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Shiny Trading Thread

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i have:
Shroomish-M-lv1 (Adamant) {Flawless IVs}
Bulbasaur-M-lv1 (Modest) {31/31/31/30/31/31}
Gible-M-lv1 (Jolly) w/outrage {Flawless IVs}
MattJ's Latios lv40 (Timid) {29/21/30/30/31/31}
Psychoward86bg's Mewtwo lv70-(Timid) {31/31/31/31/31/31}- Psycho Cut/Amnesia/Fire Blast/Shock Wave
Psycho86wardbg’s Lugia -lv45 (Timid) {31/31/31/31/31/31}

LF: anything in my sig


Magus lover
I want an uncloned DW ability mewtwo, nothing matters but unclonedness. To offer, I have such things as -

Jolly Japanese imposter ditto
Adamant shiny shinx (not DW ability sorry)
Nidoran male brave shiny
Jolly Keldeo
Modest MYSTRY mew (cloned)
4 Different uncloned Pokemon ranch mews see my tradethread for natures and for everything else I have.


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Really want a shiny psyduck. All I can offer are pokemon black legendaries non shiny. Reshiram has some exp but I dont remember using him so I think its from the battle against the other legendary that you are forced to have. kyurem tornadus, etc are untouched. Psyduck is my favorite pokemon, I just want a shiny one.


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Have hundreds of shiny pokemon for trade pm me with what u are after

I love turtwig!!!

Shiny collector
Looking for any LEGIT pokemon in my signature. Please let me know if you have one by either pming or vming me thank you. If anybody out there likes RNGed pokemon (shiny) then let me know i have a few RNGed shiny pokemon i would trade for other shinys or events. Looking for a shiny cresselia.
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Trading my shiny flawless curse umbreon impish nature. Will take any shiny flawless I don't have


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I am looking for a Shiny/Flawless Calm or Modest Togepi with Serene Grace that knows the move Nasty Plot. I can offer up to 2 Shiny/Flawless Pokemon. PM me for a list of what I can offer. DO NOT TRADE ME HACKED OR PUBLIC POKEMON. I will only accept legit ones. Thanks!


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hi im looking for the two shiny in my sig. could any body help me?
Offering a Shiny Palkia from the new US Gamestop event. Looking for shiny pokemon, Dream World females in return. I only accept legitimate pokemon and i do check for their legitimacy. Hacked pokemon will not be accepted. (I do not consider RNG'd pokemon illegitimate.) If you don't have either of the above, i will also accept event pokemon in return.


Shiny Hunter
Offering what is in my sig.
Looking for any shiny I dont own, preferably UT and not cloned


Eevee Lover
Hey all!
My friend's birthday is coming up (oct. 1st) and I'm looking to get her a shiny pokemon.
I don't have anything of value to trade but if anyone is willing to part with any of their shinys, we'd appreciate it immensely!
Stats, EVs, etc. don't matter. The lower the level the better but i'll take anything.


Offering: Untouched Shiny Shinx, female, adamant nature, ability is intimidate moves are tackle, thunder fang, crunch and wild charge.
Also, it's not nicknamed, but I can't change the name as I got it from a friend.

Looking for: Celebi or Jirachi, not cloned ect.

PM me if you're interested!


Right now, I just want a Shiny Bold nature female Eevee or Vaporeon that knows Wish. Nickname must be Mermeon. Ability doesn't necessarily have to be the dream world kind as I prefer Water Absorb, but either one is fine.

I'll relinquish my shiny Hasty nature Palkia with a Timid nature Keldeo(as a thank you gift) both from Gamestop.

If anyone is interested, you can PM me and we'll set something up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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I kind of want a Shiny Kyruem of a bold nature, don't care about Iv's, I want it to be real ( at least real enough to transfer to X&Y) I not sure what I can offer but I do tend to have extra's of gen 5 events.
Really need shiny flawless or NF jolly, naive, or hasty entei. Please PM me, I can offer anything in return.


Game over, man.
Shinies I'm looking for: ;125; ;126; ;198; ;246; ;313; ;324; ;341; ;410; ;412; ;431; ;442; ;449; ;455; :495: :498: :501: :539: :566: :574:

Shinies offered: ;420; ;111; ;453; ;371; ;352; ;328; ;241; ;152; ;417; ;331; ;300; ;185; ;298; ;143; ;007; ;387; ;393; ;390; ;001; ;004; ;100; ;227; ;177; ;172; ;443; ;427; ;200; ;133; ;127; ;438; ;055; ;109; ;175; ;155; ;158; ;131; ;447; ;252; ;241;

Most of my shinies are completely untouched, only a few are slightly used. I'd prefer these to also be untouched, but I don't mind too much either way. PM me if interested. Thanks!
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Strongest Shield
Looking for: Shiny Mawile.

Offering: Shiny Garchomp, Un-touched Jolly Shiny Gible, All 3 Crown Beasts, Shiny Dragonite, SUM2013 Dialga.

PM me if interested.
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Looking for a shiny, female, forigen ralts please


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Im looking for a shiny charmander to trade to replace a lost one. I have nothing of real value to trade but I do have the shiny dialga from the event for pokemon black 2. Reply if interestes
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