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Shiny Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Trade Forum' started by emeraldellie, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. johnnystar1995

    johnnystar1995 New Member

    I have shiny deoxys, shiny salamence, shiny ditto, shiny mewtwo, shaymin, celebi 10 anniversary event, groudon, kyogre, cobalion, giratina, mew, kruyem, 2 phiones, all starters
    looking for shinies
  2. All UFT!
    TRADES ARE CLOSED. Don't expect them to be open for awhile.

    ANYONE THAT GOT A DW SQUIRTLE FROM ME PLEASE MESSAGE TO REPLACE IT! This Squirtle is a hack and I did not know, please allow me to replace it for you with another of my Pokemon! - This only applies to those who traded me for one.

    == SHINIES ==
    Larvesta - UT
    Tepig - UT
    Thundurus - UT
    Tornadus - UT
    Metwo - UT
    Latios - UT

    == FOREGIN ==

    == OTHER ==
    Eggmove Pokemon of any kind


    --+ AS OF 4/16/2011! +--
    - I am offering cloning services! If you wish to clone a Pokemon for trade, I ask that you allow me a copy of the Pokemon. Also, if you wish to have 5+ cloned, then I will ask for an item to go with it. I will only take 5 cloning offers a day! Served already: x/5

    == SHINIES ==

    - Kanto -
    Arcanine - Lv. 100 Adamant
    Venusaur - Lv. 30 - Lax
    Scyther - UT Lv. 52 - Timid
    Clefable - Lv. 95 - Serious - RC'd
    Mr. Mime - UT Lv. 41 - Jolly
    Weepinbell - UT Lv. 52 - Docile
    Mew - UT Lv. 30 - Calm**
    Mew - BT Lv. 30 - Rash
    Jolteon - Lv. 100 - Hasty
    Alakazam - Lv. 59 - Relaxed (NN'd)
    Venusar - Lv. 40 - Lax
    Dratini - Lv. 1 - Adamant
    Squirtle - UT Lv. 1 - Bold
    Clefairy - UT Lv. 62 - Lonely
    Ponyta - UT Lv. 24 - Docile

    - Johto -
    Ho-Oh - UT Lv. 45 - Timid (JPN)
    Suicune - Lv. 51 - Hasty
    Suicune - UT Lv. 40 - Hasty (NN'd)
    Ampharos - Lv. 37 - Quiet
    Meganium - Lv. 41 - Naughty
    Sneasel - Lv. 72 - Naughty - EV AT + SP
    Smeargle - Lv. 100 - Timid
    Scizor - Lv. 57 - Sassy
    Lugia - Lv. 78 - Timid
    Lugia - Lv. 100 - Naughty
    Skarmory - Lv. 100 - Docile
    Crobat - Lv. 100 - Jolly
    Feraligatr - Lv. 60 - Naive
    Umbreon - Lv. 98 - Timid - RC'd
    Tyranitar - Lv. 100 - Serious
    Gligar - UT Lv. 24 - Jolly

    - Hoenn -
    Milotic - Lv. 100 - Naughty
    Absol - Lv. 100 - Hardy
    Ninjask - Lv. 100 - Lax
    Meditite - UT Lv. 13 - Bold
    Volbeat - UT Lv. 50 - Naive
    Nuzleaf - UT Lv. 16 - Naughty
    Wailord - UT Lv. 50 - Bold
    Groudon - Lv. 100 - Impish
    Aggron - Lv. 100 - Adamant
    Sceptile - Lv. 100 - Serious (NN'd)
    Rayquaza - Lv. 100 - Brave
    Flygon - Lv. 100 - Modest (NN'd)
    Altaria - Lv. 100 - Rash - EV SA + SP
    Treecko - UT Lv. 1 - Quiet
    Deoxys - UT Lv. 30 - Adamant
    Torchic - Lv. 40 - Quiet
    Clamperl - UT Lv. 22 - Mild
    Latias - UT Lv. 40 - Sassy
    Taillow - UT Lv. 1 - Jolly - Hatched Myself!

    - Sinnoh -
    Infernape - Lv. 100 - Modest - EV SA + SP
    Dialga - UT Lv. 70 - Impish
    Dialga - Lv. 71 - Modest
    Roserade - Lv. 52 - Timid
    Staraptor - Lv. 45 - Impish - Slight EV SP
    Darkrai - Lv. 100 - Quiet
    Uxie - UT Lv. 50 - Impish (NN'd)
    Lopunny - Lv. 98 - Docile - RC'd
    Rotom - UT Lv. 15 - Quiet
    Riolu - UT Lv. 1 - Adamant

    - Unova -
    Audino - UT Lv. 52 - Mild
    Braviary - Lv. 85 - Adamant - EV AT + SP
    Litwick - Lv. 20 - Timid - RC'd (NN'd)
    Cottonee - BT Lv. 14 - Timid
    Venipede - UT Lv. 15 - Adamant
    Gigalith - UT Lv. 48 - Timid
    Kyurem - UT Lv. 75 - Quiet - Caught Myself!
    Kyurem - UT Lv. 75 - Timid
    Serperior - Lv. 36 - Brave - EV Reset - Hatched Myself!
    Hydreigon - Lv. 65 - Quiet - EV Reset
    Zorua - UT Lv. 1 - Bashful
    Roggenrola - UT Lv. 11 - Sassy
    Terrakion - UT Lv. 42 - Jolly
    Landorus - UT Lv. 70 - Naive
    Axew - UT Lv. 31 - Bashful


    MICHINA Arceus - UT Lv. 100
    WIN2011 Celebi- UT Lv. 50
    PCPichu (JPN & ENG) - UT Lv. 30
    PKTOPIA Electivire - UT Lv. 50
    MYSTRY Mew - Lv. 100
    GAMESTP Jirachi - UT Lv. 5
    10 ANIV Celebi - UT Lv. 70 - SHINY
    VGC09 Milotic - UT Lv. 50 - Timid
    CHANNEL Jirachi - Lv. 50 - Mild - SHINY**
    11Movie JPN Shaymin - UT Lv. 50 - Quiet
    Saikyou Salamence - Lv. 100 - Naughty
    CROWN Raikou - UT Lv. 30 UNUSED - Rash - SHINY
    CROWN Entei - UT Lv. 30 UNUSED - Adamant - SHINY
    CROWN Suicune - UT Lv. 30 USED - Relaxed - SHINY
    World Hobby Fair Zoroark - UT Lv. 50 - Quirky
    DW Minigame Event Vaporeon - UT*
    DW Minigame Event Flareon - UT*
    Worlds10 Crobat - UT Lv. 30 - Timid
    Worlds08 Lucario - UT Lv. 30 - Adamant
    Ash's Scraggy - UT Lv. 1 - Adamant - JPN

    == FOREIGN ==
    - These Pokemon are to be used for Masuda method, eggmoves are stated after the statistics if they are available.

    Cofagrigus - UT Lv. 48 - F - Quirky - JPN
    Axew - UT Lv. 1 - F - Modest - JPN
    Mienshao - BT Lv. 59 - M - Quiet - JPN
    Heatmor - BT Lv. 39 - M - Naive - JPN
    Swellow - Lv. 48 - F - Timid - JPN
    Tepig - Lv. 14 - M - Careful - JPN
    Rampardos - BT Lv. 30 - M - Relaxed - EV Reset
    Ditto - UT Lv. 65 - Gentle - JPN
    Zorua - BT Lv. 1 - M - Quirky - JPN - Snarl
    Miltank - UT Lv. 35 - F - Bold - JPN
    Solosis - UT Lv. 1 - F - Adamant - JPN
    Oshawott - Lv. 34 - M - Careful - JPN
    Snivy - Lv. 80 - F - Timid - JPN

    == EGGMOVES ==

    Zorua - UT Lv. 1 - Modest - Dark Pulse; Counter;
    Riolu - UT Lv. 1 - Adamant - Blaze Kick; Hi Jump Kick;
    Pawniard - UT Lv. 1 - Adamant - Sucker Punch;
    Zorua - UT Lv. 1 - Bashful - Sucker Punch;
    Ferroseed - UT Lv. 1 - Adamant - Leech Seed; Stealth Rock;

    == DREAMWORLD ==

    Tangela - UT Lv. 1 - F - Adamant - Regenrator;
    Stantler - UT Lv. 1 - F - Naive - Sap Sipper;
    Vulpix - UT Lv. 1 - F - Sassy - Drought;
    Poliwag - UT Lv. 1 - F - Lonely - Swift Swim;
    Likitung - UT Lv. 1 - F - Hasty - Cloud Nine;
    Taillow - UT Lv. 1 - ANY - Scrappy;
    Poochyena - UT Lv. 1 - M - Quirky, Impish, Calm - Rattled;

    *This Pokemon hasn't been gotten yet, it's in waiting and the stats/nature/Lv are not yet determined.
    ** Has questionable legitimacy.
    Last edited: May 1, 2011
  3. Ixin

    Ixin Well-Known Member

    Offering lots of different pokemon.
    (all listed here are in my Pokemon white game. My sig is pokemon in my diamond game, which I can transfer if needed. )

    UT shinies:
    Timid Darkrai- Max sp. atk and speed IV's
    Adamant Ralts (m)
    Impish Bronzor (japanese)0 Max atk. IV
    Calm Tranquill
    Quiet Gyarados
    Timid Piplup - Max Hp IV, knows Hydro pump

    Non UT shiny:
    Lonely Ditto

    DW pokes (male or female):
    Vulpix-Modest, or modest with Max. Sp. atk IV

    Egg Move
    Ut Modest zorua Max sp. atk IV-Dark pulse, counter both genders.
  4. ZottenDim

    ZottenDim Breeding Rookie

    Offering shiny deino (dark pulse) Looking for Shiny trapinch+Ekans/treeco
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2011
  5. Pittbull

    Pittbull Spirit Fighter

    Mods please approve my shop ;)

    GEN 1
    Lv. 51 Blastoise / Lonely
    Lv. 70 Charizard / Impish
    Lv. 5 Magnemite UT / Jolly
    Lv. 8 Zubat UT / Docile
    Lv. 24 Krabby UT / Lonely
    Lv. 52 Exeggcute UT / Hasty
    Lv. 50 Butterfree / Timid
    Lv. 29 Farfetch'd UT / Timid
    Lv. 45 Slowpoke UT / Mild /w Kings Rock
    Lv. 53 Ditto UT / Rash
    Lv. 85 Gyarados EV'd / Modest
    Lv. 100 Raichu EV'd / Modest
    Lv. 70 Mewtwo UT / Lax

    GEN 2-4
    Lv. 60 Noctowl UT / Gentle
    Lv. 45 Umbreon / Impish
    Lv. 33 Donphan / Calm
    Lv. 34 Sneasel UT / Gentle
    Lv. 65 Metang UT / Adamant
    Lv. 1 Electrike UT / Rash
    Lv. 1 Shinx UT / Adamant /w Fire Fang, Ice Fang, and Thunder Fang
    Lv. 1 Gligar UT / Impish /w Baton Pass and Double Edge
    Lv. 5 Ralts UT / Adamant
    Lv. 1 Mudkip UT / Adamant /w Yawn
    Lv. 48 Absol UT / Quirky
    Lv. 1 Piplup UT / Mild
    Lv. 50 Magmortar UT / Calm
    Lv. 53 JPN Salamence / Timid
    Lv. 45 Lugia UT / Naughty
    Lv. 50 Rayquaza UT / Serious
    Lv. 47 Palkia UT / Adamant
    Lv. 70 Dialga UT / Jolly
    Lv. 50 Giratina UT / Careful
    Lv. 100 Infernape EV'd(FLAWLESS) / Naive
    Lv. 100 Garchomp EV'd / Docile
    Lv. 100 Electivire EV'd(FLAWLESS) / Adamant
    Lv. 100 Lucario EV'd / Quiet

    GEN 5
    Lv. 1 All 5 Gen Starters UT
    Lv. 9 Purrlion UT / Naive
    Lv. 10 Blitzle UT / Serious
    Lv. 15 Pansage UT / Modest
    Lv. 15 Pansear UT / Sassy
    Lv. 29 Conkeldurr UT / Rash
    Lv. 1 Drilbur UT / Brave
    Lv. 28 Litwik UT / Adamant
    Lv. 10 Roggenrola UT / Hardy
    Lv. 36 Ruffet UT / Gentle
    Lv. 21 Solosis UT / Brave
    Lv. 27 Tynamo UT / Timid
    Lv. 1 Axew UT / Adamant
    Lv. 1 Zoura UT / Gentle
    Lv. 1 Zoura UT / Modest (PKRS) /w Dark Pulse and Extrasensory
    Lv. 1 Deino UT (FLAWLESS) / Bashful /w Dark Pulse
    Lv. 42 Cobalion UT / Adamant
    Lv. 42 Virizion UT / Jolly
    Lv. 42 Terrakion UT/ Hardy
    Lv. 75 Kyurem UT / Quirky
    Lv. 100 Haxorus EV'd(FLAWLESS) / Jolly
    Lv. 100 Hydreigon EV'd (FLAWLESS) / Modest
    Lv. 100 Chandelure EV'd / Adamant

    I'm looking for UT/Flawless/EV'd Shinies. I only trade shiny for shiny, so please dont offer me any legends or pokemon that aren't.
  6. PRboyz

    PRboyz 3482-1872-9142

    I have a shiny haxorus and hydreigon if anyone wants has to be for something legit though...... I do have other shinys all the legendaries and alot of lv.100 if anyone wants
  7. Smugleaf-pwns-all

    Smugleaf-pwns-all Here comes the storm

    shiny raticate and shiny krickitune
    pm me with offers
  8. Guywhoiam

    Guywhoiam Dr. Researcher Man

    I have a Shiny Patrat and Fearow up for trade. If you feel inclined too, PM me with offers. I would like a shiny Pokemon that IS NOT a Bidoof.
  9. mallows1337

    mallows1337 New Member

    Shiny darkrai Shiny male ralts and shiny japanese named zoroark up for trade! msg me offers of shiny's or maybe DW shiny's (only marill mostly and possibly drantini)
  10. RiseOfZekrom

    RiseOfZekrom Well-Known Member

    Looking for an Adamant/Jolly shiny Cobalion with decent IVs and is UT. Also looking for a Timid/Modest shiny Litwick and a Timid/Modest shiny Solosis.

    Offering any gen 1-4 shiny starters, flawless/near flawless with egg moves.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2011
  11. Eevee0923

    Eevee0923 Active Member

    OF: Shiny JAP Terrakion

    LF: Shiny Treecko
  12. fireblast_10

    fireblast_10 Pokemon trainer

    Ok, right trade shop still not approved so once again:
    Offering shiny:
    Abra ut
    Absol ut
    Aerodactyl ut
    Altaria ut
    Armaldo t
    Aron ut
    Articuno ut
    Azelf ut
    Bagon ut
    Beedril ut
    Belossum ut
    Bibarel ut
    Bidoof ut
    Blaziken t
    Blissey t
    Bronzor ut
    Buizel ut
    Bulbasaur ut
    Burmy ut
    Carvanha ut
    Caterpie ut
    Chatot ut
    Cherubi ut
    Chikorita ut
    Chimchar ut
    Chramander ut
    Clefairy ut
    Combee (female) ut
    Corsola ut
    Cresselia ut
    Crobat t
    Darkrai ut
    Delicatty ut
    Deoxys ut
    Dialga t
    Ditto t
    Dodrio t
    Dratini ut
    Drifloon ut
    Drowsee ut
    Dunsparce ut
    Dusknoir t
    Duskull ut
    Dustox ut
    Eevee ut
    Electivire ut
    Electrike ut
    Elekid ut
    Entei ut
    Exploud t
    Farfetch'd ut
    Fearow ut
    Feebas ut
    Ferarigatr ev'd
    Garchomp ev'd
    Gardevoir t
    Gengar ev'd
    Girafarig ut
    Giritina ut
    Gligar ut
    Growlithe ut
    Gyrados ut
    Heatran ut
    Heracross ut
    Ho oh ut
    Horsea ut
    Illumise ut
    Jumpluff t
    Kabuto ut
    Kangaskan ut
    Krabby ut
    Kricetune ut
    Kyogre ut
    Lapras ut
    Larvitar ut
    Latias ev'd
    Latios t
    Lickitung ut
    Lotad ut
    Lugia ut
    Macargo ut
    Machamp t
    Magnemite ut
    Mahikarp ut
    Mamoswine ev'd
    Manaphy ut
    Meditite ut
    Mespirit ut
    Metang t
    Mewtwo ut
    Milotic bt
    Minun ut (nicknamed Nega)
    Moltres ut
    Mothim t
    Mudkip t
    Natu ut
    Nidoran (female) ut
    Nidoran (male) ut
    Pachirisu ut
    Pahnpy ut
    Parasect ut
    Phione ut
    Pichu ut
    Pidgey ut
    Pinsir ut
    Piplup ut
    Ponyta ut
    Ralts (male) ut
    Rayquaza t
    Regice ut
    Regigigas ut
    Regirock ut
    Registeel ut
    Rhydon ut
    Rhyperior t
    Riolu ut
    Roserade ut
    Rotom ut
    Scizor t
    Scyther ut
    Seviper ut
    Shellos ut
    Shinx ut
    Shroomish ut
    Skorupi ut
    Slakoth ut
    Sneasel ut
    Snorunt ut
    Snubbull ut
    Spheal ut
    Spiritomb ut
    Squirtle ut
    Starly ut
    Starmie ut
    Stellix t
    Sudowoodo ut
    Swalot t
    Swellow ut
    Tauros ut
    Tediiursa ut
    Tenticruel ut
    Togepi ut
    Togetic t
    Torchic bt
    Torkoal ut
    Torterra ev'd
    Totodile ut
    Toxicroak ev'd
    Trapinch ut
    Treecko ut
    Tropius ut
    Turtwig ut
    Tyranitar ev'd
    Tyrogue ut
    Uxie ev'd
    Vileplume ut
    Voltorb ut
    Weepinbell ut
    Wingull ut
    Wobeffet ut
    Zangoose ut
    Zapdos ut
    Zigzagoon ut

    PM me offers please (when replying please keep the quotes, it helps save space in the inbow. Thanks)
  13. PolioParalyzer

    PolioParalyzer I <3 Venezia

    Looking for:
    Any shiny that is NOT LISTED HERE, preferably UT. Especially:
    Shiny Piplup
    Shiny Clamperl UT
    Shiny Skitty UT
    Shiny Tynamo UT
    Shiny Cranidos UT
    Shiny Sigilyph UT
    Shiny Lileep UT
    Shiny Registeel, Regirock, Regice UT <3

    Offering shinies:
    Charmander: UT, Bold
    Bulbasaur: UT, Brave
    Ninetales: T, Quirky
    Zubat: UT, Docile
    Gyarados: UT, Quiet (Japanese)
    Chansey UT, Sassy
    Pidgeot: EVs reset, Brave
    Golem: UT, Sassy
    Seaking: BT, Impish
    Raticate: UT, Relaxed
    Vaporeon: UT, Gentle (NN: Desu)
    Tentacool: UT, Naive
    Golduck: T, Bashful
    Ponyta: EVs reset, Lonely
    Gastly: UT, Impish
    Clefairy: BT, Brave
    Staryu: UT, Timid
    Aerodactyl: UT, Calm/ T, Naive
    Gloom: UT, Quirky
    Tauros: UT, Naughty
    Dragonite: T, Hardy
    Growlithe: UT, Hasty
    Sneasel: EV-trained in attack and speed, Naughty
    Heracross: T, Sassy
    Mareep: UT, Nicknameable
    Smeargle: T, Timid (NN:Gold) (Appears to have been levelled with rare candies)
    Skarmory: UT, Adamant
    Espeon: UT, Quirky/ T, Brave (Both Japanese)
    Scizor: T, Timid
    Donphan: Ev trained 252ATK and 84SPEED
    Pichu: UT, Modest
    Blissey Naive, Appears to have been levelled only with Rare candies
    Miltank: T, Bashful

    Treecko: UT, Brave
    Mudkip: UT, Careful
    Torchic: UT, Adamant
    Duskull: UT, Docile (NN: Reaper)
    Sableye: UT, Modest
    Shroomish: Ut, Docile (w/ Poison Heal)
    Ralts female, UT, Serious
    Wailord: UT
    Castform: UT, Mild
    Cacturne: UT, Naive
    Absol EV trained in Attack and Speed, Lonely
    Milotic: UT, Timid (VGC09)/ T, Lax
    Zangoose UT, Adamant
    Aron BT, Rash
    Altaria: UT, Hardy

    Infernape, EV trained in Special Attack and Speed, Modest
    Gible: EV trained in Attack and Speed w/Outrage, Serious
    Bibarel UT
    Rhyperior: T, Brave
    Shinx: BT, Impish
    Roserade: T, Timid (Japanese)
    Lucario: Rash (Appears to have been levelled with rare candies)
    Buneary: UT, Bold
    Spiritomb: UT, Adamant
    Rotom: UT, Rash

    Tepig, UT, Docile
    Snivy: UT,
    Heatmor: UT, Calm
    Litwick: UT, Relaxed (NN: Flicker)
    Axew: UT, Adamant
    Deino: UT, Bashful, with Dark Pulse
    Excadrill Jolly, Perfect IVs, EV trained in Attack, Speed (Will only trade for flawless IV shinies or other good offers)
    Darumaka UT, Brave
    Zorua, UT, Gentle
    Zoroark T, Calm
    Woobat UT, Bashful
    Volcarona UT, Bold (NN: URUGAMOSU)
    Serperior, T, Lonely
    Shelmet UT, Calm
    Ferroseed: UT, Lax
    Solosis UT, Calm
    Golett BT, Bold
    Druddigon T, Serious
    Krookodile T, Bashful
    Scraggy: T, Brave
    Mienshao: UT, Brave, with regenerator
    Sewaddle: UT,
    Vanillish: UT, Sassy
    Whimsicott: UT, Hardy (w/Prankster)

    Shiny Legendaries:

    Moltres: T, Jolly
    Mew: EVs reset, Timid
    Shaymin: UT, Hasty
    Kyogre EVs reduced, Modest
    Giratina UT, Careful
    Verizion BT Jolly
    Heatran: T, Jolly
    (For shiny legendaries I ask for two regular shinies)

    non-shiny Event Pokemon:Mattle Ho-oh
    10 ANIV Celebi: UT, Modest
    PKTOPIA Electivire: UT, Adamant
    TRU Shaymin: UT, Modest
    The Shiny event Suicune: UT, Relaxed
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2011
  14. Tigersaur

    Tigersaur Dragon Trainer

    Looking for shiny deino and shiny solosis
  15. D3adly

    D3adly Member

    Trading shiny sunfisk for EV'd gengar,EV'd haxorus or EV'd zoroark with appropriate natures obviously.PM me.(The EV'd pokemon don't have to be shiny)
  16. Ju-da-su

    Ju-da-su Well-Known Member


    Shiny Events:
    Jolly Fru2010 Shiny Pichu
    JP Crown Shiny Entei, Raikou and Suicune
    WIN2011 Shiny Entei, Raikou and Suicune

    Non-RNG'd shiny 5th Gen pokemons:
    Calm Snivy (Glare)
    Modest Sewaddle (NN'able)
    Hasty Blitzle
    Adamant Cubchoo
    Jolly Maractus
    Serious Audino
    Serious Woobat
    Careful Rufflet
    Relaxed Cottonee
    Modest Shelmet
    Modest Deino
    Lax Trubbish
    Naughty Ducklett
    Hardy Zorua
    Brave Venipede
    Docile Karrablast
    Impish Sandile
    Jolly Yamask
    Sassy Terrakion
    Serious Axew
    Serious Purrloin
    Adamant Golurk

    RNG'd UT Near Flawless shiny 5th Gen pokemons:
    Timid Sigilyph (31/30/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70; Ancient Power, Roost)
    Timid Zorua (31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; Dark Pulse, Protect)
    Timid Starter Oshawott (30/18/30/31/31/30 HP Electric 70)
    Timid Starter Tepig (30/18/30/31/31/30 HP Electric 70)
    Timid Starter Snivy (30/18/30/31/31/30 HP Electric 70)

    RNG'd UT Flawless shiny 5th Gen pokemons:
    Calm Yamask (Nasty Plot)
    Jolly Minccino (Knock off)
    Timid Vanillite (Water Pulse)
    Careful Karrablast (Pursuit)

    RNG'd EV'd shiny 5th Gen pokemons:
    Jolly Minccino (Lv.32; Flawless; 6 HP, Attack, 252 Speed; Tail Slap, Bullet Seed, U-Turn, Rock Blast)
    Timid Zoroark (Lv.50; 31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; Flamethrower, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Focus Blast)
    Timid Accelgor (Lv.50; 31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; U-Turn, Spike, Acid, Bug Buzz)

    RNG'd UT shiny DW female pokemons:
    Timid Drought Vulpix (31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; Hypnosis)

    RNG'd EV'd shiny DW female pokemons:
    Timid Drought Vulpix (Lv.49; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; 31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; Fire Blast, Will-O-Wisp, Protect, Energy Ball)

    Non-RNG'd UT shiny past gen pokemons:
    Serious Lapras (x/14/15/30/30/31 - NN'able)

    RNG'd near flawless English UT past gen shinies:
    Relaxed Tangela (31/31/31/31/31/30 HP Ice 70; Move: Ingrain, Constrict, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed)

    RNG'd flawless English past gen shinies UT:
    Timid Bulbasaur (Light Screen, Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm, Power Whip)
    Modest Squirtle (Aqua Jet, Flail, Aqua Ring, Yawn)
    Adamant Growlithe (Crunch, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun)
    Calm Mr.Mime (Light Screen, Reflect, Substitute)
    Adamant Scyther (Vaccuum Wave, U-Turn)
    Calm Eevee (Wish, Yawn)
    Adamant Dratini (Extremespeed, Dragon Dance)
    Bold Chikorita (Reflect)
    Timid Pichu (Charm)
    Jolly Gligar (Double Edge, Baton Pass)
    Jolly Sneasel (Taunt, Fake Out, Ice Punch, False Swipe)
    Hasty Houndour (Pursuit, Beat Up)
    Careful Larvitar (Curse)
    Adamant Larvitar (Dragon Dance, Outrage, Sandstorm)
    Jolly Torchic (Night Slash, Agility, Rock Slide, Crush Claw)
    Careful Mudkip (Yawn)
    Adamant Turtwig (Body Slam)
    Naive Chimchar (Fake Out, Blaze Kick, Taunt)
    Jolly Gible (Outrage)
    Adamant Beldum
    Timid Charmander
    Jolly Pidgey
    Adamant Ekans
    Jolly Ponyta
    Mild Gastly
    Adamant Onix
    Relaxed Staryu
    Timid Eevee
    Timid Polygon
    Careful/Impish Snorlax
    Timid Cyndaquil
    Adamant Totodile
    Modest Yanma
    Impish Shuckle
    Jolly Smeargle
    Timid Treeko
    Modest Wurmple
    Adamant/Timid Ralts
    Bold Baltoy
    Modest Piplup
    Adamant Cranidos
    Modest Burmy
    Timid Drifloon
    Jolly Glameow
    Adamant Riolu
    Timid Rotom

    RNG'd shiny (Gen 1-5) legendaries UT:
    Adamant SS Groundon (31/30/30/x/29/29)
    Naive SS Rayquaza (26/31/31/31/25/30)
    Timid HG Articuno (Flawless)
    Timid HG Zapdos (Flawless)
    Timid HG Moltres (Flawless)
    Timid HG Mewtwo (Flawless)
    Timid HG Suicune (Flawless)
    Timid HG Lugia (Flawless)
    Timid SS Latios (Flawless)
    Jolly Terrakion (Flawless)

    Looking for:

    Dream World Events:
    Solar Power Charmander
    Rain Dish Squirtle
    Speed Boost Torchic
    Damp Mudkip
    Shell Armor Turtwig
    Defiant Piplup
    Poison Hand Croagunk
    Guts Flareon
    Magic Bounce Espeon
    Ice Body Glaceon

    With proof of legitimacy only...

    Can take other "fair" offer. PM/VM if interested.
  17. Katatakat

    Katatakat Drama Llama. ღ

    I'm looking for:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] (Trade pending)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] (Trade Pending)

    I'm offering:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] (Ditto is french)

    [​IMG] (Trade Pending)

    [​IMG] (Trade Pending)

    Also Offering DW:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2011
  18. Oister28

    Oister28 Member

    looking for a shiny sandshrew
  19. insertusername000

    insertusername000 New Member

    I'm am looking for a shiny Cobalion with a good nature and good ivs and a shiny kyurem with a good nature/good ivs. Preferably UT. Don't care if cloned.

    I have shinies I can offer with good ivs and if need be, a few with close to flawless ivs. Pm or vm me if interested or not.
  20. MotherRussia


    Hi I'm lookin for a shiny sigilyph I'm offering the shinies in my sig pm to make a deal
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