pokemon~
EVENT Shiny Golurk- Brave. **
EVENT Shiny Hydreigon- Modest. **
Cobaion- Lv.42- Timid UT **
Regice- Lv.30- Calm UT **
Horsea- lv.20 Female- Timid UT **
Altaria- lv.49 female- Serious- UT **
Kyogre- lv.45- Modest UT **
Zorua- Lv.1 F- Modest UT
Manaphy- Lv.1- Mild UT.
Ponyta- lv.32 female- Quiet UT
Teddiursa- lv.35 female- Modest UT.
Ferroseed- Lv.24 M- Bold UT.
Zubat- lv.19 Male- Adamant UT.
Abra- lv.20 male- Mild.
Electabuzz- lv.39- female- Adamant UT
Dragonair- lv.30 male- Rash.
Beedrill- lv.10 male- Bashful.
Delcatty- lv.40 Female- Timid. UT
Lickylicky- lv.21 Female- Timid.
Staraptor- lv.35 Female- Hasty.
Charizard- lv.42 male- Modest.
Weaville x3- lv.42 x2 male 1x female- Jolly[m], Careful[f], Naughty[m].
Frosslass- lv.42- Gentle.
Glalie- lv.42 male- Careful.
Abomasnow- lv.43 female- Jolly.
Magnemite- lv.29- Hardy. UT
Gallade- lv.23- Quiet.
Sableye- lv.33 female- Quiet. UT
Leafeon- lv.8 Male- Adamant.
Vaporeon- lv.12 Male- Modest.
Jolteon- lv.11 Male- Relaxed.

Mcdonalds- Modest Hydreigon UT, Brave Golurk UT **
Movie Victini- lv.50- Adamant UT *Flawless*
DW Arceus- Naughty- OT: Mat
Michina- Arceus- Calm UT.
Aura- Mew- lv.10 UT- Hardy
WISHMKR- Jirachi- lv.5- Lax UT
TRU- Regigigas- lv.100- Brave
WIN2011-Celebi- Lonely, Sassy both UT but cant get zorua.
Oaks Letter- Shaymin- Lv.30- Hardy UT.
PKTOPIA- Magmortar UT and Electivire UT.
GAMESTP- Jirachi- Modest- lv.6 *because of stupid pokewalker :C*
Victinix2- In game event- Lonely & Serious both UT.
Old Sea Chart- Mew- lv.30- Quirky UT. *Japanese*
Gamestop- Shiny Entei UT.
Gamestop- Shiny Raikou UT.
Gamestop- Pichu- Jolly male *Pikachu colored pichu*
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Double Battler
Offering shiny:

Skuntank 52 (nicknamed MOUFFLAIR)
Seviper 100
Ditto 100
Lake of Rage Gyarados 30 (UT) X3
Haxorus 100
Gallade 100


Im looking for a shiny lv1 bold ut chikorita(m), adamant lv 1 ut totodile(m) and modest lv1 ut deino(m) with dark pulse. i have shinies for offer and will trade up to 2 shinies for them!!!

Arceus Shadow

Got Shinies?
Looking for a shiny Snivy! PM me for offers


Epic Trainer
ive got a lvl. 1 UT shiny Bulbasuar (Modest), looking for GOOD offers, PM me
Looking for a Shiny Glalie. Will offer multiple pokemon that I can breed for and I can breed for almost every pokemon. PM with offers so we can work something out. Will also accept Shiny Snorunt.
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