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Shiny Trading Thread

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Want: shiny shuckle with careful or sassy nature below level 50 (preferably with sturdy)
Have: shiny palkia level 100, shiny suicune (soul silver encounter) UT, level 100 shiny shaymin, level 88 shiny crobat, Shiny primape, snivy with mean look, snivy with twister and iron tail, druddigon with thunder fang and fire fang, blitzle with double kick and ferroseed with stealth rock.

PM me if you have one.


Shiny Hunter
Just come to my trade shop for Shinies! I'm
Too tired too type


Lover of underrated characters
I got a legit shiny Cottonee UFT


Too Good For Words
i am looking for any shiny and can offer shinys such as:
Skarmory UT
Pichu UT


Joltik Queen <3
looking 4 a shiny shuckle careful nature below lv.50! Can offer 2-3 shinies from my shop 4 it. link in sig!


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i have a flawless shiny naughty murkrow up for trade pm me with offers


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my shinies

I have available a shiny audino lvl 18, a shiny zubat lvl 100, and a shiny cobalion lvl 42. Im looking for deoxys, arceus, darkrai, shaymin and jirachi.
PM me if your interested.


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Shiny, UT, Adamant, Lvl. 1 Giratina up for trade, PM me


Staff member
-flawless DW shinies: Natu UT, Castform UT, Taillow UT, Pachirisu UT (Natu, Castform, and Taillow are worth ANY 3-4 Pokemon each, and Pachirisu is worth ANY 2-3 (regardless of point values))
-shiny Masquerain (MUST BE UT), worth 2 points!
-shiny CHANNEL Jirachi UT, worth 2-3 points!
-shiny Beautifly (MUST BE UT)
-shiny Shieldon UT
-shiny Dragonair UT (Must be caught in B/W)
-shiny Unowns: 'M'
-shiny DW Pokes, must be UT, preferrably flawless...I already have: Gligar, Vulpix, Growlithe, Dratini, Eevee, Poliwag, Darmanitan (found in-game), Carvanha, Nidoran♂, Wooper, Tangela, Lapras, Ledyba, Tropius, Krabby, Marill, Yanma, Drifloon, Burmy, Qwilfish, Electrike, Scyther. I am ONLY offering the ones I'm offering in my shop.

I only want the Pokemon in the evolution I want them in (unless I say I'll accept previous/future evolutions).

Offering what's in my shop. PM/VM me or post in my shop if you're interested :).


Offering Shiny Ditto, Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee,
Umbreon, Glaceon, Zorua, Mienfoo, Feebas, Absol, Taillow, Lapras, Sewaddle, Axew, Venipede,
Cottonee, Petilil, Ralts, Riolu, Gible, Marill, Shinx, Tynamo, Darumaka, Beldum, Linoone, Sandile,
Litwick, Larvesta, Deino, Event Hydreigon, Event Golurk, Event Raikou, Event Entei, Event Suicune,
and Dream World Shiny Magikarp

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i have a shiny ursaring ut its legit but its in a masterball i also have a fal2010 mew i'm offerin both for a shiny heatran


I'm looking for:

Shiny/(near)Flawless/Modest UT Smoochum
Shiny/(near)Flawless/Impish UT Shuckle
Shiny/(near)Flawless/DW Eevee (not timid, gentle or careful) UT

Or any other shiny/(near) flawless pokemon that could be used on weather teams. If you personally RNG it I'm happy to give more for the trouble. =)

I'm also looking for a shiny Pichu/HP Ice (near flawless) on 4G. Offering extra for this since 99% of what I can give is 5G so we'll need to trade twice. ^^;

Offering: (warning, long list)
Bred DW Female:
Aerodactyl (Unnerve)
Bellsprout (Gluttony)
Buizel (Water Veil)
Buneary (Limber)
Carvanha (Speed Boost)
Caterpie (Run Away)
Chatot (Big Pecks)
Corsola (Regenerator)
Delibird (Insomnia)
Dratini (Marvel Scale)
Drifloon (Flare Boost)
Eevee (Anticipation)
Electrike (Minus)
Elekid (Vital Spirit)
Exeggcute (Harvest)
Farfetch'd (Defiant)
Feebas (Adaptability)
Finneon (Water Veil)
Growlithe (Justified)
Hoothoot (Tinted Lens)
Horsea (Damp)
Igglybuff (Friend Guard)
Kangaskhan (Inner Focus)
Lapras (Hydration)
Ledyba (Rattled)
Lickitung (Cloud Nine)
Lotad (Own Tempo)
Magikarp (Rattled)
Marill (Sap Sipper)
Murkrow (Prankster)
Munna (Telepathy)
Nidoran (Hustle)
Pachirisu (Volt Absorb)
Oddish (Run Away)
Pidgey (Big Pecks)
Poliwag (Swift Swim)
Ponyta (Flame Body)
Qwilfish (Intimidate)
Scarmory (Weak Armor)
Scyther (Steadfast)
Sentret (Frisk)
Shinx (Guts)
Skitty (Wonder Skin)
Slowpoke (Regenerator)
Smeargle (Moody)
Stantler (Sap Sipper)
Staravia (Reckless, Will not be UT as Starly does not have the ability)
Sunkern (Early Bird)
Surskit (Rain Dish)
Swablu (Cloud Nine)

Taillow (Scrappy)

Tangela (Regenerator)
Tentacool (Rain Dish)
Tropius (Harvest)
Vulpix (Drought)
Wailmer (Pressure)
Zubat (Infiltrator)

Jolteon/Brave/Azel (mine)
Non DW=
Shokotan (しょこたん) Pichu
VCG10 Eevee [4g]
Crown Suicune [4g]
Toy's R Us Pidove (Hatched)
Ash's Pikachu [4g]
MacDonalds Movie 11 Hydreigon/Modest
Movie 11 Satoshi's Reshiram/Modest
Movie 11 Satoshi's Zekrom/Adamant
Movie 11 Victini/Flawless/Adamant
Alamos Darkrai/Modest
Gamestop Deoxys/Timid
WCS Milotic/Timid
North of Korea Darkrai/Modest
TRU Manaphy/Mild
ANA Pikachu/Quiet

DW Shinies:
Vulpix/Drought/Careful/Female/Azel(myself)/31 IV's in Sp.Atk
Vulpix/Drought/Timid/Female/Andy/Flawless [Egg moves: Hypnosis,Heat Wave, Hex, Extrasensory]
Dratini/Marvel Scale/Adamant/Male/James/31/31/30/20/31/31
Eevee/Anticipation/Careful/Male/Malice/Flawless [Egg move: wish]
Politoed/Drizzle/Calm/Female/Alex/31/31/31/30/31/31s/EV'd: HP/Sp.Def
Gliscor/Poison Heal/Impish/Infi//31/31/31/1/31/31/EV'd: HP/Def/Speed
NidoranMale/Hustle/Modest/Andy/Flawless [EM:Head Smash,Sucker Punch,Poison Tail, Iron Tail]
Murkrow(Jap)/Prankster/Alex/Flawless [EM:Astonish, Confuse Ray, Roost, Toxic]
Ponyta/Flame Body/Gentle/Male/ROCK*/Flawless [EM: Incinerate]

I've had 99% of these hacked checked so all should be legit, however if I do happen to trade you a hack PM me for a refund and my apologies. =)

I can also clone if you need it, but it takes 5-10 minutes as I need to swap ds twice (my 3DS doesn't clone). =)
Please PM me if you'd like to trade.


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Gen 5 Event:
Carita's Shiny Hydreigon*
Janta's Shiny Golurk*

Past Gen Event:
JP Crown Shiny Entei, Raikou and Suicune
ENG WIN2011 Shiny Entei, Raikou and Suicune
GER Fru2010 Jolly Shiny Pichu

RNG'd Past Gen Events UT:
JP Crown Relaxed Suicune (31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70)
JP WSC Timid Shiny Milotic (Flawless)
ENG Gamestop Shiny Entei, Raikou, Suicune (All Flawless; Unused)
ENG Gamestop Jolly Shiny Pichu (Flawless)

RNG'd Past Gen Events EV'd:
JP Crown Adamant Entei (Lv. 32; 31/31/31/x/31/31/31; 252 Attack, 6 Special Defense, 252 Speed; Unused)

*Still with the delivery man. Can be resetted for nature and IVs upon requested.



Non-RNG'd UT shinies :

Serious Lapras (x/14/15/30/30/31 - NN'able)

RNG'd UT shinies:
IVs are omitted if the pokemon is FLAWLESS (31/31/31/31/31/31)

Relaxed/Calm Tangela (31/31/31/31/31/30 HP Ice 70; Ingrain, Constrict, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed)
Timid Tentacool (31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; Rapid Spin, Water Pulse, Poison Jab)
Bold Chansey (31/18/31/31/31/31 HP Dragon 70; Seismic Toss, Counter, Mimic)
Bold Eevee (31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; Wish, Yawn)
Lonely Eevee (31/30/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70; Wish, Yawn)
Modest Eevee (31/31/30/30/30/30 HP Fighting 70; Wish, Yawn)
Modest Gastly (31/30/31/30/31/30 HP Fire 70; Will-O-Wisp, Astonish)
Timid Staryu (31/30/31/30/31/30 HP Fire 70; Gyro Ball)
Modest Bulbasaur (30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Eevee (30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Caterpie (Lv. 3; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Modest Slowpoke (Lv. 12; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Staryu (Lv. 40; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Electabuzz (Lv. 18; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Gastly (Lv. 21; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Growlithe (Lv.18; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Magmar (Lv. 16; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Mr. Mime (Lv. 30; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Modest Oddish (Lv. 5; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Voltorb (Lv. 17; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Adamant Gyrados (Lake of Rage; 31/31/31/14/31/31)
Timid/Jolly Bulbasaur (Light Screen, Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm, Power Whip)
Jolly Rattata (Flame Wheel, Counter, Reversal, Me First)
Jolly Growlithe (Agility, Crunch, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun)
Modest/Bold Squirtle (Aqua Jet, Flail, Aqua Ring, Yawn)
Bold Koffing (Curse, Screech, Pain Split, Will-o-Wisp)
Adamant Growlithe (Crunch, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun)
Calm Mr.Mime (Light Screen, Reflect, Substitute)
Adamant Machop (Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch)
Calm Oddish (Synthesis, Charm, Razor Leaf)
Bold Slowpoke (Zen Headbutt, Safeguard, Water Pulse)
Jolly Zubat (Brave Bird, Whirlwind, Pursuit)
Adamant Scyther (Vaccuum Wave, U-Turn)
Calm/Careful Eevee (Wish, Yawn)
Adamant/Jolly Dratini (Extremespeed, Dragon Dance)
Impish Shellder (Rock Blast, Rapid Spin)
Jolly Meowth (Flail, Hypnosis)
Timid Abra (Encore, Psychic)
Adamant Poliwag (Mist, Refresh)
Timid Vulpix (Heat Wave, Flare Blitz)
Jolly Aerodactyl (Whirlwind)
Jolly Aerodactyl (Pursuit)
Adamant Kabuto (Rapid Spin)
Modest Magnemite (Metal Sound)
Timid Charmander
Jolly Pidgey
Adamant Ekans
Jolly Ponyta
Mild Gastly
Adamant Onix
Relaxed/Timid Staryu
Timid Eevee
Timid Porygon
Careful/Impish Snorlax
Jolly Cubone
Adamant Kangaskhan
Impish Nidoran F

Mild Elekid (30/31/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; Cross Chop, Meditate, Fire Punch, Ice Punch)
Timid Misdreavus (30/30/31/30/30/30 HP Fighting 70; Ominous Wind, Spite, Nasty Plot)
Modest Cyndaquil (31/30/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70; Flamethrower, Extrasensory, HP)
Timid Houndour (31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; Pursuit, Beat Up)
Modest Mareep (Lv. 13; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Misdreavus (Lv. 45; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Modest Natu (Lv. 18; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Calm Chinchou (Lv. 40; 31/26/31/31/31/31 HP Dragon 70)
Timid Cyndaquil (Crush Claw, Flare Blitz, Double Edge, Extrasensory)
Jolly Sneasel (Taunt, Fake Out, Ice Punch, False Swipe)
Adamant Elekid (Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Cross Chop)
Adamant/Jolly Larvitar (Dragon Dance, Outrage, Sandstorm)
Adamant Marill (Aqua Jet, Superpower, Substitute)
Adamant Shuppet (Payback, Destiny Bond, Confuse Ray)
Modest Yanma (Silver Wind, Whirlwind, Signal Beam)
Jolly Gligar (Double Edge, Baton Pass)
Hasty Houndour (Pursuit, Beat Up)
Naughty Murkrow (Brave Bird, Whirlwind)
Jolly Aipom (Pursuit, Fake Out)
Modest Mareep (Safeguard, Reflect)
Impish Skarmory (Whirlwind, Brave Bird)
Adamant Tyrogue (Mach Punch, Bullet Punch)
Careful Larvitar (Curse)
Bold Chikorita (Reflect)
Timid Pichu (Charm)
Adamant Heracross (Pursuit)
Adamant Totodile
Impish Shuckle
Jolly Smeargle
Timid Unown (Lv. 5; B)

Timid Feebas (31/30/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70; Haze, Hypnosis, Rain Dance)
Timid Roselia (31/30/31/30/31/30 HP Fire 70; Leaf Storm, Sleep Powder)
Timid Treeko (30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Minun (Lv. 12; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Jolly Torchic (Night Slash, Agility, Rock Slide, Crush Claw)
Adamant Absol (Megahorn, Zen Headbutt, Sucker Punch, Swords Dance)
Adamant Mawile (Sucker Punch, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Ancient Power)
Adamant Nincada (Endure, Faint Attack, Bug Bite, Night Slash)
Adamant Numel (Yawn, Heat Wave, Ancient Power, Mud Bomb)
Adamant Slakoth (Night Slash, Crush Claw, Body Slam, Hammer Arm)
Adamant Carvanha (Hydro Pump, Ancient Power, Double Edge)
Bold Chimecho (Hypnosis, Disable, Wish)
Careful Lileep (Recover, Rock Slide, Mirror Coat)
Jolly Volbeat (Encore, Silver Wind, Baton Pass)
Adamant Bagon (Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump)
Adamant Poochyena (Sucker Punch, Me First)
Adamant Aron (Head Smash, Iron Head)
Adamant Cacnea (Nasty Plot, Payback)
Adamant Swablu (Pursuit, Agility)
Careful/Adamant Mudkip (Yawn)
Adamant Turtwig (Body Slam)
Relaxed/Impish Duskull (Pain Split)
Adamant Starly (Pursuit)
Adamant Relicanth (Aqua Tail)
Jolly Zangoose (Night Slash)
Timid Treeko
Modest Wurmple
Adamant/Timid Ralts
Bold/Modest Baltoy
Adamant Beldum
Jolly Trapinch
Impish Wynaut

Timid Drifloon (31/31/30/30/30/30 HP Fighting 70; Hypnosis)
Brave/Relaxed Bronzor (31/31/31/31/31/0)
Timid Rotom (30/30/31/30/30/30 HP Fighting 70)
Modest Carnivine (Lv. 5; 30/15/20/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Modest Chatot (Lv. 20; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Jolly Buneary (Fake Out, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Switcher)
Naive Chimchar (Fake Out, Blaze Kick, Taunt)
Timid Budew (Leaf Storm, Razor Leaf, Sleep Powder)
Careful Skorupi (Night Slash, Pursuit, Whirlwind)
Careful Skorupi (Night Slash, Pursuit, Agility)
Careful Spiritomb (Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, Pain Split)
Adamant Spiritomb (Shadow Sneak, Pain Split, Ominous Wind)
Adamant Shinx (Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang)
Adamant Bidoof (Double Edge, Aqua Tail)
Adamant Riolu (Agility, Crunch)
Jolly Gible (Outrage)
Modest Cherubi (Aromatherapy)
Timid Drifloon (Hypnosis)
Adamant Turtwig (Body Slam)
Modest Piplup
Adamant Cranidos
Modest Burmy
Timid Drifloon
Jolly Glameow
Timid Rotom

Jolly Venipede (31/31/31/17/31/31; Roll Out, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Take Down)
Brave Scraggy (31/31/31/16/31/0; Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Fake Out, Thunder Punch)
Naive Meinfoo (30/31/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; Baton Pass, Knock Off, Low Kick, Endure)
Timid Pansage (31/30/31/30/31/30 HP Fire 70; Nasty Plot, HP, Leaf Storm, Substitute)
Calm Maractus (31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; Spike, Leech Seed, Protect, HP)
Timid Sigilyph (31/30/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70; Ancient Power, Roost)
Timid Zorua (31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; Dark Pulse, Protect)
Timid Starter Oshawott (30/18/30/31/31/30 HP Electric 70)
Timid Starter Tepig (30/18/30/31/31/30 HP Electric 70)
Timid Starter Snivy (30/18/30/31/31/30 HP Electric 70)
Timid Joltik (31/14/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Petilil (Lv.19; 31/19/30/31/30/30 HP Rock 70)
Timid Litwick (Lv.26; 31/2/30/30/30/30 HP Fighting 70)
Modest Cofagrigus (Lv. 34; 31/23/30/30/30/30 HP Fighting 70)
Adamant Golett (Lv. 31; 31/31/31/1/31/31)
Adamant Tirtouga (Lv. 25; 31/31/31/13/31/31)
Sassy Yamask (Lv. 20; 31/0/31/31/31/31)
Jolly Axew (Lv. 31; 31/31/31/6/31/31)
Adamant Scraggy (Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch)
Jolly Sawk (Protect, Build Up, Earthquake, Rock Slide)
Adamant Throh (Protect, Earthquake, Brick Break, Stone Edge)
Adamant Blitzle (Double Edge, Double Kick, Me First, Volt Charge)
Careful Dwebble (Spike, Counter, Stealth Rock, Rock Tomb)
Jolly Deerling (Synthesis, Natural Gift, Grasswhistle, Snore)
Jolly Cubchoo (Aerial Ace, Ice Punch, Night Slash)
Jolly Archen (Wing Attack, Head Smash)
Jolly Sandile (Thunder Fang, Fire Fang)
Bold Frillish (Pain Split, Confuse Ray)
Calm Yamask (Nasty Plot)
Jolly Minccino (Knock off)
Timid Vanillite (Water Pulse)
Careful Karrablast (Pursuit)
Adamant Drillbur

Dream World:
Timid Anticipate Eevee (Female; 31/16/31/31/31/31 HP Dragon 68; Wish, Fake Tears, Stored Power, Yawn)
Impish Gligar (Female; 31/31/31/1/31/31; Poison Tail, Double Edge, Baton Pass, Agility)
Bold Regenerator Slowpoke (Female; 31/4/31/31/31/31; Curse, Yawn, Flamethrower, Scald)
Modest Regenerator Corsola (Female; Amnesia, Confuse Ray, Cruse, Ingrain)
Bold Swift Swim Poliwag (Female; 31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; Encore, Refresh, Hypnosis)
Timid Infiltrator Zubat (Female; 31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; Giga Drain, Whirlwind, Nasty Plot)
Calm Harvest Tropius (Female; 31/29/31/31/31/31; Leech Seed, Synthesis)
Timid Drought Vulpix (Female; 31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; Hypnosis)
Timid Magic Mirror Natu (31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; Roost)
Timid Run Away Caterpie (Female; 31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Modest Overcoat Burmy (Male; 31/22/31/30/31/30 HP Fire 70)
Jolly Rattled Ledyba (Female; Bug Bite, Dizzy Punch, Drain Punch, Focus Punch)
Calm Prankster Murkrow (Female; Confuse Ray, Roost, Toxic)
Jolly Marvel Scale Dratini (Female; Extremespeed, Thunderwave)
Adamant Keen Eye Starly (Female; Double Edge, Roost)
Relaxed Regenerator Tangela (Female; Giga Drain, Reflect)
Jolly Hydration Lapras (Female; Dragon Dance, Waterfall)
Jolly Sheer Force Krabby (Female)
Timid Flare Boost Drifloon (Female)
Adamant Speed Boost Carvanha (Female)
Adamant Minus Electrike (Female)
Adamant Steadfast Scyther (Female)
Modest Traunt Nidoran (Male; Head Smash, Sucker Punch, Poison Tail, Iron Tail)
Impish Immunity Gligar (Male)
Adamant/Jolly Zen Mode Darmanitan (Lv. 35; Female)

Adamant E Mew (31/30/31/9/30/31; Softboiled, Transform, Counter)
Timid HG Zapdos (30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Bold HG Zapdos (31/14/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70)
Modest HG Moltres (31/31/30/30/31/31 HP Grass 70)
Timid SS Entei (31/2/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70)
Timid SS Raikou (31/2/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70)
Adamant E Deoxys (31/30/31/9/30/31)
Adamant SS Groundon (31/31/31/17/31/31)
Naive SS Rayquaza (26/31/31/31/25/30)
Impish Plt Uxie (31/31/31/25/31/31)
Jolly Plt Uxie (31/30/31/31/31/31 HP Dragon 70)
Sassy Plt Heatran (30/31/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70)
Adamant Plt Giratina (31/31/31/24/31/31)
Timid Cobalion (31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Jolly Virizion (31/31/31/7/31/31)
Timid Virizion (31/2/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Timid Thundurus (31/18/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70)
Jolly Tornadus (31/31/31/29/31/31)
Timid Kyurem (31/2/31/30/31/30 HP Fire 70)
Timid HG Zapdos (Heat Wave)
Timid HG Articuno
Timid HG Articuno
Timid HG Moltres
Timid HG Mewtwo
Timid HG Suicune
Timid HG/SS Lugia
Timid HG Ho-oh
Timid HG Kyogre
Timid HG Rayquaza
Timid SS Latias
Timid HG Latios
Timid HG Palkia
Timid Plt Azelf
Timid Plt Mesprit
Timid HG Manaphy
Timid Plt Cresselia
Modest Plt Shaymin
Timid Plt Darkrai
Modest/Timid Phione
Timid/Modest Plt Mesprit
Modest HG Dialga
Timid HG Giratina
Jolly Terrakion
Jolly Landolus

RNG'd EV'd shinies:
Timid Butterfree (Lv. 50; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; 6 Defense, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; Bug Buzz, Energy Ball, HP, Sleep Powder)
Timid Jolteon (Lv. 50; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; 252 Special Attack, 6 Special Defense, 252 Speed; Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, HP, Baton Pass)
Timid Mr. Mime ((Lv. 50; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; Psychic, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, Trick)
Timid Butterfree (Lv. 40; Flawless, 4 Defense, 254 Special Attack, 252 Speed; Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Bug Buzz, U-Turn)
Impish Cloyster (Lv. 50; Flawless; 252 HP, 6 Defense; 252 Special Defense; Explosion, Rock Blast, Rapid Spin, Spikes)

Modest Ampharos (Lv. 30; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; 208 HP, 252 Special Attack, 49 Speed; Substitute, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, HP)
Adamant Azurill (Lv. 2; 31/31/31/x/31/31; 116 HP, 200 Attack, 38 Special Defense, 116 Speed; Waterfall, Return, Encore, Substitute)
Jolly Politoed (Lv. 37; 30/31/31/17/30/31; 253 Attack, 4 Special Defense, 252 Speed; Belly Drum, Substitute, Waterfall, Return)

Adamant Cavanha (Lv. 3; 31/31/31/24/31/31; 196 Attack, 38 Defense, 38 Special Defense, 238 Speed; Leer, Bite, Crunch, Aqua Jet)
Timid Sceptile (Lv. 50; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; Energy Ball, Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse, HP)

Timid Rotom (Lv.11; 30/30/31/30/30/30 HP Fighting 70; 64 HP, 232 Special Attack, 212 Speed; Overheat, Thunderbolt, Trick, Shadow Ball)
Modest Magmortar (Lv. 24; 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; 2 HP, 252 Special Attack, 4 Special Defense, 252 Speed; Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, HP)
Timid Polygon-Z (Lv. 51; 31/22/30/30/30/30 HP Fighting 70; 4 Defense, 252 Special Attack, 254 Speed; Tri-Attack, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, HP)
Brave Rhyperior (Lv. 57; 31/31/31/31/31/x; 248 HP, 252 Attack, 8 Defense, 1 Special Attack; Megahorn, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Swords Dance)
Timid Electivire (Lv. 50; 30/15/30/31/31/31; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; Thunderbolt; Focus Blast, Psychic, HP)
Adamant Staraptor (Lv. 50; Flawless; 4 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed; Brave Bird, Close Combat, Pursuit, Return)

Timid Zoroark (Lv.50; 31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; Flamethrower, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Focus Blast)
Timid Accelgor (Lv.50; 31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; U-Turn, Spike, Acid, Bug Buzz)
Jolly Cinccino (Lv.32; Flawless; 6 HP, Attack, 252 Speed; Tail Slap, Bullet Seed, U-Turn, Rock Blast)

Timid Drought Vulpix (Lv. 50; 31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed with Fire Blast, Will-O-Wisp, Protect, Energy Ball)

Timid HG Entei (Lv. 46; Flawless; 4 Defense, 254 Special Attack, 252 Speed; Calm Mind, Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Solarbeam)
Timid HG Latias (Lv. 45; Flawless; 112 HP, 206 Special Attack, 192 Speed; Calm Mind, Dragon Pulse, Grass Knot, Recover)
Timid HG Latios (Lv. 45; Flawless; 4 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; Dragon Pulse, Grass Knot, Calm Mind, Recover)
Jolly HG Palkia (Lv. 20; 30/31/31/17/30/31; 4 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed; Aqua Tail, Outrage, Earthquake, Stone Edge)
Timid HG Palkia (Lv. 46; Flawless; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; Spacial Rend, Surf, Thunder, Draco Meteor)


And many more. Visit my trade shop for the entire list.



Past Gen, mainly from Gen 3, events, preferably with good IVs and nature
RNG'd DW shiny female pokemons

Can also take other fair offer.

PM/VM if interested.
Looking for a female DW poliwag
Can offer a shiny oshawott in return

pm me.


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Looking for first gen shinies, or a special catch request that requires trading from Sapphire to Emerald for a move tutor move.

Offering Bold UT Uxie, Reshiram, and Victini, which I have the pass for, but haven't caught yet, so it can be whichever nature you would want.

Punk Lion

Dark Trainer
Looking for someone to RNG me an shiny, flawless bulbasaur. Willing to offer more than one trade in exchange. I can breed some DW pokemon (in sig) and a wide variety of non DW pokemon. PM me for more info.
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