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Shiny Trading Thread

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trick room user
trading any shiny in my sig for other shini of my interest pm me


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i'm tradin an ut shiny ursaring lookin for statoshi's pikachu


trick room user
Im looking for a flawless bronzor ( dont need to be shiny) offering anything in my signature
must be adamant and have explotion


*slaps younger me*
I'm looking for a shiny Gastly, Skitty, Rotom, Dratini, Aipom and Vulpix. (any of their evolutions are fine!) I do NOT want hacked pokemon please. I'm offering these pokemon:

Shiny UT event Milotic
Shiny UT event Eevee
Shiny UT event Entei
Shiny T event Raikou
Shiny UT event Pichu

PM me if you are interested, thank you so much! (If you have a shiny pokemon that I haven't listed and think it would be a fair trade for my events I would be happy to negotiate)


Offering shiny DW Flawless Evd Politoed and shiny evd flawless hp ice Thundurus.

Looking for UT flawless shinys SPECIALY DW SHINY Flawess ut dratini with extreme speed and/or ddance.

PM me for offers.


Old dog, new tricks!
Currently offering shiny Alakazam, Mamoswine, Magmortar, Gyarados and Latios- looking for stage 1 shinies for any of the first 4, and shiny legend in exchange for Latios.


escaper of reality
Looking for:

Female singing Pikachu (with Light Ball attached), prefer with good IVs
Female DW Pichu (with Light Ball and Volt Tackle), prefer with good IVs
Flawless/ near flawless pokemon

Snarl Zorua (bred from event Zoroark)
DW Eevee (bred)
shiny DW Eevee (male, bred)
DW Vulpix (bred)
shiny DW Vulpix (female, bred)
Liberty Ticket Victini (near flawless)
Movie Victini
Movie Zekrom
Movie Reshiram

Yorterri (near flawless)
Woobat (near flawless)

Jirachi Wishmaker Lv. 5 UT Hasty
Jirachi Gamestop Lv. 5 UT Mild
Jirachi Gamestop Lv. 5 UT Hardy
Jirachi Gamestop Lv. 5 UT Docile
Jirachi Gamestop Lv. 5 UT Gentle
Jirachi Gamestop Lv. 5 UT Quiet
Jirachi SMR2010 Lv. 5 UT Mild
Jirachi Channel Lv. 100 Jolly
Jirachi Channel Lv. 38 T Rash
Jirachi NZ Lv. 5 UT Lonely
Jirachi NZ Lv. 5 UT Jolly
Jirachi Tanabata Lv. 35 T Gentle
Entei Gamestop Lv. 30 UT Adamant (shiny)
Entei Movie Lv. 30 UT Adamant (shiny)
Mew Mystery Lv. 10 UT Sassy (shiny)
Mew Mystery Lv. 10 UT Jolly
Mew Hadou Lv. 100 Timid
Mew Hadou Lv. 38 T Quiet
Mew Hadou Lv. 12 T Sassy
Mew Wi-fi Lv. 5 UT Hardy
Mew Wi-fi Lv. 5 UT Docile
Mew Wi-fi Lv. 14 T Quirky
Mew Aura Lv. 10 UT Lonely
Mew Hayley Lv. 50 UT Relaxed
Mew Hayley Lv. 52 T Adamant
Mew Fal2010 Lv. 5 UT Relaxed
Celebi Movie Lv. 50 UT Brave
Celebi 10Aniv Lv. 70 UT Sassy (shiny)
Celebi 10Aniv Lv. 70 UT Quirky
Celebi Ageto Lv. 10 UT Gentle
Celebi Mitsurin Lv. 10 UT Modest
Milotic VGC09 Lv. 50 UT Timid (shiny)
Milotic WCS Lv. 51 T Timid (shiny)
Eevee VGC10 Lv. 50 UT Hardy (shiny)
Eevee WCS Lv. 50 UT Hardy (shiny)
Zapdos 10Aniv Lv. 70 UT Naughty
Lucario World08 Lv. 30 Adamant
Togepi XD Lv. 25 Naughty
Arceus DW Lv. 100 Adamant
Arceus TRU Lv. 100 Lonely
Arceus TRU Lv. 100 Naughty
Arceus TRU Lv. 100 Sassy
Arceus TRU Lv. 100 Careful
Arceus TRU Lv. 100 Impish
Arceus TRU Lv. 100 Modest
Arceus TRU Lv. 100 Lonely
Arceus Movie Lv. 100 Docile
Arceus Movie Lv. 100 Quiet
Arceus Movie Lv. 100 Rash
Suicune Movie Lv. 30 UT Relaxed (shiny)
Magmortar Pktopia Lv. 50 UT Modest
Magmortar Pktopia Lv. 56 T Modest
Raikou Movie Lv. 30 UT Rash (shiny)
Raikou Gamestop Lv. 30 UT Rash (shiny)
Raikou 10Aniv Lv. 70 T Hasty
Pichu Gamestop Lv. 30 UT Jolly (shiny)
Pichu SPR2010 Lv. 30 UT Jolly (shiny)
Pichu Shokotan Lv. 30 UT Jolly (shiny)
Regigigas Movie Lv. 100 Lonely
Regigigas Movie Lv. 100 Sassy
Regigigas TRU Lv. 100 Calm
Regigigas TRU Lv. 100 Bold
Latios 10Aniv Lv. 70 UT Gentle (shiny)
Darkrai Almia Lv. 50 T Impish
Darkrai Newmoon Lv. 50 UT Jolly
Darkrai Newmoon Lv. 50 UT Brave
Darkrai Alamos Lv. 50 UT Hardy
Ho-oh Mattle Lv. 78 T Calm
Ho-oh Mattle Lv. 70 UT Serious (shiny)
Shaymin FlowerParadise Lv. 30 T Docile
Shaymin FlowerParadise Lv. 30 UT Bold
Shaymin FlowerParadise Lv. 30 UT Relaxed
Shaymin FlowerParadise Lv. 30 UT Timid (shiny)
Shaymin FlowerParadise Lv. 34 T Quiet
Shaymin Movie Lv. 50 UT Mild
Shaymin TRU Lv. 50 UT Bold
Shaymin TRU Lv. 50 UT Brave
Electivire Pktopia Lv. 50 UT Adamant
Pikachu Satoshi Lv. 50 UT Naughty
Pikachu Pktopia Lv. 10 UT Hardy
Scizor Goon Lv. 50 UT Adamant
Bulbasaur 10Aniv Lv. 70 UT Adamant
Charizard 10Aniv Lv. 70 UT Sassy
Lugia XD Lv. 50 UT Careful
Lugia XD Lv. 100 Bold
Lugia 10Anniv Lv. 70 T Naughty
Manaphy Ranger Lv. 1 UT Impish
Manaphy Ranger Lv. 16 T Modest (shiny)
Manaphy Ranger Lv. 46 T Timid
Deoxys Gamestop Lv. 50 T Mild

Lugia Lv. 84 T Calm
Lugia Lv. 80 T Calm
Lugia Lv. 49 T Hardy
Lugia Lv. 45 UT Timid
Larvitar Lv. 6 T Quiet
Larvitar Lv. 7 T Naughty
Larvitar Lv. 6 T Adamant (named)
Floatzel Lv. 40 UT Lonely
Feebas Lv. 5 UT Impish
Feebas Lv. 1 Ut Naughty
Butterfree Lv. 10 T Naughty
Pidgey Lv. 14 UT Gentle
Bronzor Lv. 1 UT Sassy
Tyrogue Lv. 1 UT Lonely
Swablu Lv. 1 UT Hardy
Marill Lv. 15 UT Calm
Glameow Lv. 1 UT Serious (named)
Machamp Lv. 48 UT Lonely
Chikorita Lv. 1 UT Modest
Ponyta Lv. 13 UT Sassy
Ponyta Lv. 14 UT Docile
Mewtwo Lv. 70 T Hasty (named)
Mew Lv. 100 Calm
Mew Lv. 100 Hasty
Mew Lv. 69 T Bold
Mew Lv. 30 UT Gentle
Regice Lv. 40 UT Quirky
Entei Lv. 52 T Quiet
Suicune Lv. 100 Timid
Dialga Lv. 70 UT Naughty
Giratina Lv. 70 UT Adamant
Rayquaza Lv. 72 T Lonely
Rayquaza Lv. 86 T Timid
Latios Lv. 35 UT Bold
Latias Lv. 50 UT Calm
Ho-oh Lv. 70 UT Hardy
Ho-oh Lv. 72 T Bashful
Regigigas Lv. 1 UT Adamant
Cresselia Lv. 50 UT Bold
Venusaur Lv. 38 T Calm
Charizard Lv. 67 T Naive
Spearow Lv. 47 T Rash
Nidoking Lv. 30 T Naughty
Poliwag Lv. 1 UT Jolly
Gastly Lv. 5 T Modest (named)
Gastly Lv. 1 UT Lonely
Gastly Lv. 1 UT Rash
Horsea Lv. 1 UT Adamant
Horsea Lv. 1 UT Bold
Gyarados Lv. 30 T Impish
Gyarados Lv. 30 UT Hasty
Gyarados Lv. 30 UT Jolly
Eevee Lv. 11 T Sassy
Eevee Lv. 1 UT Modest
Glaceon Lv. 50 T Modest
Totodile Lv. 5 T Adamant (named)
Sentret Lv. 1 UT Sassy
Corsola Lv. 7 T Calm
Treecko Lv. 1 UT Naive
Silcoon Lv. 12 UT Brave
Swellow Lv. 21 UT Bold
Ralts Lv. 1 UT Modest
Ralts Lv. 1 UT Relaxed
Luvdisc Lv. 1 UT Modest
Skitty Lv. 1 UT Adamant
Skitty Lv. 1 UT Careful
Absol Lv. 15 UT Bashful
Absol Lv. 1 UT Lonely
Lucario Lv. 100 Adamant (named)
Ryhorn Lv. 1 UT Sassy
Growlithe Lv. 1 UT Brave
Pachirisu Lv. 11 UT Rash
Pichu Lv. 1 UT Docile
Pichu Lv. 1 UT Timid (named)
Umbreon Lv. 55 T Quiet
Duskull Lv. 1 UT Jolly
Charmander Lv. 1 UT Naive
Charmander Lv. 1 UT Rash
Charmander Lv. 1 UT Jolly
Phione Lv. 1 UT Serious
Mareep Lv. 1 UT Bashful
Staraptor Lv. 35 T Sassy
Lapras Lv. 1 UT Relaxed
Lapras Lv. 1 UT Timid
Vulpix Lv. 15 UT Jolly
Vulpix Lv. 1 UT Hardy
Yanma Lv. 1 UT Docile
Cyndaquil Lv. 1 UT Careful
Chansey Lv. 18 UT Docile
Vaporeon Lv. 5 T Lax
Feraligatr Lv. 33 T Lonely
Porygon Lv. 1 UT Lax
Torchic Lv. 1 UT Timid
Staryu Lv. 1 UT Serious


On Hiatus.
If your looking for shiny flawless pokemon, regular shinies, or events then come to my trade shop and look around, i have plenty to offer.

*Trade shop link in signature*


PSN: blakk21
Free legit pokemon in my spoiler! I only have 20 empty spaces in my boxes so I will allow you to have 1 pokemon but make sure you read everything. Also I will decide on who gets the Arceus (It will be someone new to pokemon or someone who have not too many legends. Message away.


Offering a shiny, calm Spiritomb. Looking for shiny, timid/modest larvesta. (UT)


Shiny Master
looking for a shellos or gastrodon east with the ability storm drain and female. will trade 1 of anything in my shop for it.


Shiny Hunter
My Offers:
Normal Shinies
Shiny Emboar level 36 Rash
Shiny Tangrowth Level 100 Quiet
Shiny Kyogre Level 100 Erased Evs Modest Nicknamed Aquamarine
Shiny Palkia Level 100 Jolly
Shiny Lugia Level 100 Adamant
Shiny Heatran Level 100 Timid
Shiny Chandelure Level 100 Mild
Shiny Rapidash Level 100 Lonely
Shiny Regigas Level 52 Quirky
Shiny Stoutland Level 45 Adamant
Shiny Scrafty Level 64 Mild
Shiny Gigalith Level 28 Modest
Shiny Watchog Level 51 Relaxed
UT Shinies
Shiny Ferroseed Level 1 Relaxed
Shiny Groudon Level 50(Soulsilver) Relaxed
Shiny Landorus Level 70 Jolly
Shiny Pansear Level 15 Calm
Shiny Zapdos Level 50 Mild
Janta's Golurk Level 70 Mild
Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Giratina Gentle
Shiny Azelf Level 50 Modest
Shiny Pidove Level 12 Rash
Shiny Flawless Larvitar Adamant
Shiny Absol Level 1 Rash
Shiny Moltres Level 50 Modest
Shiny UT Cobalion Level 42 Timid
Shiny Zorua Level 1 Modest
Shiny Terrakion Level 42 Adamant
Shiny Charmander Level Adamant
Ev Trained Shinies
Shiny Ev Trained Near Flawless Serperior Level 100 252 Sp. Attack 240 Speed 18 HP Ev's Timid
Shiny Dream World Dragonite 249 Attack 255 Sp. Attack 6 HP Serious
Shiny Mewtwo Level 100 255 Sp. Attack 255 Speed Modest
Shiny Flawless Reinclus 255 HP 253 Defense 2 Attack Bold
Shiny Tyranitar Level 100 100 of each Ev except 10 HP Timid
Shiny Near Flawless Bisharp 252 HP 252 Attack 4 Defense Adamant
Shiny Flawless Latios Level 100 252 Sp. Attack 252 Speed 6 Defense Modest Nicknamed LiteDragon
Shiny Milotic Level 100 252 Sp. Attack 252 HP 6 Defense (Near Flawless) Bold
Shiny Flawless Cressalia 255 Sp. Defense 172 HP 22 Attack 61 Defense Timid
Shiny Rayquaza Level 100 100 Evs in every stat except 10 in Sp. Defense Hardy
Shiny Meganium Level 100 100 of each stat except 10 of Sp. Defense Impish
Shiny Near Flawless Metagross Level 100 252 Attack 236 HP 22 Speed Hardy
Shiny Ninetales Level 100 100 of each Ev except 10 Sp. Defense Serious
Shiny Accelgor Level 100 252 Sp. Attack 252 Speed 6 HP
UT Shinies
Shiny Flawless Adamant Aerodactyl Level 1
Shiny Flawless Rhyperior Level 45 Bold
Shiny Near Flawless Latios Level 35 Bold
Shiny Flawless Staryu Level 1 Timid
Shiny Near Flawless Thundurus Level 40 (BT) Timid
Shiny Flawless Larvitar Level 1 Adamant
Shiny Flawless Dratini Level 8 (BT)Jolly
My Wants:
Flawless Shinies or Events reply at my trade shop The Black Haxorus Trade Shop


Competitive Battler
looking for
UT DW Timid Charmander With good Ivs in a dream ball ( can be cloned but if so it has to have amazing ivs and not have all the ribbons)
Adamant UT DW Torchic with good IVs and in Dream ball ( can be cloned but if so it has to have amazing ivs and not have all the ribbons)
UT Timid Tornadus with 28+ speed and sp atk
Adamant/Jolly event Zeckrom
Or any Good natured UT Shiny ( I wont except any shiny only ones I want just PM me the Poke)

Offering ( all UT unless stated otherwise)
Timid or Jolly FAL Mew (only for charmander)
Timid Snarl Zorua with 31 ivs in speed and sp atk
UT Shiny Jolly Sandile
UT Shiny Tornadus

Female DW
Eevee 31 speed IVs
Vulpix ( Hypnosis )

Egg moves
Timburr ( Mach Punch, Drain Punch )
Scraggy ( Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Drain Punch Zen Headbut )
Pawniard ( Psycho cut )


Bred DW Female:
Aerodactyl (Unnerve)
Bellsprout (Gluttony)
Buizel (Water Veil)
Buneary (Limber)
Carvanha (Speed Boost)
Caterpie (Run Away)
Chatot (Big Pecks)
Corsola (Regenerator)
Delibird (Insomnia)
Dratini (Marvel Scale)
Drifloon (Flare Boost)
Eevee (Anticipation)
Electrike (Minus)
Elekid (Vital Spirit)
Exeggcute (Harvest)
Farfetch'd (Defiant)
Feebas (Adaptability)
Finneon (Water Veil)
Growlithe (Justified)
Hoothoot (Tinted Lens)
Horsea (Damp)
Igglybuff (Friend Guard)
Kangaskhan (Inner Focus)
Lapras (Hydration)
Ledyba (Rattled)
Lickitung (Cloud Nine)
Lotad (Own Tempo)
Magikarp (Rattled)
Marill (Sap Sipper)
Murkrow (Prankster)
Munna (Telepathy)
Nidoran (Hustle)
Pachirisu (Volt Absorb)
Oddish (Run Away)
Pidgey (Big Pecks)
Poliwag (Swift Swim)
Ponyta (Flame Body)
Qwilfish (Intimidate)
Scarmory (Weak Armor)
Scyther (Steadfast)
Sentret (Frisk)
Shinx (Guts)
Skitty (Wonder Skin)
Slowpoke (Regenerator)
Smeargle (Moody)
Stantler (Sap Sipper)
Staravia (Reckless, Will not be UT as Starly does not have the ability)
Sunkern (Early Bird)
Surskit (Rain Dish)
Swablu (Cloud Nine)

Taillow (Scrappy)

Tangela (Regenerator)
Tropius (Harvest)
Vulpix (Drought)
Wailmer (Pressure)
Zubat (Infiltrator)

Jolteon/Brave/Azel (mine)
Non DW=
Shokotan (しょこたん) Pichu
VCG10 Eevee [4g]
Crown Suicune [4g]
Toy's R Us Pidove (Hatched)
Ash's Pikachu [4g]
MacDonalds Movie 11 Hydreigon/Modest
Movie 11 Satoshi's Reshiram/Modest
Movie 11 Satoshi's Zekrom/Adamant
Movie 11 Victini/Flawless/Adamant
Alamos Darkrai/Modest
Gamestop Deoxys/Timid
WCS Milotic/Timid
North of Korea Darkrai/Modest
TRU Manaphy/Mild
ANA Pikachu/Quiet

DW Shinies:
Vulpix/Drought/Careful/Female/Azel(myself)/31 IV's in Sp.Atk
Dratini/Marvel Scale/Adamant/Male/James/31/31/30/20/31/31
Eevee/Anticipation/Careful/Male/Malice/Flawless [Egg move: wish]

Looking for:
Events I don't have
DW Females/shinies I don't have (and different natures/better Iv's/egg moves on shinies I already have)
Ev'd Flawless/Near Flawless Shinies for a Hail Team
Ev'd Flawless/Near Flawless Shinies for a Drizzle Team
Ev'd Flawless/Near Flawless Shinies for a Sandstorm Team
(also, non ev'd versions of the above)
Shiny Koffing
Shiny Skitty
DW Starters with Proof (I will trade well for these)

I've had 99% of these hacked checked so all should be legit, however if I do happen to trade you a hack PM me for a refund and my apologies. =) Also, PM me any offers for these pokes. Thanks!
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