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Shiny Trading Thread

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Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
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im looking for a lvl 1 rufflet with sheer force this is enough for me however if it is flawless and adamant the deal will be much better pm me with offers


Seeking a Zapdos that is bold/ calm/ timid/ or modest natured. There ev's must be cleared or you must know their ev's. Offering a shiny litwick i caught today in the wild.


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I have:
Shiny Eevee - Level 5 - Timid - UT - Male
Shiny Totodile - Level 1 - Modest - UT - Female

I'd like a shiny Axew named Carnotaur :) Gender does not matter. Mold Breaker ability preferred.


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im looking for shiny eevee, zorua.

i can offer:

shiny ponyta
shiny UT oshowatt
shiny gallade
shiny palkia
2012MAY darkrai
Win2011 Celebi
GAMESTP shiny Suicune
SPR2012 Zekrom bolt strike
Victini lvl38 or lvl 51or50 v-create
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I have a WIN2011 Suicune, Raikou and Entei. Looking for events ^^
Also, I have a shiny RNGed Skarmory... I am looking for the following: Nidoking, Mandibuzz, Zweilous, Crustle, Virizion and Terrakion. They don't have to be shiny btw. PM if you want to trade~
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Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel

Shiny Japanese Squirtle Lv 1
Shiny Year of the Dragon Salamance Lv 70
Shiny DW Male Dragonite Lv 65
Shiny Zoroark Lv 54 and 57
Shiny Japanese Frosslass Lv. 59
Shiny Glalie Lv 53
Shiny Male Gardevoir Lv 70
Shiny Gigalith Lv 75
Shiny Pansear Lv 1
Shiny Pansage Lv 1
Shiny Gliscor Lv. 54
Shiny Luxray Lv. 56
Shiny Golett Lv 30
Shiny Shiny Relicanth Lv 49
Shiny Gengar Lv 92
Shiny Deoxys Lv 100
Shiny Mewtwo Lv 73
Shiny Arbok Lv 55
Shiny Archeops Lv 38
Shiny Pawniard Lv 50
Shiny Japanese Magikarp Lv 1
Shiny Gyarados Lv 31
Shiny Sigilyph Lv 20
Shiny Beldum Lv 1
Shiny Rattata lv 13
Shiny Druddigon named Salad Lv 50
Shiny Delibird Lv 48
Shiny Horsea lv 42
Shiny Golduck Lv 57
Shiny Mightyena lv 29
Shiny Spinda lv 14
Shiny Butterfree Lv. 23
Shiny Vanillite lv 28
Shiny Marshtomp Lv 21
Shiny Japanese Lanturn Lv 43
Shiny Ho-Oh Lv 73
Shiny Dialga Lv 76
Shiny Kyurem Lv 80
Shiny Litwick Lv 1
Shiny Sceptile Lv 46
Shiny Haxorus Lv 74 Nn: Ono
Shiny Axew Lv 30 F and Lv 1 M
Shiny Pidgey Lv 14
Shiny Skarmory Lv 56
Shiny Ditto Lv 29
Shiny DW Tentacruel Lv 30
Shiny Weavile Lv 2
Shiny Yanma Lv 1 Nn: Buzz
Shiny Riolu Lv 1
Shiny Corsola Lv 50
Shiny Accelgor Lv. 31
Shiny Typhlosion Lv 61
Shiny Crobat Lv 23
Shiny Shuppet Lv 1
Shiny Gligar Lv 1
Shiny DW Bagon Lv 1

Looking for other shinies... specifically Petitil, Vullaby, Oshawott, and Bulbasur. Also seeking DW Starters. PM me.
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I am offering the following SHINY max evds: Politoed (DW), Thundurus (HP ice 70), Rotom.

I am looking for 4TH GENERATION flying good natured UT shinies. Don't have to be flawless.

Pm me!


feelin' Nostalgic
have a shiny dratini lv 7 untouched, and TRU arceus, for trade, looking for male shiny axew or scyther adamant / jolly natures for both, dratini is hasty nature'd


Live out Loud
Looking for a shiny Latias, I can offer whats in my siggie. PM me if your interested. :)


Shiny Meganium
Bashful nature
Apparently arrived at lv. 100
Somewhat vain.
Master ball.
lvl 100
OT : ALEX (male trainer)
Stats 290/182/229/195/231/179
Overgrow ability
Body Slam, Safeguard, Aromatherapy, SolarBeam


Iridium Trainer
I'm looking for a Shiny Vulpix or a Shiny Bulbasaur, preferrably in the lvl 1-10 range. I don't care about the IVs.

PM me, and we can discuss what you'd like in return. :)
seeking flawless(priority) and/or shiny dw abiltiy vulpix, dw abiltiy poliwag/politoed, ferroseed, dratini can give shinies dw f and events
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