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Shiny Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Trade Forum' started by ellie, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. 99neil99

    99neil99 Member

    LF: any legit event pokemon. no clones no hacks.
    6th gen
    offering all my shiny pokemon! getting rid of all of them.


    Palkia / jolly - pressure lv.100 (GTS) 1iv
    Dialga / sassy – pressure lv.100 JPN (GTS) 1iv
    Deoxys / modest – pressure lv.100 (GTS) 6iv
    Gyarados / relaxed – intimidate 6iv lv.100 impish – intimidate 1iv lv.41 modest – intimidate lv.30 1iv
    UT Geodude / hasty – sturdy lv.12 1iv
    Golem / relaxed – sturdy lv.100 1iv
    Pidgeot / serious – tangled feet lv.100 1iv
    Kricketune / jolly – swarm lv.100 1iv
    Seaking / docile – swift swim lv.100 1iv
    Crobat / timid – inner focus lv.100 6iv
    Raichu / lonely – static lv.100 2iv
    EVENT Pikachu / jolly – static lv.61 1iv
    Staraptor / brave – lv.100
    Tentacruel / lax – liquid ooze lv.100 1iv
    Pelipper / calm – keen eye lv.100 1iv
    Gastrodon pink/ timid – sticky hold lv.100 1iv
    Gengar / quiet – levitate lv.100 1iv
    UT Dratini / mild – shed skin lv.1 1iv
    UT Haxorus / jolly – mold breaker lv.60 2iv

    easily trade ^
    something good for >

    UT druddigon / relaxed JPN – rough skin lv.50 6iv
    UT deino / quirky – hustle lv.38 SPA 2iv
    Mewtwo / jolly – pressure lv.74 6iv
    UT Rapidash / modest – flash fire lv.49 1iv
    Sceptile / sassy – overgrow lv.49 6iv
    UT gyarados / rash – intimidate lv.33 1iv
    UT gyarados / quiet – intimidate lv.30 GER 1iv
    Arbok / bashful – shed skin lv.62 2iv
    Chandelure / careful – flash fire lv.51 1iv
    Watchdog / modest – keen eye lv.21 1iv
    Linoone / rash – pickup lv.21 JPN 1iv
    Girafarig / timid – inner focus lv.25 JPN 1iv
    Zoroark / sassy – illusion lv.100 6iv
    Golduck / relaxed – cloud nine lv.38 1iv
    Starmie / adamant – natural cure lv.25 1iv KALOS
    UT Relicanth / rash – swift swim lv.35 SPA 1iv KALOS
    UT Gigalith / lonely – sturdy lv.34 1iv
    Donphan / impish – sturdy lv.100 6iv
    UT roggnerola / hardy – sturdy lv.1 6iv
    UT Growlithe / adamant – flash fire lv.1 2iv
    Hippowdon / relaxed – sand stream lv.71 1iv
    Charizard / timid – blaze lv.100 6iv
    Ninetails / docile – flash fire lv.50 1iv
    Haxorus / adamant – rivalry lv.100 ITA 1iv
    Machamp / careful – no guard lv.30 2iv KALOS
    UT Cacturne / modest – water absorb lv.30 2iv KALOS
    UT Darumaka / bashful – hustle lv.14 1iv
    UT Conkeldurr / modest – sheer force lv.55 1iv
    UT Clauncher / adamant – mega launcher lv.25 2iv KALOS
    Arcanine / lax – intimidate lv.15 KALOS 2iv
  2. I love turtwig!!!

    I love turtwig!!! Shiny collector

    This is posted in the wrong thread. Post in the 6th generation shiny trading thread.
  3. kaqeye

    kaqeye New Member

    Looking for shiny groudon and shiny kyogre
    FT I have meditite. Dragonite. Ditto. Ivysaur. Stunfisk. Rapidash. Medicham. Mightyene. Gyarados. Druddigon. Lucario. Gastrodon. Zorua. All starters exept the 5th gen. Tyranitar. Reuniclus. Sunkern. Drapion. Golem. Gabite. Politoad. Kirlia. Spiritomb. Pyroar. Axew. Vulpine. Tyrouge. Aegaslash. Meowstic female. Arcanine. Ferroseed. Floatzel. Wartortle. Luxray. Volcarona. Flygon. Metagross. Pidgeot qualladin hitmontop. Hydreidon. Noivern. All eevee forms but umbreon. Milotic throh
  4. Cavenaghi87

    Cavenaghi87 New Member

    Hello trainers!

    I need a trainer which can take a good care of my UT shiny female 3IV Eevee, i will give this one to the trainer which can offer me a LOT of rare candys!

    Please PM me with your offer, i will wait this soon. A really good offer and i quit this immidiatly!
  5. kaqeye

    kaqeye New Member

    I am looking for shiny squirtle HA rain dish with egg moves dragon pulse and aura sphere 5/6 iv's
    For trade I have shiny 6 iv pokemon
    Ho oh
  6. theprotector

    theprotector Member

    I am looking for 4 shinys including numel, audino, slowpoke, and a male ralts. I can offer these pokemon: a shiny charmander, a shiny florges, a normal phoine, a normal level 100 camerupt, and a shiny togepi. if you have one of the 4 shinys I want and only like one pokemon I offer just try to give me numel(if no shiny numel try to give me a shiny slowpoke(if no slowpoke either of the last two wil do)).
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