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Shiny Trading Thread


No Angel
Post all your Shiny pokes that you have up for trade or the ones that you're looking for in here.

Remember to follow all the general rules of Serebii Forums and the rules of the Trade forum . (Including not trading hacked items or posting too often)


I'm 26 now, why am I still here?
I have a shiny Mienfoo up for trade. He's sightly trained at level 23. I obtained him through Wonder Trade at level 15.
Here is a picture of him and his stats.

If you would like any other pictures or information don't hesitate to ask.

I'd really like a shiny for a shiny. I would like an Electrike or an Eevee. They can be at whatever level and whatever gender. No nicknames please.
PM me your offers and i'll see what we can work out. FC is in the signature.

Thanks :)
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New Member
Have a shiny Pachirisu, looking for a shiny Krabby/Abra.


New Member
I'm looking for Shiny starters, I have all three starters from both Kanto and Kalos, but all are non-shinies, as well as Pokerus. Will trade lvl 1 starter of your choice, with pokerus, for a shiny starter of yours.


Trading DW Froakie (Protean) for any 6th gen shiny
pm me for offers


A Fairy Specialized Trainer
I have a Shiny flawless speed Lopunny in my pokemon white 2.
I'm currently in search of a "DW" Spritzee...smh...I just can't seem to get a friend for friend safari that's typed as fairy.
Soooo....yeah. If you happen to come across a DW Spritzee (preferably female, but either or works fine) then please contact me!
Btw my FC is in my sig, so if you add me send me a pm.


New Member
tradin pokurus for a shiny on Y pm me


New Member
I have a Shiny Solrock caught in glittering cave if anyone is interested? Timid nature. Would prefer a shiny in return ideally a oddish or growlithe but open to anything, pm me

Erron Black

The Outlaw
I am looking for a Shiny Swirlix or Clauncher...I am willing to trade Starters(Kalos/Kanto) and X exclusives, besides Xerneas. Also have Lampent, Seviper, Cacturne and other Friend Safari Pokémon. PM me if you have one of the Shinies.


Well-Known Member
I have a shiny UT female Pyroar I caught in friend safari. I'll trade shiny for shiny, but I'm open to other offers as well. PM me if you're interested.


I shook it.
I would really love a shiny Joltik. Please PM me if you're willing to trade one.
Have shiny UT Sawsbuck and Milktank up for trade. Mainly looking for X-exclusive mega stones (for pinsir, manetric, tyrannitar, charizard X and mewtwo X) However other shinies are also possible offers.
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New Member
Just caught a shiny growlithe in the friend safari to my amazement, naive nature and with intimidate ability, it's one of my favourite pokemon but does anyone have a shiny ivysaur with Chlorophyll they would like to trade? open to offers of other shinys though, freaked out and threw a master ball at it haha


For trade shiny Aipom male Lv.30

Atk 56
Def 44
Sp Atk 30
Sp def 50
Spd 58

Alert to sounds

Looking for any shiny Zorua please pm me I can also infect with poke virus